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   Chapter 21 No.21

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5178

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Martin had met Rodger nearly three years ago. Martin had just brought Peek-a-Boo, which at the time was a run-down sewing shop with flaky grey walls and a boarded-up window. Martin had a vision for Peek-a-Boo; a vision that hopefully wouldn't cost too much, but captured the spirit of underwear with a difference.

One slack morning, Rodger had walked into the post office with 'his' Nefertiti on his arm and a giro in his pocket. He saw Martin bending over the counter looking at paint colour charts and shop fitting brochures, beside his elbow was a plan of the interior of a shop, and written in the corner was a title:

Peek-a-Boo - Underwear with a difference

'My Rodger will do it for you, ' said Nefertiti, leaning over the counter with a smile. Muriel sniffed, but Martin was definitely interested. 'My Rodger is an artist of great talent, ' said Nefertiti 'and he's lookin for work.'

'How much does he charge?'

'Negotiable, ' said Nefertiti, 'with the rent on my flat.'

Rodger transformed Peek-a-Boo into the sort of shop any woman could spend hours in. He fitted delicate lighting to make even the jetlag look fresh, and he painted murals of round bums and upright breasts that were the highlight of any man's walk down the main street of Lochgilphead. So when Donald, an elderly picture framer, came into the post office and talked about Rodger's latest works, Martin's ears pricked up. Donald was impressed by nothing.

'He's working on a collection of paintings called the Unveiling of the Flower of Scotland, ' said Donal

until he met Conway.

Conway had walked into Eduardo's shop on a whim, it was a hot afternoon and his stomach was playing up. Eduardo offered him some peppermint tea.

Conway looked at the paintings displayed in the shop and for a while, his troubles melted and his stomach was soothed.

'I was an artist once, ' he said.

'And what happened?'

'Mortgage, marriage.' Conway sighed and rubbed his stomach.

'Have more tea, ' said Eduardo, the gods always brought him someone.

Two hours later, Eduardo took Conway around the back of his shop to a small shed.

'I found in old lady's house, ' he said. 'It's what I do, someone dies, I clear out and sell what family don't want, I get a cut. This time, I ask for this, ' he said with a Mediterranean gesture. 'It's Constable's, how you say? Back yard.'

Conway sucked in his breath.

Eduardo explained that he was moving back to France, he had BIG Bills, an angry ex-wife, 'And my children, they want to do the university.' He sighed. 'I make more money back home.'

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