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   Chapter 34 - A knock on the head

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I have once walked inside a cave. It was cold there, dark except for the torches my friends and I had with us. It was close to impossible to see where we were going, we had to search the way with our feet despite the beams of the lights. Everything was so black that even those lights were taken up before they hit anything. That's how it feels inside Tasha's head. Normally there are traces of someone's personality that you can see, sense, locate, to go to. Inside Tasha's head there's nothing. I have heard of this happening, but never experienced it myself. The closest thing I came once was talking to someone who did what I am doing now. "Dammit, Tasha, come out and play. We are all tired." I have no idea if she hears me. Feeling my way through her mind is scary. It feels like invading her privacy in a way, even though there is nothing of her that I see or hear. When someone is in a normal state, even in a normal state if shock, it's easy to find them, or at least traces of their presence. When I go into someone's head that way there is a lead to follow and usually there's a person at the end of one of those leads. That is, I admit, difficult. But if you have no idea where to start, where to go... I have learnt that each person's mind is different. I am not sure how to properly say it, I never studied to use the big words that professors and doctors know. But I think it has to do with how you are, what you learnt and all that kind of stuff. And because of that, everyone's brain has developed in different way. So now I am going through the maze that is someone's mind, blindfolded and without a clue if I am going in a direction that gets me anywhere nearer to Tasha. After a while I feel like I got lost. I don't remember where I began, I have no clue where I am, nor where she is. "Tasha?" I call out in her head for what could be the thousandth time but there is no answer. Again. Then I decide to give up for now. But just for now. Tasha is not what I could call a friend, but she does what I do, I know how hard it can be and just for that I have to bring her back. Because she is precious. There aren't many of us. You can learn to be a doctor or a professor, you can't learn to be a menace. I slip away from her after wishing her good night. Maybe she hears me. As I blink my eyes and straighten up my spine (I hear it pop as I do that) I feel a hand that's put on my shoulder. "You need to go home, Prissa." It's Bashir. Professor Gurev is standing there too, next to him. I nod. "Yeah. I should, really.""Did you see her?" the professor asks. He had struck me as a ruffian before but since I helped him he has changed towards me. He sounds genuinely concerned about Tasha. "No. I'm sorry. I'll try again tomorrow."The big man nods. "Thank you." Then he silently leaves the room. "What do you mean 'tomorrow', " Bashir wonders. "They dragged you from your day off. You should take off half a day at least tomorrow."I get up and look at my friend. "You know what I would do on that half day off, right? Or you don't know me at all."Bashir sighs. "Unfortunately I know. You'd be here anyway." He puts a hand on my shoulder again. "Come. Time to go home."I nod. Once more I look at Tasha. I can't help but kiss her forehead. "Wake up, please, " I whisper to her. "We want you back." Then Bashir steers me out of the room and sees me to the door of the changing room. Yes, he knows me alright. Upon leaving the hospital I open my umbrella. I saw them in the hall already; all the brightly lit handles moving through the street are never wrong. Overhead the large video-screens, some of them as high as three people and twice that wide, keep showing their messages, lighting up the gloom of the rainy evening streets. "Visit the offworld colonies... Isn't it time to u

e you're not interrupting something for me?"I quickly tell him what happened and Anthony adds a few missing bits and pieces. "As I said, you did a smart thing, signing that lease this morning. How do you feel?" Mags says. There is genuine worry in his voice. "I'm mostly good. Just a part of my head is not up for a party. Listen, when I was robbed they also took the tablet. Anthony already warned the Comms service so they can track it, but do you remember the blue heart?""Oh... yes... Very good of you to remind me of that. I should fix that right away. Give me a moment..." Mags leaves the field of view. "Blue heart?" Anthony enquires. "Something Mags gave me, " I say. "Hearts are supposed to be red, in case you missed it, " he grins. "I didn't know you and Mags were... an item.""We're not.""Of course not, " the soldier says with a meaningful grin. He sits too far away for me to kick him. Hmmm, barefoot I'd hardly hurt him, I realise. Mags comes back. "All done. The person who took your tablet has had a nasty surprise. And I would not worry about people using your tablet any more, Prissa, they can perhaps still use it as a small tray but that's all.""You destroyed her tablet? From where you are?" Anthony beats me to the question. "Yes." That is all Magdanovitch has to say to that. "And I should go now. Thank you for letting me know, Priscilla, have a nice evening. And I would not go out dressed like that." The vid-wall goes blank. Saints!! The fripping blanket slipped and I didn't notice! Quickly I grab enough to cover myself again. "Do you think you can manage?" Anthony asks. "I should be leaving again now.""Yeah, I'll be fine, Anthony. Thank you ever so much for coming over at the right time. I could have been lying in the rain still." I dread to think of that. Who knows what could have happened by now. "I'm glad it worked out well. Wish I had been there a bit earlier, to stop the idiots who did that." There is a glint in his eye, something I have never seen before. He gets up and picks his coat from the hook in the hall. He comes back in for a moment. "Take care, and see if you can find out if you have a concussion, " he warns me. "Sleep well, Prissa."I see how he hesitates. Does he want to hug me? Or kiss me? He then just winks at me, waves and leaves the living room. A few seconds later I hear the front door slam shut and the locks hiss into place. After emptying my mug of coffee I wrap a blanket around me and head for the shower, to warm my poor self up before I go to bed.

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