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   Chapter 23 - Another visit

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Before I leave for work the next morning, I contact Magdanovitch. He is awake, as always. "Priscilla, " he greets me and waits. Of course he knows there is something, I don't call him at this time usually. "I'm going to do it, Mags, " I tell him. "Get me the sticker and I will visit Marco. Tell me what you need and I'll get it."He nods. "I will see that the sticker is delivered to the General Clinic as a present for you. I hope you can go today. Good luck, you look like you need it. Bad day yesterday?"In as few words as I can I tell him about the young man in Blue Sky. Mags nods understandingly. "That sounds bad alright. Do you think you will be fine today?""I will be. Don't worry. Just get me that sticker, okay? I want that Flyer out of commission.""Of course. We all do. Just watch out for yourself." The wall becomes grey again. After a sigh I finish getting dressed and get myself to work. -=-=-In the Clinic many people seem to have heard of the previous day and my adventures in Blue Sky. They all want to know how it was and how I am. Even Doc Holden comes to me for a quick chat which is all sorts of amazing. He tells me that I am only scheduled for three sessions, all small ones. "I don't want you to burn up, Priscilla. Plenty of people here for the day so leave when you're done. All I ask is that you keep the tablet handy, just in case."I nod and thank him, and then we get ready for the first patient, a young child who got some mess in her eye. Children are easy most of the time. They are easily distracted, I draw their mind to games or songs or pictures and the doctor is done before you know it. Sometimes the kid is disappointed our 'session' is over already, but rules are rules, I can't spend more time with one than with the other just because it's more fun. While we wait for the second patient I remind myself I should get in touch with Dolores and Lois, and Anthony and Bashir too, to see how they are. They've been very quiet since we decided to stop watching the show together. All the events of late shook up our RPG group and I hate that. The second patient is an easy one as well and to my surprise I meet Bashir in the cantina when I go there. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be flying around pretty patients?" I tease him. He grins. "No flying for me for a while, there is something wrong with the ambulance so I am promoted to orderly." His face tells me he does not like that one bit. "Sorry to hear that, Bashir."He shrugs. "I'll live. How are you? You are too damn busy lately, we see and hear nothing of you. Only Magdanovitch says something about you once in a while. Are you and he..." He taps his index fingers together, indicating a couple. "No way!" I tell him about the work schedule I've been on. Bashir leans into me a bit. "And the thingy Magdanovitch has in mind with Marco?" He reads my face and whispers to me that Mags informed everyone about his plan to get Marco out of the prison cell. Saints... Mags is taking a big risk. Especially if he also told Anthony, who is after all a soldier. Corporal. Whatever. But I nod to Bashir. "Yes. He told me about that. Are you in?"He nods. "And you?"I nod too. "We're probably crazy.""The whole situation is crazy, " Bashir agrees. "Whatever you do, be careful." He touches my arm for a moment, then he gets up. "Orderly Yates now going back to..." Again his face says enough. I feel sorry for him. The last session of the day is hardly worth sitting down for. It is a very

I see. Wrong colour for a heart though.""I happen to like it very much, " I tell him as I grab the tab and put it in my bag. My words came out too snippy. The man has a twinkle in his eyes which says a lot but he keeps his mouth shut. Good for him and good for me. I thank him for allowing me time with Marco and then march out of the police station. I keep going for several blocks before I dare to breathe again. At least, that is how it feels. Saints, I was there, with the chip thing and they did not notice? I call Mags. "Priscilla. Where are you?"I tell him where I am and how it went. "Excellent. Would it be too much trouble to come by so I can download the information off your tablet?" he asks. I check the time. "No, not a problem. Can you pick me up at the station again?"He agrees to that, and I walk the last few hundred feet to the mono station. Good thing I don't have to wait too long and soon I am in Gypsee. Again. I don't see Magdanovitch so I slowly head for the stairs. There I see him come up. "Mags, wait, I'm here." Quickly I rush down the stairs to meet him. "Haha, " he grins, "you make it look as if you love me."I blush and hope he does not notice. My skin is dark but Mags notices everything. "I saw Marco, " I plan to change the subject. "He is doing okay and we talked for a while. I also had the tablet with me, they had no problems with that. I hope it all went well with the heart, as I did not know exactly what to do with it. Man, you can't believe how exciting it was. I was really scared they would discover it.""Easy, Prissa, no need to tell everything in one minute. We'll go to my place, there you can tell me everything while I look at the tablet." He offers me his arm. I take it. It feels natural. We walk along the streets until we get to an old building. It is one of the oldest in Gypsee, he tells me and he lives in it. Curiously I watch as he takes out a metal strip and pushes it into a slot in the door. He twists the strip and the door clicks open. "Don't you have a scanner on it?" I wonder. Mags laughs as he lets me in. "There is one, but I don't use it. This is more fun. The old-fashioned way, with a key." He shows me the metal strip, it looks like there are all kinds of small triangular teeth on it. Fascinating, but I trust a tattoo more. You don't lose those.

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