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   Chapter 45 - Showdown

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"I'm picking up something." Mags sits up straight. "That's really quick."Through the window I see Marco and Bashir no longer lean against the little car but stand and gaze into the sky. "What is it?" I ask. "Don't know but it goes fast and it is coming our way." He actually sounds a bit worried and that's not helping me to stay calm. I wipe my hands. They got sweaty all of a sudden and I don't want to ruin my aim because the box slips from my fingers. Then I hear a sound. But - it is not the sound we heard when the Black Flyer came to almost ruin our work to get Marco out of the jail cell. This is a deeper sound. Almost like -"It's a VTOL, " Mags speaks out what I think. "Where does that come from?""Should we go outside?" I wonder and I almost jump when Mags answers in my head. "No, we stay here for now. And you got it.""Got what?" Then I realise I spoke in his head. Saints, I don't need this kind of fripping surprises now! The approaching VTOL is getting really loud now and we see dust being blown over the road and against Marco and Bashir, who hardly dare to look at us in the old machine. "Damn."I don't have to ask what Magdanovitch means. It is a police cruiser and three officers are already on the ground and walking towards our two friends. "We should go out and help them, " I whisper. "Not yet, " Mags replies, "first see what goes on. Maybe it is a routine check or so."Saints, we had not counted on this. You don't need to check police things when you set up a role playing game. The only thing you need from them then is a clearance to actually do the game and that usually is a formality. Marco and Bashir talk to the three policemen. Lois has come out of the little car and gets into the discussion as well. "FRIP!" That was Mags, loud and clear in my head. "He's coming!" He bolts to the little door and yells the same words at Bashir, Marco and Lois, much to the surprise of the three officers. Mags dives back into his seat and starts punching buttons and swiping things over the screens while I wipe my hands again and focus on the outside. Mags comes into my head and tells/shows me what he sees on his screen and what it means. "The Flyer is circling over us for some reason, probably doesn't understand the setup. Two officers go back to their VTOL, don't know why. One comes back. Lois is in the car again."I have noticed that too, she seems to think the plan can go ahead as we discussed. Unfortunately having the police on the scene throws everything upside down. We have to improvise now, cancelling the whole thing is not an option. That is clear. "The Flyer is coming down. The officers are shooting at him but seem to miss, " Mags says. That is weird, they are trained much better than I am. If they miss with their artillery I don't stand a chance with my Smith and Wellesley! Then I see a shadow on the ground, moving fast and a blink later the Black Flyer, cape flapping like mad around him, races over our heads. Marco and Bashir dive onto the ground. Something outside my view makes an awful noise and I feel the ground shake. "He is targeting the police VTOL! You have to take him when he comes back, Prissa!"It is eerie to hear Mags talk so loud and fast while we remain silent inside the VTOL. I see Dolores and Lois leave the small car, they come running towards us, to the big machine. By the time they tumb

stun! It is even too late for me to drop to the VTOL's roof! Mere seconds before the man hits me, the high pitch whine falls away and the Black Flyer starts waving his arms and legs. He comes down so much faster. I start to drop down but I am too late. He smashes into me, pounding all the air from my lungs and I tumble to the edge of the VTOL and then down to the ground with him. Dumb stupid luck is with me. He falls on the ground and I fall on top of him so at least he breaks most of my fall. The man must be dead. No one can slam into the ground like that and live to tell the tale. I see his face. There is a layer of black stuff over it, just like in the show. It hides his features and blurs his eyes, at least from my side. They must be some kind of lenses. The black stuff is formed in scales for some weird reason, it looks ugly. I push myself up and remember how to breathe. "Prissa! Are you okay?" my friends scream from the VTOL. I look up and grin. "I'm fine, but my butt hurts like-"That is all I say before a strong hand grabs my throat and is determined to squeeze my head right off. instinctively I grab the wrist and try to rip it away but whatever inhuman power this man has, it is far too much for me to break. Slowly he pulls me towards his face as I struggle to get some air in my lungs. "Pathetic person, " the Black Flyer says, breathing in my face. "You will pay for this. I told you."My grasp on reality starts to fade as I get no air. There's only one thing I can do. I stop resisting the man's grasp on my throat and grab him in the same way. A bit of a surprise for him! A part of his black mask has come loose during all the fighting and it exposes his skin. One of my hands takes hold of it and I force my mind inside his. No matter how much power he has in his suit, he can't fight me here. This is my realm and I can do things faster than he can think, because I know my way around other people's minds. I see where he is. I see his rage, his anger and pain, his - fear? There is no time to waste though, my air is running out along with my consciousness. I just take a swing and mentally knock him out in the most vulnerable place I know. Then everything around me becomes black and silent and peaceful.

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