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Saturday 12th July

"Cassy are you getting out of bed today?"

"Yeah. I'm coming Mum, but I gotta go straight out."

"But your father and I have hardly seen you in the last month. You're always busy with your new friends."

"Sorry Mum but I'm going to another study group."

Jen knew nothing of the type of studying she did these days. She did not believe in magic so how could she understand. She was not even her real mother. How could she help Cassy with her powers when she had none herself? Did not even know they existed. Cassys anger towards her adoptive parents was growing within her and she did not want to confront them until she understood it all.

It had been a week since she had found out about being adopted and she had spent as little time at home as possible. She was still angry that they had not told her. They must think she was still a child, but if that was so, would she be able to do all the things she could do? She was more powerful now. In the last week, she had noticed that everything she tried to do was easy. She had tidied her room without moving from the bed the day after she had found out about the adoption. She had no idea what had happened the night she found out, did not even remember leaving Susan's house. All Cassy knew was that she had woken up stronger the next morning. Only the constant voice in her head bothered her. She could not hear words but she knew it was talking to her.

"But it's Saturday. What about our shopping trip? We have hardly seen since your birthday." Jen was worried that her daughter was involved in something dangerous. She had become difficult and distant in the last few weeks. Jen did not know what to do. She had been discussing it with Sam the night before but they had still not found a way to help Cassy. Sam was sure it was just the shock from the robbery that was making her act distant and angry. He though she would get over it in her own time. Jen was not so sure.

"I can't I'm busy today." Cassy snapped slamming the door as she went out.

Jen sank into a chair. She knew she had to get Cassy some help. A counsellor? A Doctor? A Priest? This was not normal, people did not change that much or that fast. Something was very wrong with Cassy. Jen looked up as Sam strolled into the kitchen and sat opposite her.

"I know. I heard."

"What's happening to our baby? Are you sure this behaviour is delayed shock from her birthday?" Jen cried as she hugged Sam.

"She knows Jen." Sam looked at his wife. "She knows she's adopted. She knows she's not our baby. She found the paperwork. I noticed a couple of days ago that they were in the wrong file. I don't think that group is doing her any good either. Do you know what kind of study group it is? Maybe it's time we stopped her going. We need to sit down with her and explain everything."

"But she is Sam. She is our child in every way that matters. She is my baby girl." Jen was crying now. She was so afraid for Cassy.

"I know darling. I know. I'm going to call the agency and get them to send all the information they have on her birth parents. She may want it. Then I'll call a councillor, see if they can help."

Twenty minutes later, he came back with coffee. "It's all set, the agency doesn't have much information, but they are going to send it and make an appointment for us where she was born. It's not exactly a normal hospital. They work with people with problems, but let's not tell her just yet."

"Okay, but do you think we are doing the right thing?"

"I don't know, babe. I don't know, but she's dressing in black and only wearing black make-up now, we have to do something. She used to be happy and helpful, n

always told them never to let outsider's know. It had seemed to be the only way to make them listen.

A shocked quiet settled over the room as Gavin gave them time to take in his words. 'What more could he do?'


Susan had told Cassy to stand in the centre of the pentagram, almost instantly the wind picked up. "What's happening?" Cassy whispered as something brushed past her face. "Susan, help me."

"Stay still Cassy. It's okay just don't move."

"Susan I'm scared. Something is touching me. Help me."

"Listen to me Cassy. Trust me. Everything is okay, you're fine. Calm down and open your mind. This will strengthen you more than you can imagine."

Shaking with fear Cassy closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she had to trust Susan. Who else was there for her to believe in? She concentrated on relaxing her body and forgetting everything around her. Suddenly she felt her feet lift off the floor and she was hovering above the ground as though by relaxing she had allowed someone to lift her. Opening her eyes, she realised she really was hovering inches above the pentagram, but now, for some unknown reason, she felt no fear. She was calm, nothing bothered her. The wind in the room was fierce now, whipping at everything. Cassy felt safe and warm as if she was tucked up in her bed safe at home. Thinking this she closed her eyes and drifted into sleep as hands seemed to stroke her hair.

Susan watched as Cassy started to turn in the air, slowly at first but then faster and faster. The dark shape had closed around Cassy as soon as she had closed her eyes. The shadow had embraced her. Susan felt a stab of jealousy as Cassy was lifted into the air and turned slowly. Then smiled as she realised what would happen to the naive girl after she let Adam into her heart.

"Yes." Adam said. "She is the one. Soon I will take her. Soon I will be reborn through her."

"But she's your daughter, Adam. Your own child. How can you kill your baby?" Susan had worried about this since she had seen Cassy birth certificate.

"She will be rewarded in the next life." He whispered as an invisible hand caressed Susan's cheek. "Her existence was only for me to return. Stronger. More powerful. So that we can fulfil our destiny. Together, Susan, at last together forever."

"Yes. It's for the best." Susan said as she watched Cassy's unconscious form came to rest in the centre of the pentagram. "Yes. Together at last."

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