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"We need to find someone powerful. An innocent. About sixteen years old. It's the only way we can make this work." Susan said glancing at the five faces in front of her. In her mid forties, she was a powerful witch and the leader of her coven. She had brought these few together for their gifts and was trying to bring back the freedom and joy she had known with her friends when she was younger.

The five before her, the other members of the coven, had powers of their own. They had not understood them or known how to use them until Susan brought them together. She had searched for a long time to find anyone who would need her help. She had met others of her kind, but they had always been self-assured and did not need her. Susan wanted to be needed. She always thought that if she could bring together a small group of powerful people like herself, then she would have the power needed to start a community for others like them. A community where they did not have to hide where they could be themselves.

"What kind of power are we looking for?" Gavin asked quietly. He was the youngest and newest member of the group. He still had the look of a gangly teenager who had no real friend's, but he was slowly learning to trust those around him. Telekinesis was his main gift, but he still had trouble controlling it sometimes. When he lost his temper, things would fly across the room, but when he was upset, he could not lift a feather. Coming from a poor family with no magical history he knew of, He was very unsure of his gifts and had always kept to himself, until recently.

"She is pure, she is light." The reply came. "All of us must look. We must find the one, we must bring our kind together. We need her to do this."

"But where are we supposed to look? The world is an enormous place."

"We must search everywhere. We have to find the child. It's very strange." Susan said, shaking her head as if to clear her mind. "She is close. Maybe even known by one of us, but she doesn't know herself." She frowned, concentrating hard. "Gavin? Maybe you know her or you may have at least seen her. I think she is younger than you are, a little. Keep your eyes open at school, okay?"

"We understand that, but who are we looking for?"

"I'm sorry, I know this mission will be one of our hardest tasks, but if we want our dreams to come to pass, we must find this power. I will try to get more information from my otherworldly connections, but in the meantime keep watching everyone you see. We can watch the news. Search the papers, the internet. We must do everything we can to find this power." Susan had confided her dreams to the group a few months before and they seemed to like the idea of not hiding who they were. Gavin and Anna still had reservations about how it could work, but Susan was certain, given enough time, even Anna would help as much as she could.

"I still don't understand why? Why do we have to bring our kind together? What is so wrong with living amongst normal people?"

Everyone turned to stare at Gavin and he dropped his head. He did not understand why but they always made him feel ashamed whenever he asked a question when they all seem to know the answer. He never had any trouble getting along with people. Sure, he did not have many friends, but he did not believe he had any enemies either. Looking around him, all he saw was people. He never thought of any of them as being something different from those he knew at school. The only thing different was their powers. They did not show unless they were used. He liked being around different people and had always believed, if everyone was the same, life would be extremely boring.

"Gavin, I know you don't really understand what we are trying to do or why, but please just believe me when I tell you that in time you will! Now, will you trust and help us?" Susan looked at him kindly but Gavin felt a shiver through his spine. He hated that look; it made him feel like he was a naughty boy back in primary school. Looking down, he nodded.

The group broke up, mumbling to each other about how impossible this new task would be. They promised to search when they saw the look on their leaders face, and Susan was left alone. She liked it that way. Steve always offered to stay and keep her company, but Susan knew that he loved her as more than just a friend and leader. If she allowed him to get too close, her plans would fail. She wanted to make an all Wicca community. Steve was not as strong as he believed. Sure, he could manipulate fire and water, even create it, but she needed a greater power to compliment her own. She wanted a child who could lead the new community. Someone so powerful they could not be pushed aside, but someone who she herself would be able to control. Susan had thought Gavin might be able to help her the first time she met him and had brought him into the coven to train him. She quickly learned he was too weak, so had continued searching. Nothing would impede her dreams, maybe this new power would help.

Putting these thoughts aside, Susan made herself a coffee and settled down on her worn terracotta sofa to watch the news.


Cassy blinked as the glare of bright lights hit her eyes. Where was she? How did she get here? It appeared to be a hospital room, she gazed about blinking to adjust to the harsh white light. How had she got here, and why? A machine beeped next to her and Cassy glanced at it. Just then, the door swung open.

"Ahh. Cassandra, you're awake! Had a nice nap?" The doctor smiled charmingly at her. "I guess you needed it after all that shopping and excitement this morning!" Cassy just stared at him, stunned and confused.

Watching the doctor in his long white coat check her chart and the machines around the room, Cassy remembered what had happened and why she was here. Everything flashed through her mind at lightning speed. "What happened after I blacked out?" she asked almost panicked. "Where's my father? I want to see him." She continued, before the doctor could say a word. She pushed herself into a sitting position on the stark white and steel hospital bed. Her head spun, and she collapsed back.

"He's fine! He is just next door. You can see him soon. You saved his life today Darlin'." His Cornish accent came out strong on the last word. "Whatever you did, stopped the blood loss long enough for us to remove the bullet and stitch him up." Dr Anderson smiled at her kindly. "What did you do?"

Cassy said nothing as she relived the events of the day in her mind. 'Had she made the man knock over the candles?' She recalled the power she had felt racing through her body. 'Had she killed him?'

"Oh, oh Cassy, honey, you're awake, thank god. Are you Okay? Doctor, is she all right? What's wrong with her?" Jen burst into the room, eyes everywhere, demanding answers. Cassy had always thought it strange how her mother was so calm and controlled at work, but as soon as something happened to her family, she fell to pieces.

"Mum, don't worry. I'm fine." Cassy cringed at the attention. "I feel fine, great even. That's the best sleep I've had in ages." Cassy forced a chuckle as she tried to climb out of bed to get dressed.

"No, honey, please, Stay in bed. Doctor, is she okay?" Jen's eyes darted wildly from him to Cassy and back.

"She seems fine. I think the excitement was just too much for her, but..." He turned to Cassy suddenly looking serious. "You, young lady, are going absolutely nowhere. We need to be sure that there is no concussion or other problems. You'll be my guest for the night." He swept his arm out and bowed low before glancing at Jen. "I'll just check on Sam before I do my rounds. You can see him in ten minutes, okay!"

With that, he left the room, leaving a strained silence. Jen, terrified still from nearly losing her husband and daughter in one day, held Cassy as though she would never let go. They sat together in silence. Neither one knowing what to say. Cassy studied the room. There was not much to it. Everything was white, pale blue and chrome, and for some unknown reason it made Cassy feel cold. She shivered and rubbed her arms trying to warm up when she felt a stabbing pain in her arm. She winced but hid it from her mother as she watched Jen move towards the door.

"Will you come back and tell me how dad is?" Jen nodded as she left the room. Cassy looked down at her arm. There appeared to be a small scratch in the middle of her forearm. She could not understand why, but something about the scratch seem familiar, like she had been cut in the same place before, she could not remember when or why it bothered her so much. She rubbed her arm unconsciously and made herself comfortable again. Within minutes, she was asleep.


Cassy sat with her father, in a room very much like her own in its sparseness, to watch the news. Jen had been sent home under doctor's orders to sleep after she had followed him around for half an hour asking questions. Cassy was sure they had sent her home because she had disrupted the doctors rounds and annoyed the nurses. She was constantly asking them to test Sam and Cassy for everything

she could think could be wrong with them. She had spent half her time on the phone trying to get specialist doctors to come and see them, which annoyed the staff even more. Sam had asked the staff to humour her as she had never had to deal with anything like this.

Sam was watching Cassy. 'What had she done to him today?' He was sure he had felt some kind of power coming from her when she had tried to stop him bleeding. He could not explain it. He had been shot before, it was part of his job, but he had never felt the way he did now. It was as though there was an electrical charge running through his body. Ever nerve seemed alive with power.

"Restaurant robbers still at large." The reporter on the television announced, pulling Sam from his thoughts. He listened as Pierre and the other customers gave their versions of what had happened. 'How was he still alive?' he wondered listening to the fear that still lingered in their voices. Remembering the screams of the women and cries of the frightened children. His whole world had exploded the second the gun went off and nothing seemed to be the same anymore.

"She's a witch! She's the one who should have burned today, not that innocent man." Sam was startled from his thoughts and looked back to the TV.

"Mrs Clark, what do you mean?" The young reporter, looking extremely uncomfortable, asked. "Surely you don't mean a real witch with magical powers, spells and all that?" she enquired frowning.

"Yes." Mrs Clark replied, looking very stern. "Yes, that's exactly what I mean. That girl is a witch, she's no good. That girl is going to destroy our way of life. You mark my words, missy. I know about these things, I've seen what these 'people' are like." She sneered. "I've seen what they can do. You'll see I'm right. Just you wait." Without another word, the old woman turn and walked away, her long coat flapping behind her.

"That shows how many ways people can be traumatised by the acts of criminals and heroes. In this reporters mind that is what Miss Cassandra Lee is, A Hero." The newscaster in the studio said with a silly grin on his face. "She, at sixteen, saved not only her police Chief inspector father, but everyone in that restaurant. Therefore, we at channel 5 news would like to invite her and her family to the station to give their version of the afternoon's events. We wish them both a speedy recovery and we would like to present Miss Lee with a plaque for her heroism."

As the newscaster said goodnight, Cassy turned to look at her father, eyes wide and sparkling. "Did you hear that Dad? They think I am a Hero. Can you believe it? I didn't do anything." She whispered, shaking her head. She did not understand the fuss everyone was making. She had only rushed to her father's side in a panic, everything was still a blur.

"Well Hun, " Replied Sam pushing all thoughts of magic and witchcraft aside. "You saved my life didn't you? You're my Hero. You have been since the day we brought you home." The smile on his face was strained and tear sparkled in his eyes. Fear gripped him again, but he pushed it away and tried to be as happy as he should be.

Sam thought back to the day he and Jen had adopted Cassy. Cassy was unaware of her adoption, but it was bound to come out now. They would have to tell her soon before anyone else told her.

"Hey Darlin', what are you still doing in here?" Dr Anderson asked as he strolled into the room. "You should be in bed. Your father needs his rest too."

Cassy grinned she liked Dr Anderson. He was only 32 and did not talk like most doctors. He was more like a friend. A mop of dark curls surrounded his face and made him look like a small boy playing dress-up. He was not as stern as the other doctors Cassy had met, but he instantly instilled a confidence in anyone he spoke to. "I was just watching the news. I'm going now. Good night Dad, sleep well."

"I'll be in to see you as soon as I have checked our Chief here. Okay?"

"Sure, John." She giggled as she left the room. "You can tuck me in."


"So I guess I'm okay and Cassy doesn't seem to be hurt. What happened to the other man, was he brought in with us?" Sam asked curiously, as the Doctor busied himself around the room.

"You know I shouldn't really talk about that with you."

"I am the Chief inspector. I'm the one who has to check the report." Sam smiled. "I'm not sure how I can do my job without all the information." He chuckled.

Dr Anderson smiled. "True." He paused, looking at Sam. "Well I guess it can't hurt to tell you as you will see the report, anyway. He suffered 3rd degree burns over 85% of his body. He died before he got here. I don't think there was anything, anybody could have done. There was just too much damage. There will be an autopsy to be certain, but as there were so many witnesses there is very little question as to how he died."

Sam watched the Doctor writing on his chart and he wondered if this was someone who could be trusted. The doctor might be able to help him find out if there was something different about his daughter. Sam was not usually one to listen to the news and take things he heard as fact, but the old woman's statement was playing on his mind. Could Dr Anderson be trusted? He decided it was worth a try as long as Cassy did not find out.

"Doc? Can I ask you something?" Sam queried. His mouth had gone dry at the thought of telling this man what he believed but he had to know. Cassy looked different to him and he needed to ease his mind.

"You're worried about Cassy! I know your wife is too, but she is fine. It's just a bump on the head, nothing serious, really. I'm sure it was just the shock that made her collapse. You'll be fine too. She worked a miracle on you."

"That's just it, Doc! I should be dead!" The statement burst from him unheeded. Sam caught Dr Anderson's eyes and held them "How did she do it? That bullet torn right through my side. Why was that man scared of her? It's crazy. None of it makes any sense." Sam paused frustrated that he could not find the right words to explain his worries. "Did you... did you see the news? What that old lady said?"

John Anderson chuckled. "You don't believe in all that, do you? She's just a Crazy, not a technical term mind you but you know what I mean."

"But I felt something, when Cassy touched me. I saw… something… A strange light in her eyes! She talked to my body, telling me to heal. Then when she looked at the man who shot me, I felt her hatred. She told him to burn in hell. Now he probably is. It's like she made him knock over that candle." Sam shook his head, knowing he was not making himself clear.

"Sam, listen to me." John looked serious now. "Firstly, you were in shock. of course Cassy was telling you to heal. She loves you. And to hate the man who shot you that would be normal. Secondly, He probably stumbled into the candles because he was in shock too. Heaven and hell can wait for whoever, that has no importance here right now. My guess is, he had probably never fired a gun before and the recoil knocked him off balance. I'm sure you would know better than I do, how powerful a gun is!"

"But what if Cassy did do it? I'm not saying she's a witch, but it has been known for brain tumours and things, to give people powers they would not normally have. There was a case I was working on..."

"Okay, Sam." Dr Anderson jumped in knowing that Sam's fear was taking his mind to places it would not normally go. "I'll tell you what. If it will make you feel better, I will book a scan for her. See if we can find anything. I am certain she is perfectly healthy, but if it will ease your mind, then that makes it worthwhile. Besides with your private insurance paying I'm sure the hospital would like the income." he grinned. "Now I'm going to give you something to help you sleep."

Sam's mind drifted as the sedative took effect. Cassy was standing in front of him, staring at him with that strange light in her eyes again. Her smile was all wrong. Sam tried to ask what the matter was when she screamed so loud it echoed around his head. As the scream faded Sam's mind slipped into darkness.

Standing outside her father's room, Cassy's mind began to reel. Shock glued her to the floor as her mind raced. Could her father be right? Was she ill? Could she be dying from something in her head? She was still not sure what she had felt in the restaurant and had not really given it much thought. Everything was all so fuzzy and mixed up in her head. Panic hit her as she heard someone coming along the corridor. Cassy moved like a zombie to her room, not wanting to be caught listening at the door. She needed time to think. Slipping into her bed before Dr Anderson came in, Cassy pretended to be asleep. She listened as he moved around the room. Peeping from slits in her eyes as Dr Anderson checked her chart and breathing Cassy wondered what he was thinking. "try to sleep." He murmured quietly as he pulled the blankets over her shoulder before softly closing the door on his way out.

What was going to happen to her now? Cassy thought as silent tears streamed down her face to soak her pillow.

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