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Friday 19th September.

The first three weeks of September were the happiest Cassy had known in a long time. She spent her days with the others her age learning all about the different gifts they had and their stories. She quickly came to realise she was not the only one who was afraid of what the future might hold. Most of the older students here had little or no family left; they had come to Samantha and Jillian for help. Amy had been at her side the whole time, whispering in her ear. They had become almost inseparable. Cassy knew that part of the reason was because Amy could not 'see' anything around Cassy but she hoped that they would be friends for a long time.

Since arriving at the school, Cassy had only seen her parents when they were able to get away from their jobs, which had not been very often. She spoke to them most evenings but still felt completely removed from her old life. Samantha and her mother had both assured Cassy that she would be able to continue her education. When she was able to control her powers, she could return to school. However, she no longer knew what she wanted to do. All her life she had loved to learn, and she had found in the last few years, that she also loved to teach. She had planned to become a primary school teacher, but she was sure that it would be too dangerous now. How could she ever be trusted with young children? She would be afraid, every day that she might hurt one of them. Everyone kept telling her she would find her path when it was time but was not sure she believed it anymore.

Cassy strolled along the path quietly watching the leaves blowing in the breeze. They would fall soon, she knew, there was a bite in the morning air now and Cassy was already looking forward to the first snow. This was the first time she had really been alone recently, and she did not like the way her mood kept sinking. She had been happy to run errands for Jillian when she had been asked. Now walking back to the school alone, she felt as though all the weight of the world was on her shoulders again.

"It will always be this way." The voice was just a small whisper in her head, barely distinguishable from the wind. "They will just keep you here and use you. Help me and I will set you free. We can be happy together."

Cassy shook her head and passed through the gates to the school staring and the floor. Within seconds, Amy ran straight in to her. "Come quickly." Cassy just stared at her. "Come on… Now." Amy grabbed Cassy's hand and dragged her up the driveway to the school building. "The boys will be here any second. Hide." Amy pushed Cassy into some bushes just outside the door and dived in behind her. "I've been trying to get John to practice his tracking skills." she grinned. "He was meant to find you by following your magic but he has been asking everyone where you are. Shhhhh." Just as Amy pulled Cassy's head down, the front doors flew open. John, a tall, skinny thirteen-year-old with short sandy hair jumped down the steps and ran down the driveway. Amy stood laughing and pulled Cassy from the bushes. "That should keep him busy for a while. So…. What do you want to do?" Cassy grinned at her friend, completely forgetting the voice she had heard and the depression that had fallen over her on the walk back from the village.

"Let's go see what the little ones are doing today." Classes had begun again and there were more young children here than Cassy had previously seen in the school. Jillian had told her that many of these were here because they were gifted children. They had a hard time fitting in at normal schools, so their parents sent them here. Until she saw them, Cassy had not even realised this really was a boarding school. The younger children took normal lessons as well as the extra classes to help them understand and control their gifts. Amy looked at her in disbelief and shook her head.

"You need to try to understand what fun is." She grinned to show she understood. "They're in the maths class at the moment. I'll see you later."

Cassy watched Amy run down the drive until she disappeared around the corner then turned and walked into the building smiling. Samantha taught the maths classes, and she had let Cassy help. The class was a little different to most as there were children of all ages so they were all working on different things. Cassy loved helping the youngest with addition and subtraction as much as she liked helping the older ones to understand quadratic equations.

Before she even got to the classroom Cassy knew there was a problem. There was more noise than Cassy had ever heard in the hall way and a group of five boys were standing by the door. "Where are you meant to be?" she demanded in what she hoped was a stern but kind voice.

The group looked at her and backed away from the door. "Sorry miss. We are going to the garden now." One of the boys answered, and they quickly moved along the corridor. All the younger students treated Cassy as one of the teachers here and it made her feel important. Looking through the small window in the door, Cassy understood why they had stopped. One of the younger students was floating above his desk. His head gently bumping the ceiling as Samantha held his ankle trying to pull him back to the floor. Without hesitating Cassy opened the door and pulled a chair over to the child. Samantha glanced at her and climbed up grabbing the boy by his belt.

"Will you take over please Cassy, whilst I deal with this?" Samantha did not wait for an answer; she stepped off the chair and walked out the door with the young boy bobbing along behind her like a life-sized balloon. The rest of the class were laughing so hard they could barely hear Cassy when she spoke. She clapped her hands and shouted over the noise.

"Settle down now… Come on. You all

helping others with their exams.

"I got an A in English, my Dad was so proud. I thought that maybe I could teach English literature. I love reading so it makes sense." Cassy smiled. She knew how much Gavin read and had always thought he would make a good English teacher.

"Let's take a walk." they spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around town. They had no clear destination but found themselves outside a fair ground just as it opened. Gavin had planned on them coming here later in the evening.

"Free entry to all in love."

"It's free to get in, anyway. It always has been. You pay for the rides. Cassy laughed at the man standing in the gateway."

"I know, but my way sounds better doesn't it? Your names, miss?" Cassy grinned and pulled Gavin forward. She had always loved the fair when it came to town.

"I'm Cassy, this is Gavin."

"Enter young ones. Eat, ride and be merry. Leave your worries at the gate." There was a short path to the main ground that had tents and vans on either side. These were all closed and dark, Cassy shivered as they passed.

They rode the Ferris wheel first, Cassy gasped as the swing came to a stop as high as it could. Gavin rested his arm around her shoulders.

"Much better. Now we are truly alone and can't be interrupted." Gavin smiled and leaned in for a kiss. "I really missed you Cass." His eyes glistened with tears. "I thought I would never see you again. It's been so long." They clung to each other until the ride started up again. They watched as the ground rushed up to meet them.

It was late by the time they were ready to leave. Cassy was laughing and having more fun than she thought was possible. She clung to Gavin's side to keep him close and moved towards the exit. One of the tents they had passed on their way in was now lit with fairy lights, and a young woman stood outside, watching everything. She was tall; dark skinned and had raven black hair that flowed almost to the floor. The dark purple skirts of her dress billowed in the breeze and she turned her grey eyes on Cassy.

"Come, I will tell you your future." she beckoned to Cassy and half turned, raising the flap of the tent.

"Thanks, but we are leaving now." Gavin pulled Cassy closer to him and tried to walk away, Cassy stopped and stared at the woman.

"You know much, but still so little, time is running short, child. You must make your choice. I ask nothing in return but you must watch for the three signs. Betrayal will come first; from the ones you trust the most. Loss will follow quickly on the betrayers heals." Cassy looked at Gavin, unsure what to think. When the woman did not speak again, Cassy stepped forward.

"What do you know about me?"

"Everything Cassy. I see into your soul, I see your conflict." the woman closed her eyes and shook her head. Cassy took another step forward.

"What is the third sign?"

"That is unclear. Come inside and we shall read the cards and crystals." Cassy stepped forward again, then realised Gavin was not next to her. She turned to look at him.

"Cassy, I don't like this. Jillian will tell you everything you need to know. Don't listen to this woman." Gavin took Cassy's hand and pulled her towards the gate.

"Watch for the signs and be ready." Cassy turned back as the tent flap dropped into place hiding the woman from her. She shivered and moved closer to Gavin. Suddenly the night seemed cold. They continued home in silence. Cassy had no idea what Gavin was thinking, but her mind was overwhelmed with terrifying possibilities. Who would betray her? She could think of no-one. She trusted Gavin with her life, Jillian and Samantha had been helping her get stronger and her parents only wanted what was best for her. She could not believe any one of them would betray her. She pushed the thoughts aside as she unlocked her front door and said good night to Gavin.

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