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Cassy sat staring out of her bedroom window. Her face was blank and her eyes glazed. She did not remember how she got home. She just remembered the darkness overwhelming her, power flowing through her lifting her above everything else. She knew in her heart that the powers she had felt were evil and not her own. She knew that to return to Susan's house, to return to that room, would be wrong. Yet she wanted to understand the powers she possessed. She wanted to feel the energies again. She wanted to know her mother and father. Looking back at her life she knew that those who had raised her from birth were her parents and in her heart and soul she loved them. Yet the powers she thought she possessed seemed to have taken hold of her. They drove her. They made her think of things she had never thought before, dark thoughts, evil thought. They seemed to clear her mind of all she knew and fill it with an evil, power hungry passion. 'Come my love, let me easy your mind'. The voice was stronger in her mind today and Cassy closed her eyes and embraced it.

Even as the thoughts tumbled through her mind Cassy knew she would return, knew she would continue to practice her powers. Good and evil. Right and wrong. All her perceptions of the past, present and future were changing. Nothing seemed to be able to stop the change. Who could stop her? She was more powerful than anyone was now. She had surpassed them all, even Susan. She felt arms fold around her as she leaned back in the chair. The humming continued in her head and she drifted into sleep.


Jen and Sam lay in bed. They had heard Cassy return around two O'clock but after what Gavin had told them, they were not sure how to talk to her. She was two hours past her curfew but neither of them was sure how to approach her. They were still unsure who or what to believe as they had never given magic a second thought. After what they had seen and heard that night it was hard to deny it was real.

"What is she doing in there?" Jen whispered as she heard movement in Cassy's room. "Do you think we should go in there and talk to her? Find out what's going on from her."

"Leave her. We'll sort it out in the morning. After we have the information from the agency, we might have a better idea of what is happening. We'll have information for her."

"But this could be serious. She doesn't talk to me like she used to, she used to tell me everything... Why won't she talk to me now? What have I done to her? I've only ever tried to protect her. I love her and I'm worried about what she might do."

"Stop it Jen. Just try to get some sleep. We'll discuss it tomorrow. I know you're worried but about her but now is not the right time. Just try to sleep Okay?"

They lay in silence for a long time neither one wanting to say what they were thinking. Neither wanting to admit that they did not know what to do in a situation they did not understand. After what felt like hours Jen drifted off into a fitful sleep full of dreams. She watched as Cassy was floating things around the room then making them fly at Jen every time she tried to speak.


"Cassy I know you can hear me." Gavin's voice rang in her head.

"Ignore him. You don't need him anymore. You have me now." The seductive tones soothed Cassy. The voice had started when she was in the pentagram and had stayed with her ever since, she had no idea who or what it was, but it calmed her. It stopped her from panicking. It eased her frantic mind and strengthened her at the same time. She was sure this was the voice that she had been hearing for a while now and was not afraid.

"I love you Cassy, you love me. We are one. We are the essence of all that is to come. Love me and all our dreams will come to pass. You want your dreams don't you my love?" Cassy closed her eyes and felt the invisible arms circle around her.

"Yes. I do love you. I want my dream. I want this power I feel but I can't seem to access it as well when I am alone."

"No, my love, my little one, not your dreams. The bigger dreams, dreams of our kind. The future for us, for all of us. I'll teach you. A world of magic, a world of love. A world you and I together can control. We will be gods. No one can stop us, we will go on forever."

"NO." Cassy screamed, her eyes flew open, and she sat up quickly. The voice in her head was seductive, but she still knew that the things it was saying were not what she wanted. They were not right, not good for the world. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. She knew that was true. Collapsing on her bed Cassy fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Exhausted and overwhelmed by everything that was happening to her. The voice chuckled, and the sound echoed softly around the room.

Friday 18th July

"Morning Mam." Cassy strolled into the kitchen determined that she was going to get her life back to normal. She did not want to be a witch, or have powers; she had decided that she was not going to use them. She was not going back to the coven either. She thought seeing Gavin at school might be okay but would see what happened with him before she decided. The voice in her head had scared her. She did not want to be a god. She wanted to help people not rule over them. She wanted a family and friends.


had not seen them smile in weeks and it hurt her to know it was her fault. She had caused them so much pain by not talking to them. She felt like crying but laughing at the same time. How could she have been so stupid as to let other people tell her that she could not trust them? They loved her for who she was, not for her powers. They did not even know she had them. She decided that instead of not using her gifts she would use them to make her parents lives easier. She was not sure how she could do it yet but just thinking it made her feel better.

"Cassy? Can you hear me? Cassy please let me in, I love you." Cassy panicked. The voice was back. "Cassy please. Darling talk to me. Susan is wrong, you can't go back there!"

"Gavin?" Cassy smiled. She had not spoken to him since their argument outside Susans. Cassy could not believe it was just the day before, it felt like a lifetime ago. "Gavin, I've missed you. I'm sorry. I didn't know what was happening. I just got caught up with everything. They said I was special. They said they needed me. I wanted to be needed. Please understand." Relief flooded through her. Maybe she would be able to keep Gavin as a friend. He seemed to understand what had happened with Susan.

"Oh Cassy, My love, my life. Thank god, you're talking to me now. Who was that before? I didn't like that voice. It felt evil. Is it still there? Can you still hear it? I have so much I need to tell you. Why haven't you talked to me? What did I do? I never meant to upset you. I love you. You are special and needed, by me."

"Gavin. Calm down, slow down, listen I can't talk to you now. My parents have brought me to someone who they think might be able to help me. Not with magic, cos they still don't know about that, but they realised I knew about the adoption and the brought me here. I guess it might help."

"Oh darling. I'm so glad you're talking to me again. I was afraid. Listen to me. Susan is just trying to use you. I don't know what she really wants you for, but please don't go back there."

"I'm not. I don't like what was happening to me. I've had this voice in my head. Telling me to do things. Bad things. I don't want to hurt anyone."

"Cassy? Are you okay?" Jen asked. She had come over to ask Cassy if she wanted anything to drink, but had become nervous when she saw Cassy's eyes closed.

"Yeah. I'm just tired I guess. It's been a long day. When are we going home?"

"It's too late to drive back now and Mr. Bentley has said we can stay here for the night."

When Cassy was settled in a room, she thought back over the last few weeks. What had happened to her? Why was she behaving like a junky out for another fix? She had been so obsessed with her powers she had neglected everything else. She had stopped tutoring and her volunteer work. She was sure her own schoolwork had suffered too. How many exams would she have failed? But she had not cared. She only wanted to prove to the group that she was special. She promised herself she would try harder once she got home. She would stay away from everyone in the group, except Gavin. Cassy smiled as she thought of him. He had always been there for her, helped her every step of the way. She should apologies to him; he had only been trying to help her. As Cassy drifted off to sleep, she heard the voice in her head. She pushed it aside. It could not hurt her if she did not listen.

"I'll get you back. You are mine. You cannot get away. I will rise again in you, you cannot stop me. I will be reborn."

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