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   Chapter 26 No.26

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 4982

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'They weren't very flattering. Let's just say men and cold studio sprung to most onlooker's minds.'

'But he said Rodger was amazing.'

'He's got a warped sense of humour, ' said Chubby. 'God knows what you will have to show.'

'I did warn you, ' muttered Imogene.

'And he hates women.'

'I did say...' continued Imogene.

'Look, it'll be fine;' said Martin; all this talk of art was making him uncomfortable. 'Alls we got to do is find that Naff-arse woman and...'

'Nefertiti will never agree, ' said Chubby.

'Everyone has a price, ' said Martin.

'Not my Nefertiti.'

'Enough about that woman, ' snapped Imogene. 'I'm tired of her and her fucking fanny.'

Conway and Martin sniggered, with the sort of snigger that sat comfortably in a pub, after a few, and purely between men.


'You see, my daughter has this drink problem, and I... and we are going to the wrestling and...'


'You do realise you can't go about driving like some reject from a Dirty Harry movie!'

Beatrice sniffed; Clint Eastwood's was one of her least favourite actors.

'Give me your driving licence, ' said Cocolder. He looked at it and passed it to Rathbone. 'You can't drive on this, it's way out of date.'


'Out of the car, please.'

An uncomfortable silence fell on the group. Steven tried a little gentle persuasion 'Is that necessary?' he muttered.

'Step away from the car, sir, and let this woman out.'

'This'll be good, ' muttered N

without leaving a mark!

And it had only happened to Steven. The dog cooed at the postman, sniffed at his friends and rolled over for his sisters. Pugsy was nothing like his name, he was a massive black dog that looked like a cross between an English sheep dog and a pit bull. He had fur everywhere but around his eel-like eyes and jaw, and a bark that could be heard at the bottom of the street. Every morning, Steven woke to that bark. Thanks to that dog, Steven had a phobia for all things four- legged and noisy.

The day Steven drove out of his drive, he drove like a free man, like a man who would never have his butt bitten again. He drove fast; unaware that Pugsy was running across for a bite, that Pugsy didn't know he was in a car. The only thing Pugsy heard was Steven walking out of the front door.

Since that day, whenever Steven sat behind the wheel of a car, he froze as the apparition of a bloody dog loomed up on the screen, like something out of a Steven King movie.

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