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Monday 12th May.

"Gavin, you go to the same school as this girl." Susan looked at him eagerly anticipating what could happen if this was the right girl. "Have you noticed anything about her? Do you think she could be the one we are looking for?"

"I've seen her around! Well, who hasn't? She's a knockout!" He blushed and dropped his gaze as the people around him smiled at the young man's enthusiasm. He always seemed to say the wrong thing.

Susan smiled when he paused. "Go on Gavin."

"Well..." He continued more nervously, conscious of everyone listening to every word. "She's real smart, tutor's people, she's doing the same stuff as I am even though she's a year behind me. She's just turned sixteen, a straight A student, people say she's already been accepted to a few collages. She joined a study group I was in a while ago with Mike. You remember I told you about him? She was seeing him. He wanted her to do all his homework but she would only teach him. He got kind of mad, Said he wasn't with a kid so she could teach him."

"So, she's not a virgin then?" Susan interrupted disappointed.

"I don't know. Mike says a lot, I don't believe most of it." Gavin smiled nervously. Mike was a total idiot, but he was popular, and as Gavin was the janitor's kid, it helped to be his friend. Most students stayed away from him when he had first moved to the school. However, he had never understood what Cassy had seen in Mike. She was too smart to fall in with the football crowd.

"Have you noticed any powers she might have? Has she shown any strange behaviour?" The question had come from Anna, the quietest member of the group. She had shoulder-length brown hair and piercing green eyes that could look into anyone. She rarely spoke unless asked a direct question so Gavin was surprised by the penetrating look in her eyes now, everyone turned to look at her.

"Not really, but..." He paused and glanced at the surrounding faces.

"What is it Gavin? What have you seen?" Susan was glaring at him intensely now. Everyone was waiting for him to speak. Could this boy help them find the one?

"Well, she kind of has this... well... I don't know... a glow I guess. I don't know, maybe I'm just seeing things."

"Trust your instincts Gavin. You are more powerful than you know. Maybe you are seeing this girl's aura. You might be getting a new power. It's possible, you are still getting stronger." Steve smiled at him.

"Steve, pipe down." Susan glared at him then turned back to smile at Gavin. "What is it, exactly, that you see when you look at this girl." Susan asked frowning.

"Well, this glow... maybe it's her aura... it... it's not one colour. It's as if someone's mixed up a rainbow and painted it around her. It's so beautiful." His face became softer, for a second, as though he was dreaming. "But it keeps moving, swirling. It's darker when she's mad and very pale when she is unhappy."

"Kathy what do you think? You see auras, have you ever seen anything like this?"

At twenty Kathy was short with black ringlets surrounding her pale round face, which was always plastered in black eye shadow and lipstick. She always dressed in black and Gavin thought she had the look of a vampire, but she was one of the sweetest and quietest people in the group. Gavin admired her looks and her powers. She had been seeing auras since she was five and knew almost everything there was to know about them. Kathy had dedicated her life to the craft and the advancement of what she called 'her kind'.

"No I haven't." She spoke softly. "People generally have an aura of one colour maybe two depending on the mood. Changing tone or speed with their mood is normal, many even change colour, but I have never seen a mixed aura. Sorry Gavin but it doesn't sound possible to me." Kathy smiled to take the sting out of words.

"That's okay Kath, like I said I'm probably just seeing things."

"Even so we need to be sure." Susan paused to make sure everyone was listening. She liked to know that they were hanging on her every word. "Gavin was Cassy at school today?"

"No." he said shaking his head. "But, I think she's back tomorrow."

"Okay. You need to talk to her." she said nodding. "Try to find a way to leave the school together. Kathy, when you see them leave follow them. Make sure you're there before schools out so you don't miss them. Find out what you can from her aura. Read her mind, if you can, without her knowing. If you find anything that makes you think Gavin should bring her here, give him a sign. We meet back here at six O'clock tomorrow." Susan waited until Gavin and Kathy nodded, then turned to face the other two women in the room. "Anna, Maria, I want you two to go and see the old woman, Mrs Clark. Find out what she believes. It is probably all nonsense, but we need to be certain. I don't like what she said. If you tell her you're with the paper doing a follow-up story, she'll talk."

Everyone got up and stood looking at each other. It was getting late, but no-one really wanted to leave. Life seemed more serious. More dangerous somehow. No-one was sure what was going to happen so wanted to stay with the only people they knew who might be able to help or even protect them. They mingled in the hall as they put on their coats and said goodbye. Finally, Susan was alone.

She moved around the room mechanically cleaning the mugs and plates away. Susan was waiting for the call from beyond. A pull to her inner sanctum where she had spent much of her time since she had first heard his voice. She was waiting for the one person she had always loved to come back to her. Adam may only be able to connect to her mind for now but soon enough she would be able to look at his face again and hold his hands. She felt the first stirrings of his presence as she dried the last plate. Turning to the door, she let the dish fall from her hand as she moved in a trance like state to where she knew he would be waiting.

Tuesday 13th May.

It was only lunchtime and Cassy had already had enough. She had never missed a class in her life, unless she had been too ill to attend, but she was considering ditching school for the rest of the week. She had always been a good student, so had been considered a teacher's pet by almost everyone in her class. Because of this she did not have many friends and usually spent her breaks with her head in a book, or working on homework. She sometimes sat with others who wanted either her help or ju

d be swamped with them."

"We were! That's why I wasn't at school yesterday." Cassy looked at him, Gavin was cute. She had noticed before but after her last relationship, with Mike, turned out so badly she was in no hurry to have another. "My Mum's a lawyer; she got a court order stating that they couldn't come near us." She looked at the floor trying to blink back tears that fell, anyway. "Doesn't stop the kids at school though does it." she said bitterly. "Even Tom was in that group after school. I thought we were friends. I've been helping him with every lesson for the last year. I thought he liked me and was just pretending to need my help so we could spend time together." Cassy sobbed.

Gavin had been waiting for this for the whole walk back to her house. He had seen Tom and knew she was friends with him. He had also spotted Mike in the group as well as a few of the girls he had seen her eating lunch with. He had known she was going to break and wanted to help in any way he could. He held her as she cried, listening as she explained between sobs, what had happened and how they had gathered around her. How scared she had been. How she had been unable to get away from them. Everyone had been pulling at her, she did not understand why and Gavin could not help her with that so he just held her.

"Just let it go." Gavin hugged her close and kissed the top of her head. "Forget about them, they're not important. You are."

"Cassy? I'm home Hun. Where are you?"

"Shit." Cassy swore pulling away. "I don't want my Mum to see me like this. Stall her please." She begged running quickly from the room.

"Cass... Who are you?" Gavin turned as Jen came in the room and glared at him. "What are you doing in my house?"

"I'm Gavin, a friend of Cassy's. She's helping me with my math." He gestured to the books on the table. He was nervous, her eyes seemed to look right inside him to see if he was lying. "She's just gone to the bathroom."

"Oh... but... you..." Jen was stunned. She shook her head. This boy was very good looking. Cassy had never tutored at home though, always at the other kid's house so they could keep working after she left. That was the reason Cassy had always given when Jen had said it would be easier for her to have them study here. She had always been impressed with Cassy's reasoning on the subject.

"How are you Mrs Lee? I heard what happened, of course. How's the Chief? Healing okay?"

"Errrmmm... Yeah he's getting better." She smiled. "Sorry I can't help worrying about Cassy." She frowned. "Did something happen at school today? Is she okay?"

"I'm fine Mum! Gavin just walked me home cos I got a little scared when a crowd was around me asking questions. I'm fine now. Honest."

"Hey Cass, I gotta go now but how 'bout we meet up tomorrow and do something after school?"

"Uhhh, sure, yeah, that okay with you Mum?"

"Of course honey. Just let me know where you are going to be, okay?"

"Gavin, thanks again, I'll see you at school tomorrow. Time and place same as today?" Cassy led him back towards the door.

"Sure, bye Mrs Lee, I'll let myself out. See ya Cass."

"He seems like a nice boy!" Jen paused. "Who is he?"

"Muuuuum." Cassy moaned. "He's just a friend. I met him when I was tutoring Mike."

"Mike? The seventeen-year-old? You be careful, boys that age are only after one thing."

"Oh? What's that then Mum?" Cassy laughed as Jen blushed. "Just kidding Mum. I know, but Gavin's not like that. Don't worry."

"Okay, just be careful." Jen sighed as Cassy ran up the stairs to her room. Her baby was growing up, but was it too quickly? She knew that neither Cassy nor Gavin had told her the whole truth. They had both told her different things, but what was the truth and did it really matter. Cassy seemed to be just fine, and the boy had been polite which was more than she could say for most boys his age. Jen was never sure what to do in this kind of situation. There had not been many problems to handle with Cassy, she was a good girl. Never in trouble at school, always home before curfew, and always willing to help at home whenever it was needed. Jen shook her head to clear it and walking to the kitchen to start dinner. Looking out of the window at the bright day she was sure everything would work itself out in the end.

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