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   Chapter 39 - Preparing to move

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The following days go by in an almost boring routine. Occasionally we get people in from Black Flyer incidents. I visit Anthony every day and am glad he is improving. A few times my dreams are haunted by big men that want to do awful things to me and I am swinging the gun, shooting everything and everyone in sight. But those are just dreams and they wear off. And then it is Sunday, my regular day off. And the next day I am off duty as well. Gilly has confirmed that, as I am moving. I even get a day's paid leave for that! During the previous days I have already gathered things and put them in bags and boxes. On the Sunday Lois and Marco come over to help me, bringing even more boxes and containers. Lois demanded that I come meet them at the mono station and that I bring the gun, so she feels safe. "Did you bring your cannon?" She demands to see it before leaving the mono platform. I am not sure if she would be so happy knowing I killed someone with it. Mags and I had agreed it would be best that no one knows about that. I open my bag to show her the gun for a moment. "Right. Maybe you should carry it in view, " Lois suggests as we make our way down the stairs. She looks left and right constantly, distrusting everything here. I cannot blame her. "Toting a gun in sight means you have something to hide or carry something precious, " Marco teaches her. "Best not to do that."I frown for a moment. There is something in his voice that's different now, when he talks to her. And, come to think of it, why did he arrive on the train with her when he lives in Sin Angeles like I do? Is there something going on between them that they're not telling? I'll find out later if there is something indeed. We make it to my place without incidents. The larger a group, the safer you are here. We climb the stairs, another thing that makes Lois nervous. She's never been here for some reason (okay, this being Sin Angeles would make that many reasons) so her showing up in this neighbourhood is something I deem nothing short of amazing. The door opens after three tries. "Not bad for today, " I grin as I usher them into what for now is still my place. "What do you mean not bad? Is it so hard to get in here? That is a good thing, right?""Lois, trust me. Getting inside here is difficult enough for the person living here. The scanners are not all that marvellous, and when a mob is following you up the stairs, you really want to get in quickly."My friend stares me in the face. "Tell me you're kidding.""I could say that but it's true. It happened a few times since I've lived here. Find a seat, I'll make us some coffee, " I invite them as I walk to the kitchen. "Find a seat is indeed the expression, " Marco calls to me. "Did you notice that something exploded in here?"I know it is a bit of a mess. "Just throw stuff to the side, Marco. Most important things are already in boxes." After that it is a matter of getting the coffee done and ignoring the sounds that come from the living room. I just pretend they're not really my things. When I come back, Lois and Marco sit next to each other on the couch. Hmm, interesting. They never did that before as far as I can recall. I suspect that Marco spends more time in a certain Ramblos apartment than he used to, which is odd knowing Lois's nature. Better not me

ley where I could put on other clothes she had brought for me. They were her clothes." He grins like an idiot. "I doubt there has ever been a woman walking through Ramblos with uglier legs than me.""They're not that bad, " Lois says. When I stare at her, every bit of skin on her flushes red. "Anyhow, we went to her apartment where I could shower, and then she got me something to eat. And after that she told me to get into her bed as I had been through some nerve wrecking experiences." I get more and more amazed, and want to know more. "Then he joked and said I had been through a lot too, so I should join him." Lois doesn't know where to look; her eyes wander along the floor and my shoes up to Marco's face and back again. It is clear she feels very weird now. And she's not the only one. Only Marco does not seem to have any problems with this awkward situation. "And she did, " he calmly says. "Only to make him feel better, of course, " Lois says, as her face explores new depths of red. She looks as if she needs a hole in the floor to disappear through but there are none of those in my new place. "You're such a bad liar, " Marco tells her. Suddenly I feel relieved there is no bed in my bedroom yet. If they carry on like that for a few more minutes I'd be waiting in the hall for them to finish! Then Lois breaks free from Marco's embrace and puts an arm around my shoulder. "Sorry, Priscilla, I hope this doesn't make you feel strange. I'm still a bit confused about it too." She hugs me. "And I think you have the most wonderful new place. I like it so much better than the old one!"That makes me grin. "You've been here for almost longer than in my old one!""That is not true and you know it! But I do plan on coming over to this one more often, " Lois says as she slips in Marco's arm again. "And this guy is coming with me. I plan on making a decent person of him.""Hey, nothing wrong with me, " Marco starts to object but a look from Lois silences him. Then he winks at me. "She is trying to turn me into someone who will be able to live in Ramblos without attracting too much attention.""Just my personal attention, " Lois grins. They laugh when I tell them they scare me more and more.

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