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   Chapter 38 - Surprise visit

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We all thank Bashir for letting us use his house for the meeting. He says that we should soon get back to our regular kind of meetings. He refers to the plannings for real role playing games. Everyone agrees on that. Most of my friends say they'll try to come over to the Clinic soon, to visit Anthony. To make sure that our friends get to the mono safely I walk with them, and on the way there we talk on. Lois, Mags and Dolores are all with me, Marco took off on his own. We keep the topic safe: my new place. And the half hidden references to Mags and me, to which we both object, but that only adds to the fun for the others. We don't have to wait long for their train to arrive. Quickly I say goodnight to my friends and as the mono moves I stare at the lights flashing by, lost in thought. Lately so much has changed. And more is going to, clearly. All kinds of stuff rummage through my mind, the new house, all the plans we made, the things we need to think of to get to the Black Flyer. Saints, we are an idiot bunch. How can we possibly bring down such a flying one man army? Us, a few role play gamers. And our one soldier is incapable of helping. Oh well, one thing at the time. Once I leave the station, I feel unsafe. I've felt unsafe before here but now it is... strong. As if something is tapping at the back of my brain, telling me I should be prepared. Resolutely I move the big gun from my bag to my pocket. It barely fits but who cares. It's in my hand. Three blocks from home there is indeed trouble. Four men, all big and broad, are lounging around in the street. They are not local. I know the locals from here, even in the bad light we have here in the evenings. My finger flips a switch on the big gun as I move to the other side of the road and try to ignore them and mind my own business. They don't ignore me. Damn, flashes through my mind, I should have made some time to practice with this cannon. "Hey, hey, look there." The four are suddenly in front of me. "Doesn't she look a bit lonely?""Yeah, she is dying for some company, " another laughs. The men smell of cheap booze and I am not sure when they last saw a shower. "I want no trouble, " I tell them, backing up a bit. Unfortunately, behind me is a wall, so my retreat comes to an unplanned end. "We're no trouble, as long as you give us what we want, " the first man says. He is bald and several of his teeth are missing as he grins. "I'll give you something alright, " is my message as I pull the gun into view. I aim for the man closest to me. "Oh, look, she has a toy." Then the man dives forward, planning to take the gun away from me but my finger is faster than he is. Mags told me that the first 'stop' on the trigger will unleash the little stinger. I pull to the second 'stop', which engages the violent stinger-version. Three of the men get a full load of the gun as the air crackles in the powerful electronic discharge. The three jolt and dance for a few moments. The fourth man backs away, getting out of reach of the rain of sparks that jump from his mates. As I release the trigger the three men collapse. The gun feels very wa

d tell them first. Then they can decide." I go out of the room and explain the situation. None of them says they will freak out although Dolores looks a bit pale as we go in. I stay close to her and can pat myself on the shoulder for that. After one look at Anthony she faints and I am there to catch her. Marco and Lois look uncertain about what to do. I tell them to keep Anthony company while I drag Dolores out of the room and put her in a chair near the room. One of the nurses at the desk comes to help and assures me she will see to Dolores, so I can go back to Anthony. In the room Marco and Lois have pulled up chairs and are carefully talking to Anthony. I for one am glad he is not bandaged up any more. This way he can speak and be understood and when I tell them about the first visit, that makes us all laugh. I know that Anthony should not laugh too much, it will stress the skyn but a bit is okay. I am silently proud of Lois and Marco. They act normal, tease and grin with Anthony and it is almost like usual. I'm glad that the suspicion of him being the Flyer is gone. We can be ourselves again, not keeping secrets and things. After half an hour Anthony has to rest though. Not that he feels tired but the floor nurse comes in and tells us so. Lois and Marco wish Anthony good luck and promise they will be back soon. Then we leave and collect Dolores, who looks better and is glad to be able to leave. "Please tell Anthony I am sorry, " she whispers to me as the lift door opens on the ground floor. "Sure. Don't worry. He knows how he looks."My friends hug me and then I have to hurry back to work. On the way home I browse through all kinds of places, trying to find something about actions taken against the Black Flyer but there is nothing like that. Only a few places on the web that agree with us: something has to be done and why isn't anyone doing anything? A snort escaped me when I think of the plan. A group of role players setting out to try and take down the most feared idiot around, that apparently the police and the military don't want to touch.

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