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   Chapter 19 No.19

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 4955

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'What you doing, talking to that Martin the gorgeous?' said Beatrice.

Sheryl didn't answer; what could she say, Martin still fancied her? She wasn't sure herself.


'Martin was making me an offer I couldn't refuse.'

'Oh that!'

'He is under the ridiculous illusion that I can talk... you know? How do you know?'

'Lindsey told me; she has the same hairdresser as his new piece! Your sister fancies herself as an undercover something.'

'Damn it, Mum, why didn't you tell me?' Sheryl said.

'I thought if he surprised you, then perhaps you wouldn't be so amicable, maybe you'd be annoyed enough to actually stand up to him.'

'You wouldn't believe what he wanted me to do, ' said Sheryl, smiling to herself.

'Nothing would surprise me about Martin. Did you stand up to him?'


'What did you say? Did you tell him where to go?'

'Well, 'er no, not exactly!'

'Did you get some money off him?'

'No, not really, I just sort of walked off.'

Lindsey threw Beatrice a 'Don't forget what you're here for' look, and Beatrice decided for once to keep her mouth shut.

'Let's celebrate with a game of darts?' said Lindsey.


Conway sped his Fiesta through Glasgow, and by the time he was at Loch Lommond, he had worked up enough speeding fines to stop him driving for ten years. He stopped at Luss and opened his sandwiches. Bits of a cold fry up fell onto his lap, but Conway didn't notice, instead he stared out of the win

a, while swinging a didgeridoo to the tune of 'Tie me kangaroo down.'

Steel Ice came in on a Harley Davidson, with Johnston in a sidecar. Before the bell rang, they were in the ring breaking didgeridoos over their knees. The Crow and Mad Budgie didn't stand a chance.

Within minutes, Sheryl had beaten her mother with a double twenty, downed her second whisky and was ready for the next.

'Another game, ' she said, Beatrice threw Lindsey an 'It's in the bag' look, and then ordered Shifty to turn up the TV.

Steven was standing by the scoreboard, watching Sheryl's darts slice into the board like a hot knife through butter, and he could hardly add up fast enough. Just as well, he thought as Uno Sumo, a large Japanese wrestler, had now appeared on the TV and the camera it seemed was fixated with his large rump barely covered by a g-string and tassels. It was enough to put a man off his diet coke.

Beatrice looked up at the TV and smiled, tomorrow was as good as hers.

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