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   Chapter 7 No.7

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5613

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'I told you, ' said Sheryl. 'I have things to do.' She caught the eye of the elderly woman, who looked like she didn't believe her either. Six months of living with a mother who had selective hearing and a permanent "Yeah right, " look on her face had left Sheryl feeling that most folk doubted her. She watched her mother reverse her chair into its familiar dent, while Steven expertly moved his feet. Her mother was not going to give up.

Steven felt for Sheryl, he had spent the last year skirting Beatrice's vicious tongue, and was intimate with embarrassment.

'Sheryl, I know better than you what you need!' Beatrice snapped.

Frances turned to Steven, 'you any good at DIY? Sheryl could use a hand.'

Steven thought about Sheryl holding a ladder while he mended something in a manly fashion.

'I told you I have other plans, ' said Sheryl.

'Yes, yes, like getting pissed with Mr....'

'I'll do it for you!'

The two women looked at the small frame of Steven. Sheryl wondered if he could lift a ladder.

'I'll do it, I often help my landlady, ' he lied, mentally going through his friends for anyone who knew the least bit about drainpipes, plastering or any sort of joiner work.

'You any good at leaks?' Beatrice stared at Steven.

'Oh definitely, leaks are just my thing. Yes, I'm big on leaks, lethal, in fact!'


Sheryl stood in the middle of her room looking for a clear space on the floor. She put nothing away. She didn't notice the empty plates with leftovers smeared across them until she stood on one, or the pile of dirty clothes until she ran out. She happily watched the dust settle on everything in clumps, and slept in a crumpled

f Steven, who was busy assembling his DIY equipment.

Years ago, she had been a successful sportswoman propelling her tiny body into feats of acrobatics, still talked about in some sporting circles. She had been a champion in many amateur clubs, and had a cupboard full of trophies hidden away, which she couldn't bare to look at.

Beatrice switched on the TV and wondered how long it would be before Sheryl would start that awful racket she called music.


Sheryl looked in the mirror and shimmied, first her stomach, and then her breasts. It seemed odd after all these years of covering up her body, she was now shaking and swirling it about the place. She pulled her top off and took another swig of wine, then turned her music up.


After assembling and reassembling his tools for an hour, Steven decided it was time to go mend what he had promised to mend. Lindsey had come around for a "how are you" visit with her mother. But after watching Steven's fumblings with the ladder, she decided watching him would be better value. She stood at the bottom of the ladder and handed Steven a chisel.

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