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   Chapter 46 - Coins

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"Hey guys, I think she's coming around."The voice echoes in my head and hurts. There is hardly anything on or inside me that doesn't hurt. With some effort I open my eyes and see blurry shapes looming over me. In a sudden delayed memory I recall that I was fighting or so. I try to bring up my hands but they are restrained in some way. "Calm down, little sister, " I hear someone. It's Lois. "Lois?" I ask. My voice cracks, my throat hurts. "Water?"Helpful hands lift me up, making fripping sure I notice how much my head pounds but the water they get me is wonderful. Slowly also my eyes adjust and I see my friends. But that's not all. I see the bandages and band aids and bruises on them as well. "What happened to you?" I creak at them and have to cough after that. "And where the frip are we?""Hey you, notice anyone familiar?" Another face comes into view. It's Gilly. "You are not used to lying around here, are you? Usually you're just working.""That was okay for me, so far, " I croak slightly less bad. More helpful hands later I sit up against a thick, soft pillow after which Gilly drips something into my eyes. "Give it a minute and you'll see a lot better." While I do what she says she reminds me of the message she sent me early this morning, not to do stupid things. I groan. "At least you're alive and in one piece, " she says. I ask if she can drip something in my throat as well but that gets me some laughter. It does get me a glass of fruit juice though, which tastes like heaven. Dolores looks the least damaged. She has scratches on her head, a black eye and some of her fingers are bandaged. Lois has an arm in a cast and band aids on her face. They were knocked over by the arms and the cape of the Black Flyer, they tell me, as the man struck me. Marco and Bashir look quite beaten up. They got the worst of one of the blasts when the Flyer had attempted to blow up the police VTOL. There had been so much debris flying around that they could not escape it. "We're mostly fine, " Marco says. "It just hurts when we laugh."Bashir can only nod. Scraps of things have hit him in the face so badly that his head is bandaged and he can't talk because of that. How the frip did these guys make it up the VTOL, I wonder. Gilly tells me that he will have to take his food in through a straw for the coming week but that won't kill him. I look for Magdanovitch. My psychic friend sits a bit away from the others, sitting strangely stiff, and he has a bandaged head as well. He assures me he is well. "When the Flyer attacked for the second time I had climbed on a chair and was pointing the disruptor beam at him. That was what knocked him out of the sky but then the chair slipped or something and I fell back into the VTOL. Silly, I know."Gilly glares at him. "He only broke four ribs and cracked his skull, that's how silly that was.""Saints, Mags, don't talk yourself down so much, " I warn him in his head. He looks a bit guilty and grins. Then everyone wants to know what happened. They all saw how the Flyer was throttling me in his own good time when suddenly he let go and I collapsed on him. I explain to them what I did. "So basically what I did was just my job, just a bit tougher, " I end my speech that I cut short. My throat still hurts and I'm afraid to ask for a mirror to see how I look. The man's grip on my throat is still fresh in my mind and makes me shiver. "Are you cold?" Dolores asks, who sits closest to me and notices it. "No, I'm fine. Thanks, Dol."She smiles at me, carefully puts an arm around me and kisses me on the cheek. "You are amazing. The way you stood on that roof, shooting that big gun at that flying idiot lik

you?""It was. Until we succeeded, " Mags replies for me. "We did what you didn't.""We could hardly go around and tell the world we'd been robbed, " Colonel Sands ricochets. "But you could have staged a similar thing that we did, " Lois says. "Please, one at a time, " says the General. "Yes, we could have, and we were busy preparing something. You just beat us to it." He sounds sincere and also like a proper human now. His whole general's attitude has gone. "Colonel?"Colonel Sands peels himself from the wall, his face does not beam with happiness. He reaches in his pocket and brings out a handful of small envelopes which he starts handing out to all of us except Gilly and Anthony. "In there is a small token of appreciation from the military. Please only open it after we leave." The man gets up from the bed. "Why is that?" Dolores asks as she prepares to rip open the envelope. "Is there something deadly in it and you want to be out before we all take our last breaths?""Do you know who you are talking to!" the colonel barks. I close my eyes and reach out to him. "Don't SHOUT!"Sands looks as if he was slapped in the face. I reached him. And I made him stop screaming. Nobody seems to notice except of course Mags. "Of course not. Miss Farns, allow me?" The general picks the envelope from my fingers and opens it. From it comes a tiny gold coin. "This, ladies and gentlemen, is a simple medal for civilians, for services rendered to the country. Not many people know of it, not many people have it. And we want to keep it a secret otherwise many people will perhaps try to do something heroic to get one." He slips the coin in my hand. "So please help us in keeping it a secret." With that the three men wish us a good day and leave. Everyone then rips open their envelope and we compare coins, after which we talk and talk about everything and a lot more until someone from the cantina personnel brings dinner for everyone. My throat has broken down by then. It feels good to have dinner with all my friends, even when it still hurts to swallow it down. It means we live to tell the tale. And boy, would we have some tales to tell if we were allowed to. After that, those of my friends who can walk go home again. The others, like Anthony, Mags and Bashir, will be here for a while longer. And yes, I'm in that group as well. Just before I fall asleep I think of my new house. I look forward to going home and going back to work.

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