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   Chapter 28 No.28

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5064

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'Look, the wrestlers will be here any minute, ' said the porter.

Beatrice pointed to the disabled sticker. The porter looked at the grim-looking woman, whom he would describe as 'a poor man's Joan Collins', and decided that winning an argument with her was as possible as getting a suntan in Oban, so instead, he turned to Sheryl.

'I'm sorry, but we're fully booked, you can't park here.'

Sheryl smiled back, Beatrice unwound the window. 'We're to meet Harry, ' she said.

'Harry?' muttered the porter.

And the wrestlers, ' added Sheryl.

Nefertiti parked her moped neatly behind the Volvo. She stopped, posed for a moment then when no one apart from the porter seemed to notice, she walked over to the car.

'They're with me, ' she said to the porter, 'they are my backstage hands.'

The porter smiled; he liked the look of Nefertiti. He had been in Oban a month now, and it wasn't often you met a woman who knew the virtue of good colour combination, especially a woman her age.

'Like your outfit, ' he said.

'My name's Nefertiti.' She held out her hand. 'I'm the belly dancer. I'm to meet 'arry.'

Nefertiti explained about the wrestlers and her performance, she told him it was Harry who had organised it all. 'He promised a room for us, ' she said, with a sweeping gesture of her hand towards Beatrice and company. The porter, who called himself Chas, elegantly whistled through his teeth. The truth was he knew Harry well. Harry was the sort of man who lived to the beat of his own dru

of the crowd.

'G'day!' shouted the crowd.

Johnston finally appeared in a gold and black leather outfit, which Steven noted looked like it had been painted on. And the crowd went wild, some (mainly women) threw knickers into the air. Johnston smiled, brushed a couple brightly coloured G-strings from his shoulders and waved.

'Is that Johnston?' said Beatrice to Chas. 'My God, he's gorgeous.'

'Definitely, ' said Chas.

Nefertiti sighed.

Beatrice, using her chair as a plough, pushed herself to the front causing many to wince as she rode over their toes.

Steel Ice appeared from behind Johnston, and looked menacingly at the crowd then grabbed a pair of the knickers and rubbed it under his arm. The women booed as the younger members of the group pulled a face. He then rubbed it into Johnston's face. Johnston took a swipe at him, after which they fell to the ground with a lot of grunting.

'Get him, ' yelled someone from the crowd.

'Put the boot in.'

'Yeah! Give it to him!'

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