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   Chapter 29 - The sick cousin

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The trip to Dolores's house goes smoothly. The only dumb thing of course is that it starts raining only then, whilst I could have used that earlier but if that is the only thing then I'm not complaining. The door accepts my tattoo without hesitation and swings open. The house is silent. When I walk in the lights come on and the door closes behind me. I put the coat away, grab some stuff from the room I use and go into the shower. While the hot water all but burns my skin off I start crying, letting all the tension and worry out. Despite the heat in the room I shiver for quite a while, until everything that has bottled up inside me is gone. I turn off the jets of water that pound onto me and slowly dry off. I dress myself in the fluffy colourful things that Dolores lent me, so much not how I feel, and scavenge the kitchen. I am ravenous. With a plate of food and some coffee to stabilise myself, I collect my tablet and switch it on, almost afraid what I will find in my messages. I also activate the vid-wall and switch to one of the news channels. While all the standard misery rolls along on the wall I look at my inbox. There is a message from Anthony. "Was great meeting you tonight, hope you are feeling better."Oh, dammit, I should have messaged him sooner! Quickly I reply: "Had a great time, everything is great. Next time we should pick better circumstances, but thank you again." Right, that is done. Then a message from Mags. "Back, all fine. Had fun.""Sorry for responding late, had a shower. Glad you had fun." That goes to Magdanovitch. What's left is a message from mom and dad, wondering why I have not replied to their video-message they left on my wall. I write a message that I am staying at a friend's house and have not seen the message. "I'll look at it as soon as I am home again." I hesitate. Should I write 'promise' behind it? I decide not to. Nothing from Lois or Bashir yet. Then the voice from the wall attracts my attention. "And the Black Flyer struck again this evening. For a reason that is not known yet, he decided to destroy most of a police station in Ramblos."Most of it? The pictures show a terrible mess. The comment is right, not much of the building remains standing. How is that possible? It would take an explosion to ruin a building that way and we were close enough to hear that if that was what had happened. "Witnesses who were inside the building reported that first the Flyer took out most of a wall of the building, blew up the doors to most cells and then killed at least four people in the main reception area, two of them police officers."Saints! That is horrible! I press my hands over my mouth not to scream. And we have been face to face with that murdering lunatic! He could have killed us too! A soft bing shakes me out of my fear. It is a message on the tab - from Lois! "Got home, wondering how you are? Did Anthony behave?"I send a message back that all is well and then I want to shake a message from Bashir out of the stupid tablet. Bing. Saints, yes, it's from Bashir. He's home as well. The message says he's tired but he has to move out as there is an emergency he has to fly for. Poor guy. He's been up all day already and now that. I wonder if he is called in for what happened at the police station. The mere thought makes my stomach do somersaults. Despite the coffee I feel very tired. I had planned to stay up for when Dolores comes home, to tell her how things went but I can't keep my eyes open. I send her a short note: "All fine, going to bed." Th

Thank you for taking care of me, Dol, " I say to her. "Feel free to crash at my place when you need to."She grins. "I'll consider that when you move to a safer place."We both laugh. My place is not that safe in her eyes, while it's just getting there that's not too great. Then Anthony and I leave her house. I wave at Dolores a few more times, until we round a corner. The army VTOL is standing in a nearly empty parking lot. "My own VTOL, with my own pilot, " I grin when I get in. Anthony laughs and tells me to buckle up, because he's in control. I don't worry, I know Anthony's a good sport. I try to follow what he does before the machine starts lifting up but he does it too fast, so I just enjoy the view of Red River in daylight as it swooshes away beneath us. Far too soon we are near the clinic again. As usual the street is overcrowded, so Anthony has to land in a side street. He offers to drive me to the door but I assure him that walking is faster. "Thank you for everything, Anthony. For covering for me last evening, and for coming to see me. And for this ride. I loved it." I decide not to kiss him again, as it embarrasses him so much. Instead I just wink, pat him on the arm and get out of the VTOL. After one more wave I quickly walk to the main street where I dive into the crowd and move along until I am at the entrance of the Clinic. In the distance I hear the VTOL take off. "Hey Priscilla!" Chandra grins as she sees me. "You're a wanted person. I have orders to throw you in if you don't walk fast enough." She scans my arm and frowns. "You smell strange. Like a proper woman."Saints... that is the smell of Dolores's stuff! "I have to go, Chandra.""You're gonna tell me what that is when you come back here, you hear!" she calls after me. I pretend I don't hear her and make for the elevator that takes me to the second floor. It's good to see my co-workers again as I go into the changing room. It doesn't take me long to jump into a clean outfit and stow my stuff, and then find Gilly. "Thank god you're here, " is the first thing she says. "There was an accident with an airlift carrier over a small town not far from here. They don't have the facilities to treat so many people, that is why we are suddenly swamped. They brought some here, some to Makievicz in Red River and even some to that fancy place in Blue Sky."

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