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Sunday 3rd August

"I'm so glad to finally meet you, Cassandra. I've seen you before of course but to meet you face to face, to speak to you. It's an honour." Jillian stood by the window in Dr Bentley's office. Cassy had not noticed her when she had first come in, had only really noticed her when she spoke.

"What do you mean, you've seen me before?" Cassy was unnerved by Jillian. She had an ethereal quality about her that Cassy could sense even though her back was turned and she was not sure what to think. She did not know if she could trust her.

"I'm an oracle. I have watched you grow up, I've kept an eye on you. Made sure you didn't get into any trouble that you couldn't handle. I just wish we were meeting under different circumstances. You shouldn't have to deal with a threat so great until you are ready and I fear that you are not." Jillian swept her long black hair over her shoulder and finally turned to face Cassy.

Cassy was shocked to hear that she had been watched but also shocked to see that this woman was only a few years older than she was, and startlingly beautiful. When Dr Bentley had spoken of an old friend, she had expected someone closer to his own age. Suddenly looking into Jillian's silvery grey eyes Cassy became angry again. "So if you have been watching, then how come nobody came to help me? I could have used a little help with the situation with Susan. Where were you when she was trying to get me to raise someone? Where were you when that voice was in my head trying to turn me evil?" Cassy was getting angry than she had ever been now. How could this woman sit there and say that she had been watching and then not done anything when she had needed help? They would have let her father die in the robbery at the restaurant. They had let her spend months now thinking she was going crazy, and she could not even think about what Susan had wanted her to do. All the time this woman had been watching her, doing nothing to help.

Jillian looked to the floor with tears in her eyes. Cassy instantly felt bad for what she had said and worse for what she had been thinking. She had not meant to hurt anyone, but she was tired of people telling her that she was important, that she had a mission in life. Jillian cleared her eyes and looked at Cassy. "We didn't foresee the trouble you have had lately because we have been looking to the evil power that we have felt rising. When I tried to find you, I don't know, it was as if you had vanished from our sight. We searched but couldn't see you. We believe someone or something has been blocking you from us. We're not sure what or why, but..."

"The voice!"

"What? What voice? What do you mean dear?" Dr Bentley had been silent, since introducing them, until now. Cassy had forgotten he was there. He was looking at her intently as though he was trying to take the explanation right out of her mind.

Cassy looked from one to the other not sure what she should say. How could she explain something she did not understand herself? "I'm not sure, but lately I've been hearing this voice. In my head. He is very, I don't know, intoxicating I guess." Cassy saw the look that passed between the doctor and Jillian. "What? What is it? What do you know?"

"Cassandra, how long have you been hearing this voice?"

"I don't know, about a month, I guess. It was there before, but I couldn't really hear what was being

soon as she could, and that when she was, everything would be better. Then she turned to leave with Jillian. "Wait! Gavin! He can help us." She swung back to her mother. "You said he came to see you to tell you about me. How did he seem? Did he want me to go back to the group? I have hardly spoken to him in the last few days."

"No, he told us to keep you away from them. Why do you think he can help you?"

"Jillian do you know who I mean? Can we get him too? I think if we can get him away from Susan then he might just get stronger. I think she is holding him back."

"She is, but now is not the time for him. Now we need to concentrate on you. Your training. Gavin has his destiny too, but it does not start here, yours does. He is also too close to Susan just now for us to do anything."

"Let me just call him."

"No. I told you, he is too close to Susan. He must know nothing of you coming with us. Now child, it is time for us to go."

"Okay. Bye Mum, Dad. Take care. You have the number for where I am going to be and the address. If you can, tell Gavin to lie low for a bit. He's got to stay away from Susan."

"We'll tell him sweetie. You just be careful."

As Cassy walked away from her parents she wondered, what she was doing and when she was going to see them again. She was sixteen. She should be worrying about her exams and make-up. If her looks were all that they could be, and what boys wanted from her. Dating, school and shopping should be all she thought about. Yet here she was wondering if she was soon to die in a magical battle with a force that had tried to seduce her into evil. Was this, her sixteenth year, to be her last? If she failed. If she didn't stop whatever it was from coming, what would happen to the people she loved. Would he kill them all? Torture them for her attempts to stop his return. Would he make them pay for what she was about to do? Fear gripped her and her steps faltered.

"You can't think like that. You must stay strong. Fight the negative thoughts. They are not yours. You said the voice had stopped talking to you, but maybe it's working through your subconscious mind now. It will do anything to stop you from coming with me."

"Stay out of my head bitch! You have no business here. Leave us."

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