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   Chapter 41 - Surprise!

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Mags and I talk a bit more about this psychic thing. He tells me that no one should know for now as this is something I first have to get used to and learn to embrace as a part of myself. And yes, I really need some time for that. A lot of time. "We can talk about this later but I thought it important that you know this since you are so sensitive lately. And one thing: do not try to slip into people just to try it. Only do it for your work and be careful.""Yeah, that's what I always hear and preach. And do."There is a short stare in Mags's eyes which make me wonder if he knows about what I showed Anthony yesterday but then he smiles. "Good. Let's get ready for the move then. I'll be with you in about an hour." He winks and then the tablet screen blanks. After half an hour I still sit there staring, as the impact of what Mags told me is trying to get a foothold somewhere in my head. The simple fact that I am getting cold wakes me up. Frips, I should hurry! Well, there's your proof. If Prissa needs to hurry, she can. Right before there's a bang on the door I am dressed and busy stuffing the last of my things in a bag. I rush to open the door and see Lois and Marco waiting there. "Wow, you dared to come without protecting me?" I joke as I welcome them in. Marco grins and pulls a gun from his coat pocket that equals mine in nastiness. That explains the lot. "So, you're all packed and ready to leave this awful place?" Lois asks as she looks at the battlefield of boxes. "Kind of almost, " I say. "I was just stuffing away the last bits." I'm not sure if I should be offended by her words about the place. She's probably right. Lois's tablet now toots. She answers it and grins. "Hey, Bashir."Bashir tells us that he will be arriving with the old ambulance-VTOL soon. "And I am not coming alone." That is all he says, leaving the three of us wondering if he went to pick up Mags before he heads over this way. A few minutes after that call Dolores calls and asks if someone can come and pick her up from the station. She really does not dare to walk the streets of Sin Angeles on her own and I cannot blame her. Marco says he'll go get her. About twenty minutes later there is another knock on the door. I have not had this many visitors in months! When I open the door my jaw drops to the floor. There are three soldiers standing in front of my door. Saints, what's that?! Marco and Dolores are standing behind the three, talking and laughing. "Miss Farns?" one of the soldiers asks. "Yes, that's me." No use in denying it. "Great. Anthony sends his regards. He regrets not being able to be here himself but we are the surprise he promised you. We have two carriers outside to help you move. With what can we start, miss?"Somehow Marco and Dolores squeeze themselves in and Lois shoves me aside and directs the soldiers to the boxes and stuff. I am stunned. Anthony arranged for five soldiers and two large military transport carriers to get my stuff moved to Gypsee? Bashir comes in as well, sporting a big grin on his face. "You pig, you were in on this!" I growl at him while I can't stop grinning myself. "I was from the start. We have no old ambulances but you didn't know that!" He has so much fun over me being flabbergasted that I almost want to punch him. Mags comes sauntering in, approvingly looking at the soldiers carrying out my bits of furniture. "Looks like we have everything under control, " he laugh

ve a new house. A house, I notice, that smells of... coffee? I veer up from the bed and when I come back into the living room, the table is set, there is a pot of coffee and one with tea (gift from my friends to get me off the coffee a bit) and all kinds of food. They even lit a real candle! Bashir walks towards me, holding a glass. It is wine. "Welcome home, " he says. Instead of taking the glass I throw my arms around him and start crying while my head rests against his shoulder. It is just too much for a few moments. I feel arms around me and hear my friends talk. When I am able to talk and see again I see that everyone huddled up around Bashir and me. "Saints, I am so rich with friends like you, " I slobber through my last tears. Dolores takes a tissue and wipes my face, making me grin in a stupid, embarrassed way. Then I take the glass of wine, toast with everyone and we drink to a happy life in this house before we sit down to eat and talk. I notice that Lois and Marco don't sit next to each other and also avoid any particular eye contact. Evidently they are not ready to tell the rest of the world what they told me. That's fine with me; it is their life, their decision. Mags, who sits next to me, touches my hand for a slight moment. When I look at him, he winks. Then his voice talks to me while his mouth keeps eating. "What do you know of them?"Of the shock I drop my fork on the plate and grin. "Sorry, guys. Nerves!" Then I focus on where I feel Magdanovitch and tell him in my head that Marco and Lois are a couple in the making. Now it is Mags who drops his fork. "Sorry. I sit next to her. She's contagious, " he says without a hesitation. Everyone laughs. "Are you serious?" he then asks in my head. "Very. But they don't want the world to know yet, " I reply and am amazed how simple this talking trick is. In the busy hours up to now I had forgotten all about this psychic stuff. Everyone feels very content after the extensive lunch that Lois and Marco somehow smuggled into the house. Bashir says he is glad he has no VTOL with him. He had too much wine; flying would be an unsafe thing. "Okay guys, now tell me who was in on this surprise Anthony arranged?" I want to know. It was only Bashir. The others were just as surprised as I was and still am.

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