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   Chapter 27 No.27

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5304

Updated: 2018-02-07 12:01

'You can drive?' Sheryl said.

'Yeeees, ' said Steven, trying to look confident.

'Well, that's great, ' said Sheryl, trying to sound like she believed him.

Beatrice said nothing, she had seen him ride a bike and it wasn't a pleasant sight.


Steven drove off, not smoothly, but at least he didn't stall. As he turned on the ignition, an apparition of Pugsy appeared from the corner with innards dribbling from his mouth. It's not real, he told himself, when that didn't work, he tried some deep breathing. When that didn't work, he thought of Beatrice's driving, if he could sit through that, he could drive.

He turned the keys, switched the gear from park to reverse and just missed the front of the police car. He swore, pushed the gear into drive, held his breath and turned onto the road.

Beatrice pulled out her Neil Diamond CD and tuned the radio to Terry Wogan.

Nefertiti at first followed behind, but as that required sitting in second, she took to swerving in front and giving Steven the all clear at each bend than swerving back behind him; at least she was enjoying herself.

Steven was so nervous, his hands were covered in sweat and slipped on the wheel. He was hypnotised by the road and every little thing that passed by, such as a bird.


George stared out of his kitchen window, took a sip of his tea and smiled. So they are staying in Oban, he thought. He knew most folk in Oban as he had been born and bred there, and his sister Margaret stayed in the centre of the town. He figured he could stop at Margaret's for dinner, a

porter walked over.

'Steven, you are a crap driver, ' said Beatrice.

Steven said nothing. He had just spent the last half hour driving under the constant tutting of Beatrice, and for the first time, he understood Sheryl's need for a dram or twenty.

The porter knocked on the window.

'We are here, that's all that matters, ' said Sheryl. She looked up at the old Victorian Hotel, it had really made an effort. They had American flags waving from the windows, and wrestling music blaring from somewhere, and a whole team of staff waiting outside the entrance, blocking any public going in. 'We actually made it!' she whispered to herself, and for the first time that morning, she smiled.

'And what is all this cock and bull stuff about dogs?' said Beatrice to Steven.

The porter tapped on Steven's window again. 'You can't park here, ' he said with an, 'I'm sorry but it's not my fault' smile.

'You are even worse at driving than you are at DIY, ' said Beatrice. 'Is it absolutely necessary to screech to a halt every time we see a dog?'

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