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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Saturday 17th May.

"Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think about the bottle being in your hand. Don't try to move it there, just visualise that it's there and it will come."

Cassy took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Gavin had picked her up at 10 this morning to bring her back to Susan's house. Her mother had not been very happy about it as she had the day off and thought they might spend the day together. However, she had not stopped Cassy going with Gavin. When Cassy opened her eyes, she realised her hand had closed around the bottle of coke.

"Well done, Cassy." Maria smiled. "Now try closing the door."

Cassy did not close her eyes this time and watched as the door swung closed and clicked. "How is this possible?" Cassy looked at the surrounding people amazed. All except Anna had told or shown her their 'gifts'. She had been there for two hours and everyone had helped her. She had quickly come to realise that she was different even from the people around her. Most of them only had one or two things that they could do, but whatever Cassy had been asked to try she had been able to do.

It had started slowly at first. They had sat and talked as they had the night before, then Susan had held her hands, for what felt the longest time, trying to pull her power forward. This had seemed strange to Cassy, but no-one else seemed to think it was odd for her to sit holding hands with Susan. The rest sat in a circle around them. Candles were lit all around the room and the curtains were drawn again. Cassy wondered if they were ever opened. Gavin had been grinning so much the whole time that Cassy had struggled not to laugh. It had all seemed so ridiculous. She soon realised that whatever Susan had done had made her stronger. Looking around the group now, she felt relaxed and at home. She knew that these people were like her, different. It did not seem to matter that she had known them for only one day, they were like family now. She knew they would help her as much as they could

She watched as Steve had used his gifts to light candles and fill glasses with water. Kathy and Maria had shown her their telepathy with flash cards. Gavin had been reading her mind all day and Susan had projected herself across the room.

"Okay guys. Gather round." Susan said bringing in a tray of tea and cake from the kitchen. "I know it's exciting when we get a new member, but you all know we need extra strength when we use our gifts this much. Now come and sit down and eat."

Cassy suddenly realised she was hungry again. Jen had made her the usual full breakfast a few hours before, but it seemed to Cassy that she had not eaten in days. She helped herself to chocolate cake, then looked around the room. Her eyes rested on Gavin who was also munching.

"In a minute." He said. "Be patient."

"What? But I didn't..." Cassy began then saw the others were smiling. "What?" she frowned, confused.

"It seems you are able to project your thoughts as well." Susan smiled. "Don't worry. I heard it too. You want to know where your gifts came from and Gavin told you Anna might get a premonition." Turning to Anna, she said. "Feel up to it Hun. I know it's not always easy but the poor girl needs answers." A pause hung in the air while everyone held their breath waiting for the answer.

"Okay." Anna began to remove her gloves. Cassy had wondered about them all day. "They stop me getting premonitions, when I don't want them." She smiled. "Now hold my hands and try to clear your mind of everything. If you have too many thoughts, I will not get a clear picture."

They sat on the floor in the middle of the room, held hands, and Anna closed her eyes. Five minutes passed and no-one said a word. The heaviest silence Cassy had ever known filled the room. It was not just her. Everyone was waiting for her questions to be answered. Everyone here wanted to know why her gifts were so strong.

"I'm sorry dear." Anna smiled opening her eyes. "All I'm seeing is today through your eyes. You're too overwhelmed I guess. We'll try again another time. Maybe when you are more used to us and your gifts." She said pulling her gloves back on, and glancing at Susan.

"I know it's disappointing but look on the bright side." Steve said smiling at her. "We don't know if you have any other

awling to the window to look out at the garden. All her baby things were in the attic, all the pictures of her as a baby were taken in this house. When she realised all this, she asked Jen where her birth certificate was and was told it had been burnt when a candle fell over in the office.

She didn't have a passport as she had never been more than 30 miles out of town and her parents were lying about a piece of paper. She had begun to wonder what they were hiding from her and made up her mind to search the office when both her parents were out. Cassy needed an answer to all her questions. Especially why her father could not look her in the eye anymore. Did he know something? Or suspect she was different? She had spent so little time with them since her birthday that they seemed so far from her life now. Gavin and the others in her group were closer to her than her own parents were.

"What wrong love." His voice had entered her mind as though thinking of him had brought him to her. "You've been hard to get hold of all night."

"Sorry Gavin." She thought back. "Just been thinking."

"Still on the conspiracy kick huh?" Cassy had confided in Gavin when she had realised her parents were lying to her. "Why don't you just read their minds?"

"I tried. They're just full of work problems all the time. Mum is obsessed with this murder case she's working on and Dad... well... He just kept having arguments with his boss in his head, about being a paper pusher. They won't let him back out for another month and they have brought in another Chief to help with everything. I say the Chief should always be at the station anyway but Dad has never been conventional."

"Well, why not try an investigator? Give them yours and your parents names and see what they can find out for you."

"Cost's money, which you know I don't have. What with school tutoring and the group I don't have time for a job, I've even stopped volunteering. They're not going to give me money without knowing what it's for, I'll have to find another way.."

"Don't worry darling, you'll figure it out. I know you will. Now go to bed. It's one thirty and you need your sleep."

"Okay, lights out. Goodnight Hun."

"Good night Cassy, sweet dreams. Sleep well."

Cassy lay on her bed looking out her window. Her dream lately had not been sweet. Every night she dreamed of crashing cars and screaming people. Dark shadows had covered everything. Sometimes there was something surrounded by a bright light, but it was so far away from her, she could not see what stood in the centre. Though it was all she tried to do Cassy was certain she would never reach it. The shadows blocked her path. There had been voices too. One was so loud in her head telling her to save him, but most were so distant. She could not make out the words they spoke, but she felt that they were calling to her.

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