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   Chapter 30 - The cousin comes home

Green Haven By Paul Kater Characters: 12070

Updated: 2018-02-18 19:03

The day goes by at an almost insane pace. Treat two people, half hour break. In one of the breaks I can eat a quick lunch in Gilly's office. Food is brought up for all the mental anaesthesiologists so we don't have to go away very far. Towards the end of the day, or rather towards the end of the stream of people I notice that this is a big strain on me after not being here for days and the stress we loaded up the night before. The last patient I get to do is a young child. She is crying non-stop and does not want to lie still. The doctor I am working with looks desperate. He has been working far too much as well and closing in on the end of his senses. "Come here, " I tell the girl and she sits in my lap. I put my arms around her and rock her, telling her she is a big girl and everything will be fine. Meanwhile I keep holding her hand, trying to get through to her, through the pain and the fear. Slowly she calms down and after a while I am holding a sleeping girl. She must be exhausted. Carefully one of the nurses picks her up, making sure my hand does not leave that of the girl. I have little to do now, except make sure she stays asleep. Relieved, the doctor does his work, fixing her arm and treating the blisters that must have hurt her so very much. Many of them are on her back; no miracle she did not want to lie still. When he is done he stands up and sighs. "That was the last one for us, Priscilla. Thank you for getting her calm." Then he thanks the two nurses who also worked their butts off today. An orderly comes in to take the little girl to a room where she can recover. We're all done. And finished. As we move past Gilly's office I see her sleeping in her chair. I punch up a number on a screen and ask for someone to come and get Gilly to a bed. I don't know how long the woman has been here but it is clearly far too long. One of the nurses says she will stay with Gilly and orders me to leave. I grin and head to the changing room. I need that shower to wake me up long enough to get home. Dressed and almost set I pack up my bag. Instinctively I check the stinger - and the fripping thing's run empty! Saints, now that. Well, let's hope I don't need it. There is someone new at the door instead of Chandra. No need to explain why I smelled girly, that's good. It's raining when I leave the building. A steady, slow downpour that often lasts for a whole day, sometimes even longer. People walk with umbrellas, or their coats and collars pulled up high. It is surprisingly silent in the street when the weather is like this, most people don't even grumble or mutter when things don't move fast. The high dark buildings are a big contrast to the everpresent large video boards that continually show their advertising messages of trips to foreign countries that hardly anyone can afford, opportunities to go to the outer colonies where hardly anyone survives and all kinds of things nobody really needs. The light coming from the boards throws an eerie, moving light over the heads of all of us working people that pass underneath. As I move along the street amidst the throng of people, a strange feeling comes over me. I am going back home. Back to Sin Angeles. I've been away from there just a few days but it feels as if I've been away forever. Dolores's house is nice. So different from mine, so light and maintained and - oh... I am almost at the station and I notice I have completely forgotten to stop by my mechanical friend for the news. Let's just hope I don't fall asleep on the train, that would be silly. Somehow there are only a few people who come up the stairs with me

ack Flyer.""What?!" Saints, the whole building must have heard me. In a whisper I continue: "Jeez Louise, that guy is a one man demolition team. Did you see what happened to that police station?""Did you know that most of the damage happened when the Flyer had left already?" she tells me. "There are suspicions that some people high up had a hand in that, but nothing is proven, so nobody talks. I heard whispers that there were things stored at that station related to the Park."I stare at her. "You mean..." I hold up my hand as a claw, like the arm we found there. She just nods. "Saints be good. And how did you hear that?""Don't underestimate the power of advertisement, " she says. "We hear a lot."Obviously. Someone brings our food and disappears again, giving us space to talk freely. "So we will hear from Mags how to do something about the Flyer, right?" Marco picks up the original subject. "Yes. At least he has a few plans."Lois doesn't know more so we make sure our food gets eaten while it is still hot. After that, Marco and I get up to catch the next train while Lois will settle the bill. "Be careful, you two. Travel safely, " Lois says. "We'll make it, " I tell her, "I'll drop you an okay once I'm home. Marco will be at his place as well by then." Then Marco and I walk off. "I can't thank you enough for what you guys did, " Marco repeats. "The coppers would have left me in that cell forever.""Aren't you afraid that they will come looking for you?" I ask as we go down the steps to the mono for Sin Angeles. "For a little fish like me?" Marco snorts. "No chance. I am too much trouble for too little gain. I can probably walk past that place as myself and no one will notice."That may be true, but I still wonder why he is in disguise then. I don't bother him with it, though. It's good to have him outside again. We get on the train and engage in empty chatter while we travel. Once in Sin Angeles, we are making jokes and laughing about silly stuff when we leave the train and clatter down the metal stairs. Marco notices my reflex when I get hold of the stinger in my pocket. "Always the careful one, aren't you?""Hasn't hurt so far..."Somehow the change of place affects our fun and laughter. We walk along silently until Marco reaches the street where he has to leave. "Thanks again, Prissa. I'll see you tomorrow at Bashir's." He winks and then jogs off into the dark.

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