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   Chapter 33 - A few nasty surprises

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Mags looks up from his fidgeting. "Dear Mrs. Montoya, " he addresses the older lady, "I am sure you can be a bit more forthcoming to Priscilla."I'm a bit shocked. How can he talk like that to an older woman, and about credits too! But then I'm even more surprised. "Mr. Magdanovitch, you are a rascal and you know it. Very well. We'll drop the price to 750 credits per month and that will still include all amenities and conveniences."She takes off 100 credits a month just on a word from Mags? I seriously believe he is a magician, not just a psychic. Or maybe she was just trying to get as much as she can. Which would make sense, of course. "I see, " I nod. "I would like to think about this. Can I do that and also look around the house a little more?""Naturally, feel free, " says Mrs. Montoya, not surprised at all. "I will leave you two to do the thinking. When you are done you can find me downstairs, just call me. The lift works without the house knowing you, so that should be no problem."The house knowing me? Oh, now I get it. The lift works without tattoo scans. In homes with stairs you never have that problem, except perhaps when you want to get to those stairs through a barrier. Mrs. Montoya rises, wishes me good luck in making a decision and leaves. Magdanovitch gets up from the couch as well. "Come. Let's look around again." We patrol the living room, check the views again, the bedrooms, the kitchen and the bathroom. "It's small compared to my other house, " I complain. Mags has been there, he knows. "Yes, that is so. But be honest with yourself, Prissa. How much of all that space you have is actually in use? The big kitchen for instance. Half of it is broken. You have two small rooms you don't even use unless you store stuff in there I don't know about." He raises his hands. "No, spare me, hear me out. Take your bathroom there. It is so large that you have to start walking five minutes before you have to pee!"I try to gnash my teeth while I hear him detail everything that is wrong with my old digs. And yes, that is quite a lot. His explanation about this place and how much better it is, in many ways than just the location and functionality, is also impossible to break down. It will make me look better, living here. Gypsee is not Ramblos but it stands in much higher esteem than Sin Angeles. Saints, even living in a tent in one of the suburbs here makes you look better than living where I live now. I know all of that and that makes it impossible to tell him there is something wrong with his reasoning. "Look. You can put your couch there, " Mags says, pointing, "and the table there. Lots of space over there to put your cabinet with thingies-""They are not thingies, they are memories and precious - uhm - thingies."He laughs. "What would you do with the bedroom? It is big enough for your stuff, admit it. Your existing bedroom is far too large for everything."He is right again. Everything there is positioned around my bed to make the room look smaller. "And for 700 credits a month it is a good deal.""700? She said 750."Mags nods. "I heard that. I also know her background, she is from a family of hagglers and traders and always ask the highest price. If you want this place, we can go down, tell her you will take it for 700 credits a month, all in, and she'll agree."700 credits. For this place. Saints, that would be fabulous. I can afford 700 a month, certainly with my recent raise. Magdanovitch sits down on the couch. I know he watches me while I stand near the back window. It looks out over a small inner courtyard where kids' toys lay scattered. That says something too. No one will steal them. It i

hat help I will be moved in no time! Then I finally get to know why I was called in. Before, there just was no time. "Our main supplier again. The Flyer."Saints... someone ought to shoot that guy out of the sky. But for that you need to know where he comes, and from where. We have seen how fast he flies and we could hardly pinpoint where he came from. This time he had come to the rescue of a few people in a burning house. He saved two people but in order to get to the entrance quickly he almost rammed through eight others. Where is the sense in that, we all wonder. Another person joins us at the table. It is professor Gurev, the man I once put under in a surgery. "Well, that was a fine mess, " he explains his feelings to us as he sits down with his tray of food. We all just wait for him to go on. In situations like this one it is not good to ask someone what's troubling them. It's bad enough to have gone through it. The professor slurps his soup for a few minutes, then tells us how he tried to save a young boy's life. The boy was one of the Flyer's victims as well, simply because he was in the way when the man flew off again. "We were almost done operating when the child had a seizure. Tasha did not see that coming so she was thrown out of his head, he woke up, felt the pain and tried to jump from the table, while still opened and a few instruments inside him."Several of us turn white. And oh no, not Tasha. She's such a sweet person and one of the better anaesthesiologists. Professor Gurev doesn't have to explain what happened further. The boy did not survive the procedure, obviously. "Professor, where is Tasha?" I ask. Tasha is his regular menace. He tells me she is lying in a room, almost in a state of shock. After hearing where she is I get up. "I am going to see her, see if I can help her."Nobody says a word when I walk off. Only a menace can help another menace in that state, and saints, why am I always the first one to go? When I enter the room, I see Tasha lying on the bed, her half-open eyes staring at the ceiling. There is a nurse sitting with her to keep an eye on things. The nurse looks relieved when I come in and immediately gets up so I can sit with Tasha. I study Tasha's face. She doesn't blink. That is a bad thing. The experience has shocked her so much that her awareness, her self has crawled away deep inside herself. Carefully I take her hand and close my eyes to go in and find her.

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