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   Chapter 14 No.14

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5166

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'Steven looks cross, ' said Nefertiti.

'I've never seen him cross before, ' said Beatrice. 'The most I've seen is a red face when one of the students plays a prank with a National Geographic magazine.'

Nefertiti and George looked at Beatrice.

'Oh you know, one of those magazines full of black breasts and penises wrapped in bark!'

'Oh, ' sighed Nefertiti.

'Oh, ' said George with a small cough; he looked out of the window. 'Now what is he doing?'

Porter, thought Beatrice.

Martin pushed his finger into Steven's chest, Steven pushed them away.

'Are they having words?' said Beatrice, 'Over my daughter?'

George looked across at Beatrice and thought he detected a smile.

Sam, who considered the drive as part of his territory, had a high intolerance for visitors in suits (thanks to an unpleasant experience with a persistent insurance salesman), and a keen sense of Sheryl's stress level. He strolled over to Martin and hissed a bit. As no one took any notice, he stretched his legs onto Martin's suit and pressed his claws in.

Martin yelled at Sam, who then gave his other leg the scratchboard treatment. Steven, who by now was on good terms with Sam, picked him up just before Martin gave a kick. Sam, not too keen on being so close to a flying foot, jumped from Steven's arms onto Martin with a hiss, then scrambled about his shoulders for a bit before making a run for it up a nearby tree.

'I never thought much of that cat till now, ' said Beatrice.

Martin pushed Steven in the chest; Steven pushed back

muttered Martin, wiping his chin.

'You started it you mean, you with your stupid suit... Sheryl is too good for you!'

Martin pushed his chest into Steven, who pushed him back with his hands. Martin stumbled a bit and then pushed Steven.




Martin huffed some more, looked about at the three women and then pulled a couple bits of tomato from his sleeve, and with a dramatic gesture, slung them at Steven's feet before marching to his 'out of sight' car.

Steven wiped his brow and looked at Sheryl with his chest heaving. Sheryl lent over and picked a few bits of eggshell from his cheek, while Beatrice began to rummage through the scattered shopping.

'Can you do anything with this?' she said, pulling out two mangled mangoes and a flattened sponge.

Nefertiti was inspired. 'I like a man who knows how to handle 'imself, ' she said. 'We could use a man like you, couldn't we, Sheryl?'


'Come with me to Oban and keep that sodding Rodger and Martin off my back.'

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