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   Chapter 22 - A Chinese ghost

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The pictures of flight and soaring really seem to do the trick with the young man. He ceases his fighting and seems captivated by what he now sees. The solitude, the independent way of travelling high in the sky. Even the fresh wind that I imagine to be there. Time goes by, I don't know how fast or slow. I do know that I am running out of fresh scenes to show the young man and that is a bad thing. Behind his frantic behaviour I notice a very keen, smart, sharp personality. If there is something I show which he has seen before he becomes restless and the unruly pushing and shoving seems to come up until I show him something entirely new. Come on, doc, hurry. Give me the smell that you are done, I am not sure how long I can keep him fascinated. The worst thing that can happen is when a patient 'wakes up' during surgery... My images are now really running out. The young man's unrest begins to show once more. Too bad his mind can't be captured for a longer time, he needs too many images in too fast a sequence. The only thing I can do now is put him to sleep, which is something we menaces prefer not to do as it is so unnatural. But the doctor is not getting things done fast enough. I struggle and need to push deep into the young man's mind to locate his sleep centre so I can touch it. He goes out like a light, but not fast enough. I have to witness a lot of bad stuff that comes from his deepest memories and fears before he passes out. Even if it is only for a split second, maybe less, it is enough to make me shiver. Such a terribly distorted mind. No one can prepare you for something like that. I've gone through several bad ones so far and each one is very unnerving. At that point I smell the sweet smell of relief. I pull away from where I am watching the young man and once I am aware of my body again I shiver. Blinking against the light I look up at the nurse, Anna, who watches me as she slowly closes the little bottle with the fragrance. "Did it work?" I simply ask. "Yes. It's all well now, " Anna says. "The young man will be far less violent now."I notice Doctor Morrison has left already. Very strange, usually a doctor explains a bit about what happened; he did so with the previous two. "The doctor was called away, " Anna explains. "I am to see to it that you can eat and then you will be taken back to General Clinic." She helps me get up as I am still shaken up by this experience. "It was hard, wasn't it?""Yeah, really, " I admit. "That is one strong person." I ask Anna what the doctor has done but she shakes her head and merely says it was something complicated. The boy's head is entirely bandaged so I assume it was brain surgery. He is sleeping now, best thing. Two other nurses are by the bed so he will be taken care of very well. Of course. This is Blue Sky. Anna guides me from the operating room and hands me a white doctor's coat as I am still shivering. Gratefully I put it on and while I hold my arms around me she takes me a few floors up to an amazingly luxurious restaurant. "Just sit here, I will get you something. Is there anything you like best?" she aksk. I stare at her. "You can choose here?""Yes, of course." She seems surprised. "I'll eat anythin

switch off the tab and stick it in my bag. I have a security cleared tablet and when it is convenient to have it at hand it's in the locker. Well, I'm all set so I leave. -=-=-The mono stops at the run-down station. Saints, am I tired of the battle this afternoon. Not even did I have a look at the news. I drag myself off the seat, then down the platform and the stairs. It takes forever to walk home. Once inside the warm air wraps itself around me. I slip into my comfy stuff and try to decide between bed and couch. A bit too early for bed although I could sleep far into the next day, I am sure. Still I activate the vid-wall. Why's there a message from Mags? Did I miss that on the tablet? "Hello, Prissa. Hope you are well and still feel good about the little distraction of a few days ago. Have you given the sticker on your tablet some more thought?""Man, Mags, if only you knew what my day has been, " I tell his image. "Let me know if you are willing to do this. We need Marco out of there fast. You probably heard of the Black Flyer's latest performance, that says enough." Huh, what? Saints, not more of that please! "I'll hear from you, " is the last that Magdanovitch says. I hardly hear it. Immediately I flip through the news and quickly find what he was referring to. 'Black Flyer to the rescue once again' is the title. I read that the Flyer appeared in a marketplace in Gypsee where several people had started a fight over something (exact reason still unknown). The Flyer had charged into the group of about eight fighters and settled the problem in his, by now, familiar way. Two people only sustained minor injuries, three were taken to a nearby hospital (Gypsee Medical, I know where it is) and three men died at the hand of the mysterious superhero gone bad. 'The authorities are starting an investigation to the cause of the fight, and additional effort will be made to locate the whereabouts of the Black Flyer.'Dammit. I could have done without this. I flip off the wall, grab a glass of wine in the kitchen which I drink down in one gulp and go to bed. This day was not a good one. Dreams, please, stay away.

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