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   Chapter 15 No.15

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5685

Updated: 2018-02-07 12:01

Steven lifted the remains of tomato from his shirt and thought for a moment. 'I don't see why not.'

Beatrice reversed her chair past Nefertiti. This time, Nefertiti was quick on her feet.


While Sheryl was picking through the shopping on her drive, Conway, still in his candlewick pyjamas, was frying up a bit of bacon and black pudding.

Conway was a man who never forgot, a man who clung onto a grudge like a drowning man with plank of wood. A man so eaten up with anger from the past that he no longer made sense. He lived on Rennies, black coffee and meat, which stirred around in his innards like a bullet in motion with nowhere to go.

That morning, his bullet was working overtime. That morning, as he opened up The Argyll Advertiser, he saw something that would make him shake.


Our Local Middle Eastern connection will hit the big time next week as she shimmies for the American Wrestlers. 'It was all my Rodger's idea, ' says Nefertiti. But everyone knows Nefertiti's talents are as legendary as Egypt itself, and next week, the boys in town won't know what hit them as she performs her new Death by Seven Veils dance to the crowd. 'It's a new piece, ' says Nefertiti, 'based on an old Egyptian legend about a mummification that went horribly wrong.'

Beside the article was a picture of Nefertiti posing outside the Argyll. In the background stood a small man with a heavy moustache and sideburns, a man who had never really left the seventies, a man, (unlike most of his contemporaries) who was blessed with a full head of hair and a great set of teeth, which he chose to show off with the aid of Grecian 2000 and a smile that Co

Kelly's glamorous costume and she looks fantastic. She is standing in the corner of a very posh expensive hotel room; which is big enough to hold several of her favourite wrestlers, various people whom she wants to make jealous, and her mother gagged and bound. In the middle of the floor stands a white piano, behind which is a small Egyptian band with Hossam Ramzy on the tabla. In this, as in all her fantasies, Sheryl is slim with a firm butt and a stomach so tight, you could bounce a penny of it...

Two wrestlers lift her up under her arms as she manages a graceful pose (similar to that of Ginger Rogers in an old musical) and places her on the white piano. Sheryl poses as her red hair tumbles down like something out of a shampoo ad.

Everyone is waiting for her to start.

She begins with a couple of hip flicks and a twist before sliding onto her knees and performing a back-bend.

The wrestlers applaud, cheering her on, she looks around and catches Johnston's eye. He is standing close, so close she can feel his breath. She shimmies then comes up from her back-bend and rolls off the piano into the arms of...

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