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   Chapter 32 - Mrs. Montoya

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The next morning I wake up with a grin. Today I am going to Gypsee. I don't care about the cold kitchen, I make breakfast and switch on the news but I barely see it. The clock is the only thing important at the moment and that doesn't go nearly fast enough. I catch myself while I walk through my place and look at the things I have. "You are making plans to move, Miss Farns, " I scold myself. "And you don't even have an idea if that's in order." But I have to do something until it's time to leave so the inventory continues. The tablet is nice and quiet when I look at it. Great, the Clinic doesn't need me. Coat on, umbrella at the ready (it is still raining) and bag over my shoulder, and off we go to the mono and Gypsee. As I walk through the streets it strikes me how familiar they are. Ugly, filled with junk and old cars that are mostly wrecks. Here and there I see holes under improvised roofs with smoke plumes coming from them. Holes dug by the outlawed, trying to keep warm in the night. The outlawed, on their way to Black Town, but not yet desperate enough to actually go there. And then there is me, on the way to Gypsee with the hope of moving there. That is a much better kind of move, out of this place with all its well-known problems, misery and yet an amazing camaraderie. All these things run through my head as I go up the steps to the platform. When I get there I see a man lying on the ground against the small building. "Hey, are you okay?" I ask him from a distance. It's not often that people come up here to sleep because there is no protection from the elements; the man must be soaked. "Hey, you." I step a bit closer, knowing that this can be a trick. People here will do anything to be able to grab and rob you. I set down my foot a bit louder to make it appear that I am closer to the guy than I actually am, my hand is on the stinger, ready to draw. Yes, it's a setup and the guy is an amateur. He fell for my little trick. Flaying, he tries to grab me but I'm much too far away so all he finds are raindrops. The stinger is already out and pointing at him. "Nice try, but you need more practice, " I tell him. As he sits up and pushes his grimy hat back, I see he's barely old enough to be a man. "You sounded so close by, " he complains as if he accuses me of his failure. "I know. You're lucky that I used my trick instead of sticking this in your neck." I wave the stinger at him for a moment. At that moment the train slides in. "Get your butt inside before you catch a cold, " I tell him as I walk to the mono. By the time I sit down in it the boy is gone. The train pulls out. Saints, the scene with that boy made me forget getting a news update. Oh, well, I am off to what may be the best news in a long time. Quickly Sin Angeles disappears from view and it does not take long to get to Gypsee. Maybe I can get a news update there. Of course, as soon as the train stops at my destination I am in too much of a hurry to think of news feeds. I almost sprint down the steps and have to remind myself that there is no race. I can just walk to Magdanovitch's house. Despite that I walk at a brisk pace. Yes, I'm curious. And it's not raining here! I actually walk so quickly that people turn their heads to look at me but I don't care. In the street where Magdanovitch lives I hesitate. Which one of the two houses did he live in... they are next to each other and are fripping identical. Must be the left one. On the door is a note. 'Magdanovitch lives next door. Thank you.' I giggle. Apparently people were in doubt too often. I knock on the right door. It doesn't take long before it opens and Mags looks at me. "Hey, good morning. I was up early, as I thought you would be early, " he grins. "Come on in, I have coffee for you."I am not the kind to turn down such an

ere something is stored. The light can be changed in colour, Mrs. Montoya shows me. It is the nice, warm yellow now, but at a tap of a small panel it changes to bright white. "For when you are working on something that requires light, " the older woman smiles. Clearly she likes to cook, although her skinny appearance conceals that very well. The bathroom is a wonderful space, be it small as well. I am used to something the size of a train station as it were, compared to this one. It's spacious enough and everything works. There is even a bathtub and a shower. "The shower has a warm air dryer so you don't need towels most of the time, " the older lady tells me, "and that is very convenient."I am sure it is but there is nothing wrong with towels. Although of course that would cut down on laundry. Okay, I see a benefit in that. To my surprise there are two bedrooms in this house, a larger one and a smaller one that has a bed which is folded up inside a closet. Wow, that's smart! The larger bedroom is empty, I'll have to find a way to get my own bed in here. Uhm - wait, I was only looking around here, not moving in yet. "So how do you like it?" Mrs. Montoya asks me as we sit on the couch in the living room. "It is very nice here, " I admit. "I had not expected this but then, Mags here hadn't told me a lot about it so I had no idea what I was going to find.""Mags?" Mrs. Montoya frowns for a moment. "Magdanovitch, I'm sorry, " I say while I look at my friend, who took something from his pocket and is fumbling with it. He always does that! "We're used to calling him Mags."Mrs. Montoya nods understandingly. Then she looks at me, waiting for me to say some more. I am however a bit uncertain about all this. It's happening so fast. I know Mags means only good things for me, and I appreciate that, but I wasn't really looking for another place, so this is a bit overwhelming. And then the difference in space that is so obvious from my present home to this place... "I am not ready to make a decision just yet, Mrs. Montoya, but can you tell me how many credits I would have to pay for this place?" That, after all, is something important as well. I already worry. I pay around 500 credits for my place now, to assure I have power and water, and that the vid-wall works and all that. It's cheap, which works for me. "We originally thought towards 900 credits, " says Mrs. Montoya, "but since you are a friend of Mr. Magdanovitch, we can let you have this space for 850."Ouch. That is a lot more than what I pay now.

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