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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Jillian turned to face Cassy warily. She approached slowly raising her hands and laid them on either side of Cassy head. A white light seemed to glow where their skin touched; it spread from Jillian's hands into Cassy's head then spread down both of their bodies. They stood like that for a second, held inside the light. Cassy parents watched horrified as the two raise up from the floor. Dr Bentley held them back.

"Leave this vessel. She is no threat to you." Jillian's voice was stronger than anyone had heard before, it bounced off the walls of the small room and then faded. "A child is only a child. Now leave and..."

"No. This child is mine. She has belonged to me from the time of her conception. My child, my saviour, my daughter. She belongs to me and no-one else. Stay back or we will destroy you."

"What's happening? What are you doing to my daughter? Get your hands off her." Sam yelled as he pushed Dr Bentley aside and ran towards them.

"You're not her father, I am!" The voice that came from Cassy was not her own. It was evil, full of hate and anguish. Sam stopped inches from her, terrified to get any closer. Jillian was forcefully thrown across the room and slumped, half-conscious against the wall. Cassy turned to face Sam. "You are worth nothing. You are unimportant. You will die to feed my children when I bring them forth into this world."

As Adam had been talking through Cassy facing Sam, Dr Bentley had pulled Jillian from the floor and a young couple came through the door after hearing the crash. They held hands and faced Cassy. "Bring forth the daughter of the light. We need her guidance and power."

As Jillian finished speaking there was a flash of light and standing in between them and Cassy was Samantha. She glowed for a second then as the light faded and Cassy turned to face her, she raised her hands as Jillian had. Samantha did not need to touch Cassy for the light that came from her to travel to Cassy. It raised them both off the ground, Cassy's head fell back and the scream that was torn from her was full of animosity and pain. Jen could not bare to listen and covered her ears.

"You will not win. I will return. The child is my daughter and nothing will stop her from wanting to save her blood father. Not if I promised to bring her mother back as well. She will join me." The voice emanating from Cassy was still not her own. To everyone who heard it the voice felt dark and full of a hateful power that drove them back. All except Samantha.

Samantha hovered between the small group and Cassy. She was perfectly calm and looked like a stern librarian who had been disturbed by a loud noise. She was dressed in a dark suit with her long dark hair tied in a low ponytail. Samantha looked over the top of her half rimmed glasses at Cassy as though she was just a badly behaved child throwing a temper tantrum.

"Leave this vessel. She is no threat to you. A child is a child. Now leave and never darken her mind with yours again." Samantha joined her mind with Cassy and Adam. The light grew stronger and filled the room. "Rejicimus te. Non est hic. Now... LEAVE..." She had shouted the last word so loud that the glass in the windows shattered. Everyone covered their ears. As the echo faded away, Cassy and Samantha settled to the ground. A deafening silence followed. No one moved. Everyone was waiting to see what Cassy would do next. Sam stared at his daughter not sure if he was looking at the child he had raised, terrified of what he had seen. Jen collapsed to the floor.

Cassy blinked. "Who are you? What happened?" She said looking around at all the stunned faces and broken glass. "Did I do that?" Cassy saw her mother on the floor and started to move towards her. Jen held her hand up to stop Cassy from getting to close. Tears fell from Cassy's eyes as she realised her parents were now so afraid of her that they did not even want to touch her. Sam would not even look her in the eyes.

"Jillian, we have little time, hold my hand. Cassandra you too. Domus." In a flash, they were gone, lea

ive Samantha a chance before you dashed out of there."

"Okay then let's hear it." Cassy crossed her arms, stubbornly, in front of her and leaned on the railing that ran along the edge of the cliff.

"Walk with me." Jillian gestured at the path that followed the cliff. As they walked, Jillian explained what had happened as she had been saying goodbye to her parents. Cassy was shocked into silence and they walked on without speaking for a while. They made a wide circuit around the house and Jillian pointed out some of the children they passed. All of them had a gift. Most had only the one, but a few like her seemed to have every gift she had ever heard of and other she didn't know. None of them seemed as depressed as Cassy was. In fact, they all looked extremely happy to her. Smiling and laughing together. Cassy watched them enviously. Why couldn't she be like that? Since she had found out, she had special abilities her life had gone so wrong. She'd had a plan. She was going to finish her exams, which she had done, then help the summer students with their classes before going on to college. She had been accepted to the collages she wanted to go to, and she had been seriously thinking of going into teaching. She always enjoyed tutoring, so it had all seemed so natural to follow the path and teach. Now what could she do. It was obviously too dangerous for her to be around children. Why else would she have been brought here? As Cassy thought, Jillian pointed out the children and said a little about each one they had continued walking. Now they stood near the front doors again. Cassy looked at them and turned away. She started down the drive away from the house.

"Not ready yet?" Cassy shook her head; tears betrayed her and dripped down her face again. She tried to hide her feelings, but knew that Jillian saw them anyway. "This is not a prison Cassy. It is a home for people like you, and me, who have found it difficult out there." Jillian nodded down the driveway as she spoke. "I know you had a plan for your life and being here is not part of it. There is no reason why you can't follow that path after you have found your way back to it. Just now, I know, you are lost. You don't understand why you are the way you are and no-one seems to be giving you the answers you need. It is natural that you would believe only your birth parents can help you, but please know I will do whatever I can to help." Jillian turned away from Cassy, leaving her to her thoughts, and walked back towards the doors. "There is a village at the bottom of the hill, they have a lovely cafe it you want to go somewhere for a while to think." She smiled and went inside the building leaving the door open.

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