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   Chapter 35 - Mr. Smith and Mr. Wellesley

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Waking up the next morning is a bit of an ordeal. My head pounds, but once I am up for a bit it gets better quickly. Maybe I should cut down on the coffee somewhat. I grin at myself for this blasphemy. As I get ready for work I notice my umbrella is gone as well. Frips... At least a quick check from a window tells me it's not raining. I step out the building's front door and feel unsafe. No knife, no knuckle-ring, no stinger. Not even an umbrella to hit someone with. I very much have to move and quickly too. Getting the lease on this place ended is a priority for today. Quickly I head for the mono station but not in a jog. My head is not up for that, I notice. Despite that I get there just fine and I breathe a sigh of relief once I am in the train and it is moving. The saints are with me in Ramblos, no rain there either, so I am fine going to the Clinic. Masuda, today's man with the scanner, greets me and asks if I'm well. He heard of the mugging and I really wonder how. He says he will light a candle for me when he gets home after his shift. Such a sweet little man. Up to the second floor, through the changing room and then to Gilly. She also knows what happened. Bashir told her. And he of course heard from Anthony. Or Mags. "You are nuts coming in!" Gilly scolds me. "I should kick you out on the street. First you are dragged off your day's leave and now you come in all banged up.""It's not that bad, " I assure her. She grumbles something and lets me have 'an easy one', to try me. As I thought, that went just fine, so I get another patient to keep pain free during an operation, a more difficult one. That too goes well. Gilly says I should not do more before lunch, so I saunter around a bit and find myself at the door of the room where Tasha is. Or perhaps was? I peek in. She is still there, with a nurse watching her. The nurse notices me and invites me in. "Professor Gurev told me you tried to reach her yesterday, " she whispers. "Her family has been here a few times.""That is good, I think. I would like to try to reach her again."The nurse nods and lets me have her seat. As I sit down I can only imagine what Gilly would say, but she is not here. Tasha is still the same. Still, vulnerable and... far away. My hands slides over hers as I tell the nurse not to let anyone disturb me. She nods. She knows. As usual, eyes closed, the search inside begins. In the darkness I proceed much slower, more careful. For some reason that feels like the best thing to do now. Not walking around, but inch ahead, half a foot at the time. "Tasha? Can you hear me?" No response. No reaction. No movement anywhere. It sounds strange, but when a spirit, a mind reacts it feels like movement. "Tasha. Come out and play. Your family was here." Still nothing. "I'm staying here until you show yourself. Or do you want me to come and get you?" For what seems a moment there is silence, then I notice something. It's far away and vague, but it is definitely there. "Speak up, girl!" I hope I don't sound too impatient. "You don't know where I am..."Saints... she is talking to me. She is however right. I have no idea where she is. "Tasha, sweetie, come out and talk to me. Please?" No pushing, Priscilla, do not push anything. "What happened that made you so afraid?" She has to come out and live. Her body can only sustain itself without spirit for so long. For an eternity Tasha is silent. Then: "The little boy. He was so sad, so pitiful, in so much pain." There is something in her mental 'voice' that terrifies me. I'm afraid she connected with him emotionally, and that goes fast and deep. And it can kick a person into a big trauma. "Tasha sweetie, there was nothing you could do for him. You know that, right?"She keeps silent. Apparently she doesn't know. I suspect she simply doesn't want to know. "Leave me alone."That would be the easiest way out, but that is not in my dictionary. Saints, why don't I know more abou

gets up and goes to the back of the ambulance! "Hey, is this safe?!""Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't do it, " is the reply from behind me. I hear him rummage in a box or container. "Bashir, we're going off course!" I warn him when I notice the ambulance moving to the left. "It's following the squawk-line, it's fine.""Squawk line?" That does not sound fine at all, the more as the ambulance moves to the right again. I am lost over the city, especially when it's dark. Nothing but lights down there, and no roads to make sense of. Saints, even in daylight that is a challenge. Bashir comes back, a bundle in his hand. He sits down, which reassures me that things are fine now. "Here. This is for you. Be really careful with this, is what I was told to tell you." He pushes the bundle in my hands, and takes control of the ambulance again. "What is it?" The bundle is quite heavy. "I am not sure. It is something Marco arranged and Magdanovitch said he improved it. I picked it up while you were snoring your headache away so don't blame me, I'm just the messenger."Slowly I unwrap the bundle. In it is a Smith and Wellesley high-power assault gun. "Fripping saints... Is that legal?""I hope so, " my friend the driver/pilot says and grins. "I doubt Marco and Mags would let you walk around with illegal stuff.""Well, if this thing is legal then it is leaning heavily against the borders of what's allowed, " I grin. I put it back in the cloth and stick the bundle in my bag, careful not to switch something on. Soon the pattern of lights below changes. The few lights that are still on means that we are over Sin Angeles. "Saints, I forgot to cancel the old place today, " I realise. "Maybe I can still do that this evening. It would be a worthy first official act for the new tablet.""Yes, you have to do that. The sooner you're away from there, the better we all will feel. Even Marco, you know." Bashir sounds serious, and seriously worried. The ambulance flies lower now, and soon I see the building where I live. When the car is on the ground I check my belongings. "Thanks, Bashir. You're really a great guy." I lean over and kiss him on the cheek. He deserves that, after shopping with me and taking me home. "I'll wait here until you're inside, " he says. "And thank you." There is a faint smile on his face, briefly but I see it. I get out of the ambulance and walk to the entrance. My bag, an older one of course, feels heavier with the big gun in it. Once inside the hall I turn and wave at Bashir. The lights of the ambulance blink a few times and then, with plenty of noise, the thing lifts up and swoops away.

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