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   Chapter 37 - The group convenes

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The lift takes me to 17 swiftly and there I locate room 244. Saints, this hospital is too large. After a knock on the door and a muffled sound from inside I enter. "Saints! Anthony!" Our soldier friend is almost completely wrapped up in bandages: face, arms, hands and one of his legs. "What happened?!" I rush to the bed, careful not to touch him as I have no clue what's wrong with him. When he speaks he is hard to understand. "Hi, Prissa. Sorry I don't get up." He groans a bit. "Was in a fire. Doctor says I'm burnt like a burger."From the short sentences he can speak I learn that he was in the convoy that was attacked. The army was called in to end a hostage situation just within Black Town limits when a series of bombs went off, blowing up the entire train of ground vehicles. Anthony was in one of the front trucks, the side of the convoy that was hit hardest. In a flash I try to figure out how he managed to send that message! "Are you in pain, Anthony?" I ask him. "Not much. Is okay."Another groan tells me it is far from okay. I want to touch his hand, but that is all wrapped up. He is probably covered in skyn, synthesised skin, which is beginning to attach to him, taking away the burns and preventing his old skin from scarring. "How did the menace treat you?" I ask him, looking for a way to make him more comfortable. "Menace? Thought I was in hospital."Hah, of course he does not know our name for our trade. "The anaesthesia worker. He or she must have touched your skin.""No idea. Left leg perhaps?"I check his left leg. Yes, that's unharmed. Amazing. "Now Anthony, don't be afraid. I am going to touch you and see if I can make you feel better.""Got whiskey?" he asks, making me grin. I put my hand on his shin. It's cold. "Just stay calm, Anthony." Gently I locate his mind and then the place where I can put the pain suppressor. I put it there for a few days, making it a slowly decreasing one. For a moment I am tempted to look what he knows about the Black Flyer but that would be violating my work's honour. "How is that?" I ask when I look at my friend. "Wow. Much better. How'd you do that?""Trick of the trade, " I wink. "This is my work. Will you be okay for now?""Yes. All fine. Thank you, Prissa. You're gold."I wish I could give him a hug but that's really the worst idea now. Instead I tell him to rest and that I'll come and check on him tomorrow during my break. I go back to the second floor and tell Gilly I saw Anthony, explaining he is in my RPG group. She nods. "Did you hear about the Black Flyer?"My heart skips a beat. "What?""He hit again. This time in Blue Sky. A family of three severely injured. The man runs a good company of VTOL things, apparently someone complained about the quality of a shipment. The Flyer..."Saints... -=-=-I'm eating in the cantina, my tablet on the table, propped up against the vase with fake flowers. Mags is on the other end, looking relieved and shocked at the same time. I assume it is okay to talk to him here about Anthony as we're all friends. "And Anthony is in your Clinic?""Yes. I talked to him and took away some of his pain." I can't say out loud that he's not the Black Flying Creep but Mags already made that connection. "No one from the attack in Blue Sky in your Clinic, I guess."Well, that is a given since Blue Sky has plenty of hospitals. I do remind him of female intuition and he simply nods. Good enough though. "I made some notes on the... game we were thinking of, " I tell him then. "I'll s

use that you'd better know how to hold it!"She has a point. I should find a place to try this thing. For now though, it goes back into my bag. "What kind of weapon is that anyway?" Dolores is curious. Magdanovitch tells everyone that it can fire real bullets and it acts like a stinger, but I should consider it a mature version. This means you don't have to touch someone with it, it will work up to a hundred feet. "I also made a few slight improvements to the gun, " Mags says but he doesn't elaborate on what these are. Not even to me. I guess it's down to finding out when I use the thing somewhere. We go over a few more items that the boys brought with them. All of them very convenient in catching bad guys, I am sure, but I am not sure if they will work for catching a guy as bad as the flyer. He seems invulnerable. Then the subject changes to my new house and that lifts all spirits, especially mine. Again there are remarks and glances from Mags to me and back but we both declare solemnly that there is nothing but friendship between us. "Of course, " Lois nods, "it is so convenient that there are many forms of friendship."It's probably best not to respond to that, it will only fire them up more. I am very glad Magdanovitch discovered the new house and thought of me. "So when can we help you move?" Marco asks. "Have you already thought about that?""I tried a few times, on the way home and to work. The sooner the better but I have to sort out what I can take with me."Dolores nods. "Better say what you need to take with you. You should get some new things, girl, don't dwell in that old stuff you have. You'll never get rid of the past if you do."Saints, I don't want to admit it but she is right. Everywhere I look at home I see things that were mine and Donald's. The big thing that isn't, is the bed. And I am not sure if I can take that with me, it was there when I moved in. "I can basically move any day after two days. The landlady wants to have the place cleaned first." I still don't know why, it looked almost sterile! "When is your next day off?" Bashir asks. "Next week. Monday I think."As if I have no say in it, the group decides I will move to my new place on Monday. Bashir takes it upon himself to inform Gilly that he needs a day off then, and that I am not available for emergencies. Yikes!

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