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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Friday 20th June.

Cassy stared into her cup of coffee, completely oblivious to everything around her. Her life seemed perfectly fine on the surface but there were so many unanswered questions that she knew she could not live with much longer. The mug grew hotter in her hand, as she stared, and started to bubble.

"I would appreciate it if you would not break the mug Cassy!" She almost jumped of the stool in fright as Susan spoke. She had forgotten where she was.

"Sorry." she looked up into Susan's eyes and nearly burst in to tears. "I don't know what to do?"

Susan sighed. She had been waiting for this. She knew the questions about her past had been bothering Cassy but had not found a way for her to come to the truth on her own. She was afraid to tell her what Anna had seen in case she turned away from the group.

"Why have you come here so early Cassy? The others won't be here for another half an hour yet! Did you want to talk about something?"

"I need to know what's happening to me and why. I know you said everyone has gifts but just cannot use them, but you also said that it's strange that mine are so strong. I'm just… confused I guess. Nothing makes any sense." Her dreams had been getting worse. There had always

ntagram filled the floor and in its centre, a black cauldron smoked.

"You've done well so far but things will get harder now my love. I have almost broken through into her mind and I am growing stronger every time she uses her powers here, but I need more and time is running out. You must bring her into this room. Once I touch her mind within this pentagram, I can take her essence, her powers wherever she uses them will strengthen me. I will get stronger faster."

"What of the boy? He grows fond of her. I've blocked their link for now but it won't last long." Susan worried about Gavin realising that Cassy had been fed a potion to block her telepathy, but it had been necessary.

"You know what to do if they get to close. Nothing must interfere with my rebirth."

"Do you know who this girl is?" Susan had been pondering this for sometime now. Unsure if Adam knew.

"It matters not. I feel her strength we are compatible. She is the one that's all I need to know."

"But she is..."

"I said it doesn't matter." The voice boomed and echoed off the walls. "I want her. She belongs to me and no other." The words rolled like thunder around the room and Susan cringed from the sheer volume.

"Yes my love, my heart, my lord."

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