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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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"I'm sorry Mrs. Peters, I will keep trying, but I'm not sure I can reach your husband." Susan smiled at the old woman. "I think he is happy with the way things ended so he moved on to the next life."

"Thank you for trying my. I'm glad he is at rest. It's just... well... I miss him."

"I will call you if I get any contact okay!" she replied, smiling, trying to hide her irritation from the old woman.

"Thank you, you have my number. Good night, dear."

Susan leaned against the door of her semi-detached cottage, exhausted, after the woman left and breathed a sigh of relief. The scent of lavender filled her head and calmed her nerves, contacting the dead never usually left her so drained. She sometimes wished she could find another way for her to work, but with no skills and little classic education, her gifts were the only way she was able to support herself. Over the years she perfected her skills, so most of her customers accepted everything she told them, no questions asked. It worked well for her.

Now with a rare moment to herself, Susan looked down her small garden path and smiled, remembering. She'd had little time for her garden in the last few weeks, but it still vibrant with colourful flowers that lasted most of the year. She had been careful when she planted the garden after she bought the house, seventeen years ago. Her love of flowers came from her hippy parents. Susan scowled at the memory of them. Nature was about the only thing they had in common. She did not know if they possessed powers as she did. As she ran away at 16 and changed her name, she remembered little about them, and thought of them even less. If they still lived, they belonged to a different world. Susan was happier alone.

As she turned to go inside she straightened the sign with the name of her house, 'Moonlight Pass'. Susan sighed, she had always been so happy here, was that about to change? With no idea where the idea came from, she shook it away.

Something was about to change. Something was coming. There had been a powerful presence in the room with her and Mrs. Peters. It blocked everything else. Susan had been sensing something approaching for months now. But what was it?

Susan had never been afraid of her powers before, or the knowledge they gave her. Her parents never understood their only child, so she always felt alone. She learned to deal with everything by herself, never asking for help, never accepting it when offered. By the time she turned twenty, she perfected her powers enough to form a group with two of her more gifted friends. Liza King, her best friend, had been a powerful witch. Until her disappearance, after Susan bought the house, the two of them had never been apart for long. Steve Boncy, seven years her junior, was also powerful. He was only thirteen when they met, but Susan had seen so much potential in him. In the beginning, he caused more destruction with his control of the elements than anyone had known. No-one knew it was him causing the fires and floods, but most avoided him anyway. Everyone said they knew he was trouble.

The three had been great friends, for a short time, and helped each other with everything. They even used the same name for her cottage on Sorcerer's Way, where they always met, and their coven.

Susan wished they could help her now, but she and Steve had drawn apart after Adam

Chase came to town. She sighed again and closed her door to the world. Memories of Adam flooded her mind. She had loved him with her whole being. Still did. She would have done anything for him if he only asked. He, however, only had eyes for one girl, Liza. He caused a rift between the three friends, one they could never fully repair. She knew, had always known, that Steve loved her, but it did not matter. Adam was the only one she wanted. His death devastated her, and when Liza left shortly after, Susan felt more alone and lost than she ever had.

Susan tried to rebuild the coven with new members. Hoping to ward off the loneliness, she hated to acknowledge. Steve helped a little, and slowly she found herself again. Teaching people, new to the craft, helped her find her way. Showing them, almost, everything she knew, reminded her how far she had come. What she gained over the years made her smile. Susan had found a few promising new friends now. People who she was sure would stand beside her as long as she wanted them with her.

For now, tonight, she was alone. She drifted down her short hallway and into the lounge. The presence she sensed before was still there, more powerful now than previously. She needed to know what was happening. As she Retreated to her inner sanctum, a place just for her, she prepared herself for the ordeal she was sure would soon begin.

Susan sensed the heightened energy in the room as soon as she entered. It was almost tangible. The air swirl around her like water as she moved to the centre of the pentagram painted on the floor. Candles, that were always lit, flickered and went out, plunging her into complete darkness, yet for some reason she could not comprehend, there was no fear in her. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, opening her mind to whatever was trying to contact her.

"You must find the one I seek." The voice boomed inside her head. It was so loud that it seemed to vibrate through every part of her body. "Before I can return, you must find me the vessel. There is only one into which I can be reborn."

Susan felt herself rise off the floor and float, hovering above the pentagram, she had no control over anything. All the colours of the rainbow swirled around her, shimmering. The iridescent glow filled the room. Her hair and clothes whipped out seeming to drive back the shadows.

"From me the one was born, into her I shall be reborn. Find the power of sixteen years, undiscovered, unused, wasted, waiting for my return."

"Who are you? Where can I find the one you seek?" Susan felt no fear. Nothing like this had ever happened before, but without knowing why, she felt safe, protected, loved.

"You know my soul, my heart and name. The one you loved, who was unable to love you. One blinded by flaxen hair and eyes of the deep blue sea."

"ADAM." She gasped

"Yes, my love. Help me to return, bring me the one I need and our dreams will come to pass."

The voice faded from her mind, the echo hummed through her body and Susan found herself on the floor. Candles, once again, flickering around her casting their soft yellow glow. She smiled, as she drifted into sleep where she lay, with the knowledge that her search for the life she always wanted, was nearly over, Adam would return. He would love her now. He would belong to her forever, and together they would start anew.

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