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   Chapter 44 - Go

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I wake up slowly but I'm immediately awake in my head. It's just that my body refuses to do things fast in the morning. That's okay though, I have plenty of time. In the kitchen I prepare my breakfast. It is almost silly to do something so normal with a day like today staring at me, telling me it's waiting for me. It feels almost as if it's the Black Flyer in person who challenges me to come and see if we're able to stop his reign of terror. Because yes, that is what it's grown into. I can see the couch from where I make my coffee. Should I watch the news? No. Not now. That somehow feels wrong. And then it hits. Fear. I'm scared. Yes, so much that my knees start shaking and I almost drop the mug that is in my hand, waiting for the hot black brew to burn my legs. "It's okay to be scared, Priscilla, " I suddenly hear in my head. "It prevents you from being stupid.""Mags?" I ask. There is no reply. Of course not, it was not his voice I heard. It was my own. Instead of taking my usual spot on the battered couch I sit at the table. It's near the window from where I can look outside. It is still dark although the first light of the day is painting weird streaks over the fronts of the houses opposite where I live. My breakfast is almost done when the tablet beeps. "Who the frip is sending me messages at this hour?" I ask myself as I get up to look. There's a message from Gilly. "Have fun today, don't do stupid things and I must come and look at your place someday.""There you have it, girl, " I grin to myself. "Two things to live by today and at least one reason to make it out of today alive." Of course there are many more reasons than just Gilly's self-announced visit but somehow this makes me feel good. Well, better anyway. I get dressed in what I think is camouflage stuff that does not attract much attention when I'll walk down the road. That is one of the strange things this day brings and it' only beginning. I put my new knife in my old leather bag, the knuckle-ring (even though there is probably no point in that but hey, beat old habits), the Smith and Wellesley, fully loaded and charged, and a box of bullets. I've become strangely used to the heavy thing and in a way it reassures me of a good outcome. When I am all done and packed I put on my coat and leave. I don't look back. No last looks. This is not the last time, so there. There are people in the street going about their usual business. Some greet me as they know me by now, some just keep going. In my head I reach out to find Mags. Maybe I can tell him I am coming but by the time I'm at his place I'm still trying to find his presence so I just give up and knock on the door. Magdanovitch is all dressed and ready too. "Good morning, " he says, as if nothing is the matter. "Ready?"I nod and we both head for the station where we go to the platform for Ramblos. The platform is very crowded for some reason and when we get on board there is no place to sit. A big man stands next to me, quite unstable on his feet. He keeps bumping into my leather bag which pokes the Smith and

m but he urged me to load the clips carefully. Which reminds me, there are two more clips in my bag. I put them in my reach as well. "Goodness, Prissa. Do you plan to take on an army?" Mags asks as he sees my preparations. "A one-man army. And yes, I will do that if I have to." My voice is strong. I feel that I am ready. Then I look at the beam-projecting thing, a silly orange cube on a small tripod. I've held it often enough to know how to work it quickly. It gets its power from an internal cell but I can keep it going using the power-cell from the VTOL as well. Quickly I connect the wire for that and switch the box of doom on. Mags in that time looks at the several displays he has set up, with weather stuff, infra-red blots and other things he hasn't even bothered to try and explain. Then we wait. We see how Dolores is doing things with her tablet. Mags has set up a powerful camera that allows us to almost see into her cleavage, so we have a good idea what is going on in the small car even when we can't hear what is said. Lois shakes her head as she talks to Dolores. In a normal situation this would have been extremely funny, like watching an ancient movie that has no sound. Now we are wondering what is going on so Mags goes out to hear if there is a problem. I see him walk over to the small car and talk to Lois. He takes the tablet in hand and frips around with it for a while, then hands it back and also shakes his head. He comes back to the VTOL. "Can you believe that? Today of all days her tablet breaks down." He grabs one of the bags and rummages through it. "This should work." He holds a very small thing in his hand. "Doesn't look like much but it is a fully fledged tablet." Then he disappears to the outside. On the monitor I see how he goes back to the car and hands the thing to Dolores. After some pointing and talking he comes back to the VTOL. I can't help it, I have to grin as I see how he tries to jog on his short legs. "They are calling for help now, " he says as he sits down again. And again we wait.

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