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   Chapter 34 No.34

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5119

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With a tool bag slung on her shoulder, Sheryl marched into the castle. Many stories had been bandied about the village about the old mansion, but none scared her. Sheryl had a job to do and bills to pay. Her heart had been broken and the only way she knew how to deal with it was to work, and no ghost was going to stop her doing her job.

'You want a cup of tea?' Rona asked, already jiggling a tea bag up and down.

Sheryl slid a strand of hair behind her ear and stood up.

Steven watched Sheryl's shapely thighs straighten, then added more to his notebook.

Porter watched her from the window; he knew what she needed, a man of tenderness, a man who listened and understood, a man comfortable with the needs of a woman, and he was quite willing to find out what those needs were.

In silence, they listened to the cistern filling. 'I think it's sorted, ' said Sheryl, with a gulp of her tea. Rona offered her a biscuit. Steven watched her dunk a garibaldi as the water in the cistern reached the top, they held their breath and silence followed.

'Another biscuit, ' said Rona, with a wave of her biscuit tin.

Sheryl took another.


Derek was so chuffed that the toilet was fixed, he decided to take them out for a meal at the Fish is the Dish Café. 'They do the best fish and chips in Argyll, ' he said, 'and you get a plate full.'

Steven had pictured candles, music... strawberries, and some lamb fillet slices sitting in one of those sweet sauces written about in a cookery book. He had pictured a smal

Chubby. There were more than ten, and with each one Chubby was drunker, for a moment, he, wondered about his sister's sanity, then he gave her a call.

'Fannies "R" Us, ' she giggled.

'It's me, what the hell you playing at?'

'It's amaaaazing in here and I never realised how good a painting could be and how HOT Status Quo were. Why, they aaaaaare the DOG'S BOLLOCKS, just listen to this...

Down down dedum down get down dedum down I wanna know.'

Conway looked confused. 'That woman should stick to meat, ' he muttered. Martin grabbed the phone. 'look, you GOT any idea where theY'LL be ...they aren't at the hotel?'

'WHAT...HANG ON ...' said Chubby. She disappeared for a minute as the music was turned down. 'Helloooo you still there?'


There was a long pause.

'Well?' said Martin.


'You any idea WHERE they might be?'

'Oh that....' said Chubby. She looked at her watch and waited for her eyes to focus. 'Let me see, ' she said with a stagger. 'It's sevenish, isn't it?'

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