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   Chapter 36 - Another attack

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Once inside my house I look around while thinking of cancelling the place. I try to convince myself that I will miss it but that doesn't feel truthful. I hear a police VTOL fly along, its searchlights shimmering along the not very adequately closing blinds. There are lots of sounds that convey unhappiness, they're the usual sounds here. I make coffee and with a big mug I crash on the couch. The tablet starts and I wait slow seconds while it goes through its initial setup. New tablet. Calibrate, password, remember the stupid password, connect to the 'net, download default applications. Finally it's done. I pull up the site for this place. There is an actual site for it, almost ridiculous, but it is the only way to communicate with whoever does the little maintenance on the building. Tap, tap, tap, to enter that I am leaving and when. The site has the nerve to tell me that I can only cancel by the end of next month. Sure. I enter my brand new higher security clearance. See, dumb thing? This woman can leave whenever she wants. That makes it official. I am going to quit living in Sin Angeles. An idea forms in my brain. I write a message to Mrs. Montoya, asking if I could move in earlier if I want. After that the big gun comes from my bag. After unwrapping it I carefully put it on the table and call Mags. He's at home and we have a good talk about the gun and what he changed on it. "I made it a bit less dangerous for you and more dangerous for people on the business end, " is the basic message. He advises me to take it out somewhere on a day off and practice shooting with it. I'm convinced that most people will wet their pants when they merely see this weapon but it is a good tip anyway. My idea of moving sooner than in three weeks is something he really approves of. Then he brings up something very serious. "I have a plan on how we can bring the Flyer down." He details what he has thought up so far and what he still needs to think of and get his hands on. My amazement knows no end, the more I listen to him. "Saints, Mags, are you a misplaced genius?" I have to ask him when he finished talking. "No, I am in the right place, " he grins. He does not argue about being a genius and he shouldn't! Then he starts to tell me what he expects me to do, to set the stage. Now that is something I know. I am sure that I can pull all that off after all the years we spent with the RPG group already. It also remarkable how often Magdanovitch mentions Marco as a person to contact if I need something. As if Marco is in charge of a huge supply-room of things. You can't think of anything or Marco apparently can deliver it. The thing that bugs me most is that we are still in the dark about Anthony. He would be valuable in many ways because he knows a lot of people and he has rapid access to certain goodies, as Mags calls them. Things that Marco also can get but that costs more time. "And don't you call Anthony and ask him straight up if he has something to do with the Black Flyer, " Magdanovitch warns me. "I know you, Prissa, you would do that in a heartbeat."Saints, that man knows me too well. I promise not to. Then I see a notification that someone sent me a message. I tell Mags about it and he says I should check it while he goes do something really quickly. The message is from Mrs. Montoya. "Dear Miss Farns, you are free to move in whenever you like. However, in three days a cleaning group will arrive to make certain the house is in the best shape for you so it would be advisable for you not to arrive before then. Regards, Mrs. G. Montoya."Immediately I wonder what the G. stands for. Germaine? Gertrud? As I chuckle over Gertrud, Mags returns and wonders what amuses me so I sha

him and make him listen to my voice. He slips away frequently but it becomes easier to pull him back and talk to him, telling him he's safe and will be fine again soon. Then I smell something sweet. Good. I leave a temporary pain control sublimation in the man's head and slip out. Doc Abrams nods. "Good job. Like mine. Ready for a next one?"Nobody awaits my response; the table is carted away and immediately the next patient is rolled in. It's a woman who's still unconscious. That makes my work easier for now, I just have to monitor her and hold her steady if she wakes up during the procedure. She stays unconscious though. When she is rolled out of the operating room, Doc Abrams sighs. "Too bad I had to take off that leg. She had beautiful legs."She'll get a robotic leg but that will hardly be beautiful. Everyone that works here has seen them. They're entirely functional, in some ways better than real legs, but still. One of the nurses is on a communicator for a while, nodding and gesturing. When she turns around, she tells us there is one more patient on the way. The last one of fourteen that will be treated here in total. The other nine were taken to the military base, the ones with less critical injuries. Saints... twenty-three people hurt in one attack! Our last patient does not make it into the operating room; he dies during prep. That is something that hurts everyone. It is not what we want, we want to make people well again. "Thank you, everyone, " says Doc Abrams. There is fatigue and pain in his voice. "We all did more than our share again today, so take a breather and go home. And Priscilla, thank you for stepping in so quickly."I nod. "It's my job, doctor.""You can keep it, " he says. His face is sincere. I know that many people would not want my job if they had psychic capabilities. Together with the doctor the nurses and I leave the operating room. A breather as he suggested and perhaps some food before leaving, all good ideas. Passing her office, Gilly calls me in. "Hey, how are you? You did a fab thing with Tasha. All fine again?""Yes, good and getting better." I tell her about the move to the new place. "Great, you should have done that long ago. Listen, if you are not desperate to run off, there is someone who wants to see you."Someone who wants to see me? Who would that be? "He's in room 17-244, " Gilly says. "He'd appreciate a visit.""Who is it?" I wonder. "Go find out, " the floor secretary grins. "Now scoot!"

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