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   Chapter 31 - Opportunity knocks

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When I am done with work the next day I wait for Bashir in the restaurant and then we head over to his home together. We're both curious what Mags has to present to us but we have to wait. The inventor is not there yet. Lois comes in with Marco, and eventually Mags who arrives together with Dolores. "I wonder when Anthony comes, " I say as I help Lois make dinner for everyone. "Hmmhmm, " she replies. That does not sound interested, but hey, maybe she had a rough day. "Need help?" Bashir comes into his kitchen. "No, we're fine, impatient one, " I grin. "I know my way around your kitchen better than you do.""Pfffttt, " is his only comment. Because it's true. That makes Lois laugh. When we carry in the plates everyone applauds us. With plates in hand or on knees we sit and eat. Without Anthony. "Anyone know where Anthony is?" I finally ask. "No idea, " says Magdanovitch. His words puzzle me. "Not? You always know everything.""Almost everything, " he nods. "There is something I have to tell everyone and something I still have to tell you, Priscilla."Uhm... still? Am I being left out of something all of a sudden? "We've been talking about the things the Black Flyer has done. The one that is destroying people, I mean. And we have reached the conclusion that it's Anthony."I almost drop my plate. "What?!" As I look around at the others, I only see Bashir and Dolores nod. "Not fair, come on, guys. This is not funny. Anthony would not do that. He is so shy." I look at Mags. "Sorry, Prissa. I wouldn't know anyone else. Anthony is the one with the biggest Black Flyer obsession among us. He has the build for it too. He also is the last one to respond to a message about the Flyer after some action.""Magdanovitch. Now really. How would he do that? And why? He's military, for saints's sake!""He's also the one with the drugs, remember?" Dolores reminds me. Ouch. That hurts. I know that but I don't want to think about it. "Drugs put him out, they don't make him fly around, " I weakly try. Something inside my stomach feels bad and I can't eat any more, and the worst thing is that I don't know if it is because I don't believe them or that I don't want to believe them. I know about drugs. About all kinds of drugs. Stuff to get you to sleep, stuff to keep you awake, and yes, there is stuff that can make you go out of control. I have seen them all with Donald. All the scary stuff from that time comes back to me. I don't even remember how I end up in the hall, with my face pressed in my coat and crying my eyes out. It even takes a while before I am aware that someone is there with me, holding an arm around me. It's Dolores. "It can't be Anthony, can it?" I blubber. "Tell me it can't be..."She just pulls me against her and holds me tight, telling me that it's all good. I don't want to be this weak and vulnerable, but I can't help it. Not Anthony. Not that nice guy who is there to help people. I don't want to believe it. There. Now I told myself. I don't want to believe it. Slowly my tears stop coming. "Are you okay?" Dolores sounds really worried. "Talk to me, girl, I'm your friend, remember?"I nod, not yet able to look her in the eye. Dol ushers me to the bathroom. "Here now, let's clean up your face."As if I'm a kid, she washes my face. I feel sort of better after

ening right out of the blue." I shake my head. "That is understandable, Priscilla, " Mags says as he sits down next to me. "Take a moment. And tell me when you would have time to come to Gypsee and look at the place. I have been so liberal as to tell the seller that I may have someone interested so they are holding it for you. Okay, for me, but in the end for you.""You have your day off tomorrow, " Bashir reminds me. "Sounds like an excellent moment."I have to grin. My friends are so cool. They know me and my schedule. "Okay. I can come over tomorrow. What time would work for you?"Magdanovitch nods. "Very good. Around ten in the morning would be fine if you can make it.""Oh, no problem. I can be there earlier too, " I say while my voice starts bouncing. It took until now for the message to sink in. Maybe I can move to Gypsee! Magdanovitch looks at Bashir and grins widely. "Ten in the morning it is then. You know where to find my place, don't you? I'll be working there so just hit the door when you arrive."After the severely disappointing idea that Anthony might be involved in this nasty Black Flyer business, this is a wonderful turn of the evening and it has lifted my mood all the way to the ceiling. I thank Mags for what he offered just now and then get up to fetch my coat. The two men follow me into the hall where they see how I check my stinger, out of habit. "I hope you can make the move, " says Magdanovitch. "You won't be needing that toy any more then.""Hmm, " I respond. I'm not sure if I can say goodbye to the stinger soon if the move will indeed happen. The stinger disappears in my pocket. "Too skilled with that, " Bashir then says as he opens his arms to hug me. Magdanovitch is not that outgoing, he just puts a hand on my arm and makes me promise to be careful on the way home. "Of course I am careful. I live in Sin Angeles, " I tease them and then I leave Bashir's apartment. As I go down the stairs I hear rain clattering on the roof. No problem, I have an umbrella and a chance to move. The mere idea makes it tempting to run through the rain without the umbrella, but common sense stops me from doing so. Sometimes, I swear, common sense is very stupid.

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