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   Chapter 29 No.29

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5213

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'Smash his head in!' yelled an old lady from the back.

A few of the younger children cried.

'Oh my!' said Chas.

A few large men in suits appeared from somewhere and pulled them apart. More large men with WRESTLERAMA tee shirts and black tracksuit bottoms jumped from the bus and began to push the crowd back.

Steven looked on and wondered if it was not just a little extreme, staging a fight to avoid autograph signing.

Johnston and Steel Ice glared at each other. The knickers once flying in the air lay trampled on the ground. Steel Ice kicked a few about, treading them into the gutter and then stared at the crowd, causing some children to cry louder. A bouncer grabbed his arm; with a loud grunt he pulled away and took another swipe at Johnston, who crumpled to the ground. The rest of the other bouncers held back the women jostling for a punch at Steel Ice.

'Why don't you lot just piss off?' Steel Ice yelled, then stormed into the hotel.

Johnston, lying on the floor with more acting ability than a football player in the World Cup, grabbed a pair of knickers from the ground and dramatically wiped his brow and then with the aid of half a dozen minders, stumbled to his feet and waved to the crowd, before staggering to the hotel.

Sheryl came to with a thumping head and a grazed knee, she wondered where she was and how come her head thumped like it been hit with a hammer. Then she heard the screams from the crowd.

The crowd hustled to the entrance, looking hopeful but were stopped by the bouncers.

'Well I never, ' sai

talked about the intimate details of some of the wrestlers. 'They are moving some of 'em to another hotel, ' he said. 'Maybe you can help with the directions?'

The waitress nodded her head and laughed, helping him would be her pleasure, she said. In fact, her shift would be over soon and she had nothing planned.

Jimmy walked back to the Caledonian with his wee tummy wobbling and his shoes clipping on the tarmac. He was thinking about the waitress and her phone number and how tonight might be a night to remember after all, when he noticed the Volvo parked behind his bus, and the crowd still milling around. Jimmy realised that moving the bus would be a whole lot easier with the Volvo out of the way, so he approached Steven.

Steven jumped into the car and turned on the engine. An engine that had been pushed to the limits by Beatrice, then stalled and started by Steven. An engine on it last legs and held together by a shoestring of second-hand parts. An engine that was over ten years old, and had bugger all life in it.

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