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   Chapter 6 No.6

Sheryl's Last Stand By Kerrie Noor Characters: 5387

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Others would argue.

'How is a persistent old man sprouting a variety of growths on his face going to cheer Sheryl up?' said Frances. 'She was dumped, she came home to find her possessions stuffed in bin bags, the locks changed and the worst Dear John letter I've ever read. Mr. Rugby's groping is hardly going to take away that pain.'

But Beatrice was adamant.


Sheryl left the Community Centre, drove into the main street of Lochgilphead and parked by the Spar. On the passenger seat was a pamphlet Nefertiti had given to her along with everyone else in the class. On the front was a picture of a huge woman dressed in an amazing costume, with the heading:

Belly dancing goes large

Inside was an article about Kelly, the huge woman in the amazing costume.


Being a size 20 doesn't stop our Kelly from pulling in the crowd!

Some of the class members took offence. Sheryl felt inspired.

She pictured herself dressed in Kelly's amazing costume. She pictured herself dancing in front of someone sexy like Johnston. She decided to make herself a costume.


Beatrice began to go through the returns pile, underneath lay Steven's notebook, as it fell to the floor, Frances picked it up.




Was written on the front. Frances opened it and the two women, after a small amount of protesting by Beatrice, began to read.

Sheryl was the type of woman hard to forget; a gun-slinging barmaid who made the West a safer place. She held no prisoners. With a tiny pistol strapped to her succulent thig

photograph of large pregnant woman circling her bare bump under the sun.

Beatrice pulled the list out and slid it over the woman's bump. Sheryl looked at the list and saw her weekend stretched out before her, and the costume she was hoping to make become just another dream.

'I'm busy this weekend, ' she said in a low voice.

Without a word, Beatrice stamped an elderly woman's Patricia Cornwall (in large print).

'I have plans of my own!'

'Plans, what plans?' said Beatrice, thumping her stamp even harder on a Steven King. 'Since when did you have plans at the weekend?'

Sheryl turned to Steven with a pink face. 'Last weekend, she had me unblocking the downstairs loo. She read out the instructions, while I was up to my armpits!'

Steven watched Sheryl with ever-increasing respect, Belly dancing and plumbing. He sighed.

'As I said before, ' said Beatrice, 'it's best to keep busy when you're alone!' She pushed the novels towards the elderly woman, who had no intention of moving. 'It's not easy being the wrong side of thirty-five and dumped.'

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