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   Chapter 42 - Who comes to visit

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My friends and I spend the afternoon on the couch and the two rather comfortable chairs I still have. We look back over the move, we watch something on the wall (which is a lot better than what I left behind in Sin Angeles) and the talk then progresses to the plans to bring the Black Flyer down. "I still don't understand why the police or the military have not made a move on that man, " Lois says as she holds her tea cup. "Look at what he did to that military convoy and to Anthony. You'd expect them to do something.""If they do something it will be covered up, kept silent, " Bashir muses. "If they plan something they're not going to shout it from all vid-walls and vid-boards."Of course, that makes sense. We don't open up our, or rather Mags's plans either. Since we talk about the Flyer I search the channels for news about him but today he seems to have a day off; there is nothing on about him. Just as well because he has done enough bad stuff already. Dolores then gets up. "I really have to leave now, I have to get ready for work.""I understand, you need to dress for that, right?" I snicker as I get up also, to hug her and thank her for her help. She whispers into my ear that I am a pest with that hidden remark about her work attire but that she loves me anyway. After she says goodbye to the others I let her out of the house and ride the lift down with her. "I am so glad you moved, Prissa, " says my friend before walking off. "I dare to come here without a police escort.""That is good to hear, Dol. And you have to go that way for the mono, " I grin as she walks off in the wrong direction. "You need something else than a police escort, you directionally challenged person!"She sticks out her tongue as she walks the other way and then I hear her laugh. Saints, she's great. Back in the living room Bashir is getting ready to leave too and Lois and Marco leave together with him. Nice trick to avoid attracting attention, I have to give them that. For Mags it is less than a five minute walk to get home, he is not in a hurry. We talk about the psychic thing a bit more, we try another talk in the head but I seem to push this a bit too much. It gives me a headache when I do that for too long. According to Mags I just lack training but for now training is the last thing on the schedule. A buzz goes through the house again. Oh yes, the door. But - who would call at the door? I just moved in! Mags looks at me blankly, he too has no idea who that might be so I go down with the lift (remarkable that there is no video phone in this place) to answer the door. When I do so, I feel like I am hit with a hammer. "Mum? Dad?"The two people in the street look out of place here in Gypsee. My parents, it has to be said, look out of place everywhere except in their own area of Ramblos where they live. "Hello, Priscilla, " my father says. "We thought to come and have a look where you live now.""Uh... yes. So I see." I am still almost dumbstruck by this impossibility. My parents come to me? "Are you going to invite us in?" my mother then asks. "Or do we call at an inconvenient time? I told you, " she turns to my father in a snippy voice, "we should have waited a few days but you had to come now.""Oh, no, of course you can come in. It's not all organised yet, but..." I step aside and let my parents in. Mother scans every inch of me and the hall as she enters. It is hard to tell what she thinks. My father, not so snobbish, gives me a wink and a polite little hug. "Good to see you, Priscilla. So where do we go now?"Still shaken up by this sudden visit I usher th

wait until their voices disappear with the lift taking them down. Then I look at Magdanovitch. "I'm sorry, Mags. And thank you." A big sigh escapes me. "You are welcome and you do not have to apologise. It is good that we were here together so they learnt something about you." My friend starts clearing things up. "You've never stood up to them like that, have you?"I shake my head. Then I help him take things to the kitchen. "Mother always overwhelms me.""You and your father as well. He only stood up after I made her step down.""How in the name of all the saints did you manage that?" I ask him. "You have to put up a shield. She is psychic as well although she has no idea. I think that's how you got it. She uses it to her advantage and smashes her ability into people. I sensed that and shielded myself automatically. You will need to learn that.""You will teach me?" I hope. "Can't. You have to figure that out for yourself." Mags puts a hand on my shoulder. "You'll be fine. Do you want to have dinner here, in your new house? Or do you want to go out?""Uhm, wait. I thought we had established we are not a couple, right?" I feel a bit cornered all of a sudden. "Indeed. We are good friends. Friends can go out for dinner together, certainly when they live so close together." Mags smiles and takes his hand from my shoulder again. "Okay. Just making sure. And I think we have to go out. I have nothing to make dinner with." We both laugh. After a nice and simple dinner Mags shows me the best places to do some shopping in the area and I immediately seize the opportunity to get some groceries. A girl has to eat, after all. I notice a big improvement in that. I used to do my shopping in Ramblos on the way from work but here in Gypsee things are cheaper. And there is more variety too! Back home, when I put my groceries in cupboards and the refrigerator, I'm already curious what many of these strange things are that I bought. Mags said they are safe, I'll take his word for it. After that, out of habit, I put the big gun on its charger. When I make the bed, I find that all my bed stuff is wrong. It is made for a big rectangle, not a round thing. Oh well, I fix it as well as I can and then I sit in my new living room with a glass of wine and the vid-wall showing some relaxing images, thinking about everything that happened today. And yes, that's an insane amount of stuff.

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