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   Chapter 17 No.17

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So when Lindsey heard from a neighbour that her sister was sitting outside her flat amongst a collection of garbage bags, looking dazed, Lindsey could have almost kissed Martin. Lindsey was around within minutes and took Sheryl plus garbage bags back to Beatrice.

Beatrice, who was in the middle of an argument with yet another carer about the health benefits of a dram in the afternoon, didn't even acknowledge her daughter, who mumbled something about Martin redecorating the flat and humped her bags up the poky stairs to her old room.

It was her turn now, thought Lindsey.

So come hell or high water, Beatrice was going with Sheryl, no matter how much Sheryl protested; besides, Beatrice's plan may just work.


Sometimes on a busy night, Steven worked in the Argyll as an assistant cook. That Friday night, Steven was working on a Prawn Thai curry when Sheryl, with some of the class members, walked into the Argyll. By the time he was serving it to a pleasantly surprised customer, the belly dancers were on their second round, and feeling amicable.

'Hi Steven, ' yelled some from the class, Sheryl waved, she was feeling good. She had spent all week polishing off jobs for her mother and then worked like a demon to make a costume just in case there was a chance Nefertiti would let her dance.

'Oban and the wrestlers tomorrow, you think Rodger will be there with another bunch of roses?' asked Kay.

Kay was one of the original members of the class. She was a strong looking woman with grown u

o be amicable. He walked in at ten o'clock, with his best smile, and struck a casual pose by the bar. He did not want to meet any of the belly-dancing troupe; en masse, these dancing women were scarier than Beatrice after her medical bottle of whisky, and completely resistant to his manly charms. In fact, very few women over the age of twenty-five yielded to his charms these days. Imogene had yielded to his charms and now she spent most of her time in the toilet or looking at catalogues. He sighed, no one could understand the needs of a man like a plain woman...

He watched Sheryl stumble a bit as she walked by.

'Drink, Sheryl?' he said, trying to appear casual like he hadn't been waiting for her for the last hour, but was just passing by; on a whim.

Sheryl looked around for Imogene.

'Whisky; make it a double!' he said.

Sheryl eyed his face, still a little puffy from Sam's attack.

'I've been thinking about everything, ' he said.


'I would like to make 'things' up to you.'

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