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   Chapter 23 No.23

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 4796

Updated: 2018-02-07 12:01

'He is the biggest fanny I've ever met, ' Beatrice continued. 'What the hell she saw in him, I'll never know.'

'Yes, ' said Steven, still staring at the white line, he figured if he watched it long enough, he could will the car to drive straight.

'Do you know he offered Sheryl another proposition?'

'A huh!'

'And did she turn him down with a mouthful of abuse? Not Sheryl, she just walked away.'

'How dignified, ' mumbled Steven, closing his eyes. Maybe it was better if he didn't look?

'Oh, ' said Beatrice, crashing the car over a deep pothole.

Sheryl pulled out her mobile and answered it. 'Hello? Oh is that you, George?'

Beatrice overtook a tractor, just missing an oncoming car.

'You know, we have ALL DAY to get there. Why not take your time? Enjoy the countryside?'

'Steven, it's raining.'

'What, I sound funny?' said Sheryl. 'No I'm okay, um...Beatrice is driving.'

Beatrice pressed harder on the accelerator, 'Is that George?' she asked.

'He wanted to know if we're okay.'

Beatrice grunted while staring at the road.

'He said to tell you to go easy on the car.'

'I know, I know he is always telling me that, damn it!' Beatrice wrestled with the steering wheel as the side of the car went up on to the verge then off again.

'He said to mind and keep between the two white lines!'

'Oh ha ha, very funny, ' snapped Beatrice, gripping the steering wheel.

'I don't think he wa

poor cyclist do to you?'

'He was too far over!' she snapped. 'Besides, when Sheryl makes a noise like that, time is of the essence.' She pulled into the side of the road with a smug sigh, 'Now that's what I call driving; fast or what?'

Sheryl staggered out, still making a noise through her fingers as she disappeared behind a tree.

'Fast, it's a wonder there's any rubber left on the wheels.' Steven stared at Beatrice. 'You ever heard of safety?'

'Driving fast sets my adrenaline pumping; I'm actually safer driving fast than slow. I'm much more alert.'

'I'm bloody well catching the bus from now on.' Steven jumped out of the car. 'I have never been so scared in all my life. What I sat through back there was not driving, it was nothing remotely like driving, that was abseiling across concrete. I saw my whole life flash before me.'

'Steven, I'm a good driver.' Her face reddened a little.

'Yes, if living is not that important!'

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