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Saturday 27th September.

Rain falling gently on her window woke Cassy from a dreamless sleep. She had thought long and hard the night before and had decided to go back to the fair ground and speak to the woman who had given her the warning. Dressing quickly in the early morning light Cassy felt the stab of fear in her heart. How could she ever know who to trust after hearing someone would betray her? Grabbing an umbrella as she headed quietly out the door Cassy tried to shake the depression that was trying to consume her.

It only took twenty minutes to get to the field but Cassy could not believe her eyes. There was nothing there. She could see where the rides and tents had flattened the grass. Muddy paths showed where people had walked, but there was nothing else to see. Walking to the centre of the field Cassy wondered if she had dreamt everything. Less than twelve hours ago, there had been dozens of people here, now the field felt cold and dead. Cassy shivered in her damp clothes and moved back towards the gate.

The clouds parted and a single shaft of sunlight hit the ground, glinting off a small metal box half hidden in the grass. Cassy froze. For what felt like hours, she just stared at the box. It was the size of small jewellery box and had strange symbols on it. Without knowing how, Cassy knew it was her name written in a long forgotten script. Warily she reached out and pick up the box, placing it in her pocket she ran.

Within minutes, Cassy was on the edges of the town centre. There was a small cafe nearby that she had never noticed before, Cassy found a table at the back and ordered a coffee. Alone again Cassy took the box from her pocket and placed it carefully on the table in front of her. She fingered the design, loving the way it felt so familiar to her. Smiling, she lifted the lid and gasped.

Inside was a small green emerald set in a locket on a silver chain. Cassy sat and stared at the necklace for a long time. Sometimes running a finger over the polished surface, sometimes just watching the light glint in the stone. Her phone rang, pulling Cassy from her thoughts.

"Where are you? I thought we were going shopping today?" Even over the phone, Cassy could hear the disappointment in her mothers voice.

"I just had to do something. I'll be home in ten minutes."

"Okay. Well your Dad has been called into work, but he will meet us for dinner tonight. I'll see you in a few." pushing the phone back into her pocket Cassy took the necklace from the box. It was warm to the touch and there was a tingling running over her skin as Cassy clipped it around her neck. Quickly paying for the coffee she had not drunk, Cassy left.

The rest of the weekend was nice and normal. Cassy spent the days with her parents and Saturday night with Gavin. A car came to collect her on Sunday evening as both her parents were working and could not take her back to school. Tears flowed down her face as she drove away from her home but Cassy could not deny the fluttering excitement in her heart. Something was going to happen, soon.

Saturday 4th October.

Cassy lay on the beach next to Amy enjoying what they were sure would be the last of the sun. It was late in the day, but there were still a few students playing in the water. They had come to the beach for a barbeque again but most had left with Jillian when she had returned to the school. The weekend she had spent with her parents, seem very much like a dream to Cassy now, only the locket she wore helped her to know it had been real. Life was anything but normal here. There was always something happening. Jillian had been helping Cassy with the usual lessons in control and her course load as well. Everyone expected Cassy to pass her A-levels and go into teaching before her nineteenth birthday.

"So, did Gavin give you that?" Amy was looking at the locket. "It's really nice. Why do you hide it?"

"I don't hide it and no it's not from Gavin." Cassy flushed no wanting to admit where the locket had come from. She had not been able to open it and sometimes it seemed to burn too hot, but she never took it off. "I'm going back to the school. I need a shower before bed and I'm kind of tired." Rising Cassy ignored the sulky look on Amy's face. She had not meant to hurt her friend, but she did not want to answer any questions, especially ones she did not have the answers to.

Monday 6th October.

"Cassy are you okay? You look like you're somewhere else."

"What? Oh, no I'm fine. Just tired I guess. I've been working hard."

"I know you have. That's why I asked you to come here. I need to know what you want to do. We have little time left. We need to know what side you are on."

"What do you mean, 'What side'? I don't understand."

"I don't like to be so blunt, but you said before that if the spirit really was your father, then you would want to help him. We have found out that he is. We have known for a while and have been trying to decide what to do. I thought you should know." Samantha looked at Cassy's stunned face. "Now will you still help us or do we have to stop you from helping them to raise him?"

"I don't know... I... um... He's really my father?" Cassy felt as though a bomb had gone off in her head. She thought she had made friends here. Everyone had been so kind to her. Understanding every question she had before she asked it. Now Samantha was speaking to her as though t

laced near the fire and watched everyone around her. There were so many people here Cassy struggled to find the faces of the few she knew. She could see Jillian, once again at the barbeque, talking with a group of adults Cassy knew were teachers. She caught her eye but Jillian quickly turned away. Cassy looked into the fire. She could see the flames licking at the wood but the warmth did not reach her. She sat alone and shivering in her coat. Amy was next to her, but was talking with some other girls. Cassy realised then how alone she really was. Quietly she stood and walked to the table that had been set up with drinks, taking a steaming cup of coffee she wondered around the groups of people. Everyone was talking and laughing around her. No one else was alone. A tear slid down her cheek, she had never felt so cut off from everything.

Walking did not make her feel any better so Cassy sat on a blanket, with her back to the fire, watching the wave's crash to the shore. "Hush my love. There is no need to cry. Soon we will be together again and you will never be alone."

"Can I join you?" Cassy jumped at the sound of Jillian's voice but quickly moved her coffee behind her so Jillian could sit. "Why are you not with the others?"

"I'm not really awake yet I guess. I was up late reading last night." Cassy looked away feeling guilty. She knew Jillian would not like what she had been reading. Everyone told her how dangerous it was to contact spirits. Raising the dead had been a common practice hundreds of years ago but Cassy had not found one reference in the last hundred years. She had not made a decision yet but though it best to be prepared, but how could anyone prepare for something that seemed impossible. Cassy stubbornly kept her eyes away from Jillian; she did not want to upset the only friend she had.

"Okay well try to enjoy the day, Cassy. You never know if you stop thinking about everything so much maybe the answer will come to you." Jillian stood and smiled. "Drink your coffee then come and join the rest of us. Food's nearly ready." Cassy watched as Jillian walked away and wondered why her smile had looked so sad. She liked Jillian and did not want to cause her more pain or worry. Drinking her coffee, which had cooled quickly, Cassy stood and joined the group of girls with Amy.

The day was better than Cassy had expected. Games of volleyball and rounder's were played after an early lunch and Cassy found herself laughing as she watched. When she was pulled into a game, she threw her coat down barely feeling the cold anymore. She ran and laughed with everyone until she could no longer stand. As it got later in the afternoon, the barbeque was relit, more food cooked and more salads appeared on the table. Cassy joined in the chatter around the fire as she ate. When the food was finished, Jillian threw bags of marshmallows around the fire and there was a scramble to get the first. Cassy laughed as a bag split and showered those closest to it. Someone Cassy could not see on the other side of the fire started playing a guitar and before long, everyone was singing.

It was late when Cassy finally made it back to the school. She showered quickly and crawled into bed, exhausted from the day's events. She could hardly keep her eyes open, her whole body felt heavy and she could not block the voice in her head. "My sweet, I need your help and you waste so much time. You are weakened." Cassy tried to ignore the warning tone. "You are not as powerful as once you were, my love, you must listen to me." Cassy slipped into sleep not knowing what she was being told.

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