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Sunday 20th July

When Cassy awoke from the dreams of terror, fire and blood that had tormented her, she did not know where she was. As she slowly looked around everything came back to her. She was safe. Everything was going to get better now. Her parents had decided to spend the weekend with Dr Bentley trying to help Cassy understand everything. Her eyes rested on a note that had been left on her bedside table. It read...

Please join me in my office after breakfast. I wish to discuss your gifts with you without your parents present; as I believe, you have not yet told them of your abilities.

Please do not be afraid. I also possess gifts and think I might be able to help you control yours.

Your friend.

Dr Bentley.

Cassy was shocked. She had not even considered the possibility that Dr Bentley might have powers too, but could she trust him? The last person she had trusted, who said they could help, had tried to turn her evil. She knew now that it had been Susan's plan all along, she had not wanted to make the Wicca community as she had said. She just wanted this dark evil shadow that Cassy was hearing, to be reborn. Cassy debated whether to see him as she got dressed and she decided at the last minute that it was worth the risk. If he really could help her, then she had to try, she had to get things under control. She would not trust as quickly as she had last time. No one was going to make her do something she did not want to do. All she had ever wanted was to help people. Now as the fear came back to her, she wondered if it would be possible for others like her to remove her gifts so she could have a normal life.

Cassy saw her parents as soon as she walked into the dining room; she walked to the table and sat down, saying nothing. Her parents were both quiet and did not seem to notice Cassy. She wasn't even listening to the little conversation they did make until she got up to leave the table.

"Cassy Hun, you look tired. Are you okay?" Jen looked at her with concern in her eyes, she looked worse. Jen had always worried that discovering her past would hurt Cassy too much. It was why she had never even hinted about the adoption.

"I didn't sleep well." Cassy mumbled at the table. How could she ever get her mother to understand what was happening to her? She did not even understand it herself.

"Well then, why don't you go and try to get some more sleep."

"I am going to see Dr Bentley first. Then I will."

Jennifer had thought that Cassy would refuse to speak to anyone once they had gotten here, but she seemed to want to talk now. "Do you think you could tell me what has been happening lately?" Jen queried cautiously. "I mean, only if you want to tell me."

Cassy cocked her head like a dog and looked at her mother properly for the first time in weeks. "You know!" she frowned. "How do you know? Susan never spoke to you, you never met her, or any of the others, except… Gavin!" Cassy laughed suddenly feeling a weight lift off her shoulders. "That's why you brought me here. Either you think I am nuts and so is Gavin, or you believe and knew that this was the one place I could get answers! Oh my god, how could I be so stupid. And him, of all the bloody minded foul…."

"Cassy please don't be angry with Gavin, he cares about you, and he was just trying to help." Tears welled up in Jen's eyes.

"I'm not angry, and he has helped. Listen Mum, I have to go now. Dr Bentley left a note asking me to join him in his office, but we will talk, later. Okay?" Cassy had not noticed that she had sat again and been eating until she stood with a piece of toast in her hand. Realising that she felt better she smiled at her parents, shook her head, then left the table in search of Dr Bentley's office.

"I hope I didn't scare you too much with my note dear. I thought it would be best to tell you before we met again so that you had all the facts." Dr Bentley sat behind his desk watching Cassy. "I have someone showing your parents around the grounds so we have time to chat. I assumed that you have told them nothing of your gifts so thought it best we not be interrupted." He paused again and watched Cassy. "So, do you have any questions before we start?" Cassy had been searching the office for signs of witchcraft or anything that seemed strange, but now looked at the man half hidden behind the piles of paperwork.

"Who are you? What are

cted who her birth father was and she would have to wait for that answer. No one seemed to be able to identify how powerful she would become and she kept quiet when she realised some people feared her. The voice which once soothed her, now frightened her more than anything but she did not mention it to anyone. She was not sure how they would take it, but knew her mother would over react again. All Cassy could do was wait and wait drove her crazy.

Saturday 26th July

"She's locked me out of her mind. You have to do something. Get her back in here. Do not fail me, if you do, you will pay." Susan screamed as a hot sharp pain spread through her body, making her feel like her skin was on fire.

"Adam, please, no. I will get her back. Just tell me how." She whimpered. "I'll do anything to bring you back to life, to me." Susan was, scared and crying, in her inner sanctum. She had never been so afraid of anyone or anything in her life. This was not the Adam she remembered. Maybe that was because he was only a spirit. He wanted life. He wanted Cassy. "I'll get her to come back to this room. I'll turn her back to our side. If I can't then we can just keep her locked in here. No one will find her. She can stay here until it's time. I just can't find her at the moment. Where is she?"

"She is with my enemy." the voice boomed around the room. "They will turn her to them if we give them the chance. The child is scared, afraid of her powers and everyone around her. She needs to believe that they are the threat to her, not us. They do not want my return. They want me to fade into the darkness, but we cannot let that happen. We must bring her back here."

As Adams spirit drifted out of her mind, Susan rose from the floor and went to her potion shelves. She would need to brew a powerful potion if she was to bring Cassy back into the fold. Something strong enough to block everything she had been told. She would have to trust Susan if they were to accomplish their task. Looking through her cabinet of potion supplies, Susan's thoughts wavered. Should they raise someone whose time had already passed? Was it the right thing to do? Was her love for Adam a good enough reason to raise him? She began to feel uneasy about the whole thing. Why was she doing all this? She had got over her loss, of the man she had loved, years ago. Why was she so desperate for him now? Since Cassy had left the group, so had Gavin and Anna. Were they right to leave her? Had she somehow lost her way? Susan shook her head to try to clear her thoughts. Everything had been cloudy for too long she needed time to think.

"What's wrong my love? You seem troubled!" The soothing tones filled her mind and pushed all other thoughts and fears away. Nothing was more important than bringing her love back to her. His life had ended before his time and now it was time for him to return. Time to share the love she had always hoped they would have.

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