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   Chapter 27 - Things start rolling

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"Don't be nervous. It's all going down fine." I keep telling myself that and more while I sit and see the world pass by. Once again I am on my way to the police station. Saints, how did things get so messed up and why are we the ones who are planning to fix it all? Dammit, we'll be four people, game players, against a concrete building full of police and weapons and what not! "Don't be nervous and don't think these stupid thoughts, " I change my mantra. It helps only to pass the time, it does nothing for my nerves. "It's just a role play, nothing more, " I try. Yes, that might work. We're going to do a very big, real life role playing game, and that is all there is to it. I'm fine until the mono slows down for the station where I have to get off. Saints, saints, saints, if you're out there, stick with me and keep me from losing my cool. A snort escapes me. My cool ran off to a hiding place long ago. "You should do something about that cold, " a gentleman next to me says. I try to keep my laugh normal, not shattered with nerves, and thank him. "I should, indeed. It'll all be fine.""Of course, " the man smiles. "You'll be all fine."Strangely enough his words of confidence make me feel marginally better. With my bag over my shoulder and my umbrella in hand I leave the coach. I follow the stream of people towards and down the stairs, only one set of them, to street level. I need to turn left, along the strip of grass, turn left again and then my target, the police building, is on the other side of the street. Piece of cake, with cream on. My knees shake so badly, everyone will hear me coming a mile away! But nobody looks at me, all the people in the street just go on and seem preoccupied with their own business and thoughts. They must be deaf, each one of them. Well, onwards, Prissa, the others are counting on you. It's you who will be the one to give the cue for the next scene. At the end of the green strip I have to wait. There is some problem with a regular taxi and it blocks the rest of the traffic. Dammit, I have to get going, so I walk back a little and just cross the grass. Who cares, if someone has a problem they'll tell me. No one notices though so I continue as if nothing's the matter. There is the police building. My knees start shaking in a higher gear and I worry that I may have to crawl inside if they keep that up. Nothing of the kind happens though, I just walk up the few steps and saunter through the scanner array as if I am used to it. Whatever it is that Mags made for Marco, it is either malfunctioning or insanely good; the scanners don't pick it up. There is the obligatory check of my ID and I am free to head to the by now familiar counter. "Hello. My name is Priscilla Farns, can I see Marco Limmers?"The man behind the counter is a new face. He checks my ID and wants to take my tablet. They never learn in this place. I tell him about the security upgrade and my position in the Clinic, which once again settles things. "Oh, indeed. I see you were here before, " the officer says, looking at me with a frown. "Is there a specific reason why you are here again?"I give him a hospital frown. My hospital frowns are famous. "He is a friend. I like to stay in touch with friends.""You have the wrong kind of friends, miss. He's bad news. You should be more selective."Saints, man, I don't have all afternoon and I did not come here for a sermon from a cop! I'm almost tempted to point out that I live in Sin Angeles but that will probably get me another lecture so I just say nothing and stare at him blankly. That proves to be the right approach because he calls up a

ents, but I don't care. I put the strap on my upper arm, pull the stockings over my arms and get into the dark stuff, clips still in place so I don't trip over the legs of the pants. When I try the wig, it fits a bit better. Lois may have done something to it. Or Dolores. Once I reappear, Mags looks me over and approves. "If I were to meet you in the street I would not recognise you. Here, put some of this on your skin." He hands me a little jar with a sour smelling cream. "What's that?""Ointment, to make you even prettier than you are, " he says. Then he grins. "It's something that will prevent infra red cameras detecting your facial heat. Lois has a bigger jar with her, to slather Marco with when we have him outside."At least Mags is confident. He does not say if we get him outside. We spend time checking the news and chatting about nothings, until Bashir comes in. Saints, he's dressed up like a shadow! "Fripping hell, how did you do that?" I wonder. "I had a box with stuff from older games at home, so I went through that and found this. Looks cool, right?" He makes a bit of a pirouette. "Nice work, " Mags admits as he hands me the masking strap. I hand it to Bashir, who puts it under his sleeve without a question. "When do we move in?" Bashir asks. He does not seem nervous at all. Magdanovitch checks the clock on his tablet. "In an hour. It'll be dark enough by then."My tablet beeps, and I freeze. "Right on time, " says Magdanovitch, puzzling me. "Go on, answer it."I pick up the tablet. "It's from Anthony! He wants to know when it's a good time to come over.""Tell him that you went to see Marco and you're tired from the trip, but that you'll be ready and decent in an hour, " Mags dictates. "Those words exactly, I agreed this with him. That way he will know when we move in, and he will send a message back to confirm he understood.""Have you been a military general or something before you became in inventor?" I ask as I reply what Mags said. "He watches too many spy movies, " Lois grins. "Bashir, come help me unpack, I brought some food."As the two dig out even more from the backpack, my tablet beeps again. "Anthony says that he will come over soon, and he will bring the wine?"Mags nods. "Okay, that is the right answer.""And I am going to keep him to that. Nothing wrong with a good bottle of wine, " I grin while the nervousness starts parading through my system again.

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