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   Chapter 26 - The game is on

Green Haven By Paul Kater Characters: 10610

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I wake up a few times that night. There are so many strange sounds here in Red River. People walking by, talking and laughing. I sometimes hear cars go by, taxis I guess. Then I hear Dolores come home. She opens the door to my room and checks if I am okay. I pretend to sleep. Soft footsteps come towards the bed and I feel how she presses a kiss on my hair. A few tears drip from my eyes into the pillow. I have such sweet friends. For the rest of the night I go between dozing and waking, thoughts crowding my head. At one point the feeling of the young man's mind, the one from Blue Sky, comes back in full force and I can barely suppress a scream. I sit up in the bed, cold sweat running down my back, my hands shaking. What that doctor did to him I will never know, but... it doesn't feel right. I also think about the robot arm we found in the Park. Another strange thing I can't give a peaceful spot in my head where it shuts up. Only when light creeps through the thin purple curtains I start falling asleep again. When I wake up I see Dolores sitting there. She is watching me. "Hey. Good morning. How are you?" she asks. "Okay, I guess. Am I late for something?" Saints, that was a stupid question. "No, silly. I was just making sure you are well. Lois is off to her house and her office this morning, I go to work late, so you won't feel alone. Did you sleep well?""Yes, " I start. "Well, not so great really, but it was okay."Dolores nods and points to the window. "The sounds, right? I bet it is much quieter where you live."That makes me laugh. She should know. "Not really. Just... different sounds." And thicker walls, and higher up, and armoured shutters. "Take your time getting up, " she says as she stands up. Saints, is she skinny or what. "I'll have breakfast ready in a jiffy once you show. And then you can try on some of the things I got you for this evening." Dolores shakes her long platinum blond hair over her shoulders and walks out of the room. I hoist myself upright, yawn in an uncivilised way and find the pink robe and ditto slippers again. Saints, that is so sad. Good thing no one sees me like this. Bashir would die laughing. As I walk through the room, I see my tablet. It is upside down, so it shows the light blue heart. I grin as I pick it up. No light is blinking - oh, of course not - someone switched it entirely off. I bet that was Mags. I flip it on and head towards the kitchen from where the smell of coffee and other good things drift my way. Dol hands me a mug and waves me to the table. "I'll be right with you, " she says. I grin at the yellow apron she wears. It reads "Kitchen princess, bar queen.""No hurry, I have some messages to read anyway, " I say as I sit down and sip from the mug. Saints, that is some heavy duty wake-up stuff! The first message is from, hey how remarkable, Anthony! He tells me to take care of myself and that he is looking forward to success tonight. I read it out to Dolores. "Isn't that sweet?""Oh, it is, " she agrees, "he's a good guy. Most of the time." She knows of Anthony's 'weakness' as well. "Here, eat. Not sweet, but good for you."I look at the plate with food. "Do you want to kill

p my mug. We sit and chat about all kinds of things until Lois comes in. She has a backpack with her and is dressed entirely not like herself. Usually she is the ultimate in nice and conservative, all clean and ironed. Now her hair is in a dark wrap, she wears a dark grey workers' uniform and big boots. Even her glasses are gone. "Here I am. All ready for the party?" she says as she sits down with us. From one of her many pockets she digs up a small colourful ball. "This is yours. Get it to Marco. Mags's orders. And don't go in too late or your leaving and the break-out will attract attention too much.""What is too late?" I wonder. "No later than the last time you went to see him, " Lois knows. "Saints, then I should get myself in order and go." The clock over the door in the kitchen shows that it is afternoon already. "Good. Don't wear your clinic clothes so it looks as if you're coming in on a day off or something, " Lois says as I get up. "I'll start stuffing your new wardrobe in the backpack."In the bedroom I change into some clothes Dolores arranged when they brought me here. They are too colourful for me but there's not much I can do about that. But it's a dress, for heaven's sake! I'm getting nervous, and that is not the thing to be now. Lots of things depend on me getting the little device to Marco. After a last check, in which Lois makes sure I remember everything, I'm ready to leave. Dolores walks with me to the mono station. She has to go to work and this is not much of a detour for her. "Remember to actually scan in on the train when you go there and start coming back, " she reminds me. "No need for anyone to be able to check that you did not go back."I nod. Officially you have to scan in when you get on a mono, but most of the time no one does because of the rush, or you just forget. Nobody ever got hassled over that but today it is a smart thing to do. "And don't mess up my clothes, " she grins as she hugs me. Then she walks off and I go up the stairs to the train, where I scan in on the platform for the mono that will take me to the police station. The game is on.

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