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   Chapter 28 - Getting Marco

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I have been waiting for the words for some time but when they are spoken they still startle me. Mags doesn't even say them very loudly. "Okay. Let's go."Cold sweat appears in unmentionable places but I ignore it. We've gone over every detail of Mags's plan, including some alternative options just in case. Now we have to make it happen. Mags and Bashir both pick up a backpack, in them are things we will need. I pick up a smaller one, in it is my stuff including my tablet which is now fully switched off. We leave the place. Nothing shows that we've been here. With Lois in the lead (how does she know the area so well?) we move through back streets and an alley until we get to the backside of the police building. Mags explained earlier that there is no camera outside, as this is a simple police station in a neighbourhood that is known to be quiet and orderly. We just have to find the right place where Marco is held and then we get him out. It sounds so easy but when I look at the concrete wall with the tiny windows it is clear that sounds can be just as deceiving as looks. Magdanovitch has a small device in his hand which slowly blinks a faint light. That should trigger Marco's cube and warn him that we are near, so he has to get ready. Of course I had no way of telling him all that, we all have to hope he figures that out by himself. As we slowly walk along the wall the light blinks faster. When it is on continuously we are in front of Marco's cell. Now it is my turn to do something. Lois, Mags and Bashir join hands and I have to get up on them. Because I am the lightest one, they said. The three lift me up while I slide along the wall, up to the small window. There is a light on behind the glass. I hold up a small red light to the window, it blinks lazily and when I look inside, I suddenly see Marco's face come up and disappear. I almost fall down, so much does it surprise me. Marco bounces up and down a few more times, then stays away. He probably saw me. Main thing is that he saw me, that he knows we are here. "Down, " I hiss and soon I am on my feet again. I stick up my thumb. Mags and Lois nod and they pull stuff from Bashir's backpack. Now things become serious. Mags hands me a spray can. I know what to do with it. Slowly I mark the wall where the concrete has to come out. We don't need a big space but it has to be in the right spot otherwise this is all in vain. The compound I am spraying on the concrete will loosen it up a bit. I do my best to make the line as logical as I can. Lois has a second spray. She wears special goggles so she can see what I did and sprays a new layer over it. That stuff has some complex mumbo jumbo whatever in it that Mags wants to go into the concrete. It works together with what I put on. Meanwhile Mags and Bashir are putting together a few electronic components that will create the actual opening. Timing here is everything, this has to go quick and quiet. I wonder how quiet and taking out a piece of a wall go together while I finish my spraying. Bashir does something on a small tablet. I remember that this is supposed to shut down the alarm circuits around Marco's cell. Saints, please, let this work, we have not tested this, no rehearsal of any kind! "Everyone, move out of the way, " Mags whispers. We all retreat to the other side of the alley and cover our eyes. Mags does something with the gadget he holds. I have no idea how long it takes to work. When Mags punches the thing once more, it is obvious that it should have worked already. He mutters something under his breath, frantically works the small display and punches it again. Now the lines we made on the wall start hissing. They do so quietly but as it is silent in the alley, we can hear it

Mags says. He and Bashir hug me. "You did a good job this evening."I am not sure. I wish them safe trips and step out of the building. It takes me a moment to find my bearings and then I walk to the mono station, staying in the shadows as much as I can. Why isn't it raining now, I wonder, then I could go ahead under the cover of my umbrella. Now there are just people to hide among, and not even very many. I strain my ears to hear anything that might go on at the police station but that is either too far away, or everything is 'under control' there already. Finally I reach the green grass-strip along the road that leads to the mono station. Saints. There are a number of policemen standing at the foot of the stairs. not everything is under control, it seems. I have to walk on. "Good evening, miss, " one of the officers says. "Where are you going?""Going home, sir, " I say. "And where do you come from just now?"Dammit. "I work at General Clinic and I have been loaned to another hospital. I'm an anaesthesia specialist." Those are the words one of the cops at the police station used. "If you don't trust me, I can call my supervisor, so you can talk to him, " I bluff. "What's up here?" a second cop wants to know. This is going wrong quickly. "She says she's hospital personnel, " the first one says. "So? More people work there and you should be grateful for that, " number two says. "Sorry, miss, allow me to scan for your medical ID? Just a precaution, there's been a disturbance at the local precinct."I can hardly say no. The man takes a small device and runs it over my left arm. "The Clinic ID is in the other arm, officer, " I say, bluffing even more. Number two looks at number one. "See? She's legit. Do walk on, miss, and have a safe journey." He doesn't scan my other arm. In a rush I realise that's a good thing: I'm supposed to be in bed, not walking the streets! As the two men squabble about procedure and other things, I breathe out again and go up the staircase. Oh, wait, I have to go to Red River again, not Sin Angeles. As I walk to the right platform, the news feeds are beckoning. No, and no again, I am not going to switch on the tablet just for you! I promised Mags not to. After not too long the train slides in and I can get on board. Only when the thing is moving I feel slightly confident that we could actually be out of the danger zone. As long as Bashir and Mags make it out safely. And Lois gets Marco to her place in Ramblos without a problem.

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