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   Chapter 19 - This is Gypsee

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Days go by and there is hardly a day that the Black Flyer doesn't make a lethal appearance. What started as a great thing, someone actually taking action against crime where official justice fails all the time, has turned into a frightening situation. Mags has tried to find something connected to the ID that Dolores sent along but everything he threw a stick at swallowed the stick, as he puts it. The group came together a few days ago to watch the show but that was no big success. We expect that it will be cancelled if this idiot goes on like that. It affects many of us. Marco is worried, Anthony is even more silent than usual, Mags is engrossed in the ID puzzle. Dolores, Lois and I try to talk about it but that ends up in quicksand every time as well. After work I am going to see Mags again. He asked if I could come along, he wants to talk to me and doing that at his place is better than at mine, he said. He's right. Gypsee is nicer. Today we don't have any new victims of the Flyer, everyone is relieved about that. It's been different a few times, when people seemed to pour in because of that lunatic going around. The lucky streak today also means that I can leave a bit earlier although I have to take a Clinic tablet with me so they can alert me if something happens and I am needed. I'm okay with that, though. Makes me feel a bit important. The mono-station is peaceful. I get up to the level from where the trains for Gypsee leave and while I wait I punch up a quick note to Magdanovitch that I am on my way and he'd better have coffee. Almost immediately there is a reply. It is a picture with a teabag. The bastard. To my surprise he is waiting for me at the station. "Is something the matter, Mags?""No. Why?""It looks a bit weird to find you here.""Thank you." He shakes his head. "As if I have a VTOL or something to go around. Or a cape that lets me fly." He then surprises me by taking me by the arm and he ushers me to the exit. "The weather is okay, we can walk around a bit." Mags is half a head shorter than I am and he appears skinny, but he is amazingly strong. "Hey, Mags, we are not on a date or something, are we?" I wonder what this is all about. "Of course not, " he snorts. "And why's that? Is there something wrong with me?" More wonder for me but a different kind. Mags mumbles something I can't understand and then says: "I just thought it would be good for you to be away from it all for a while. All you do is work and go home and work some more the next day. I don't know how you can stand what you do."I'm surprised. This is a whole new side of Magdanovitch, one I never saw or heard before. So far I only know him as the person who is always building something, making something or repairing something. "It's just something I do, " I tell him. "Something I am kind of good at, they say. Thanks to your gadget."We walk along a street with many colourful houses. People are sitting outside, on small stools or simply on the ground. Children are running around, screaming as they play chase or something. Somehow there is a very relaxed atmosphere here, people are talking, laughing and nobody seems in a rush. "Is something special happening here today?" I ask Mags. "No, why?"Upon my pointing out the people, he smiles. "That is how they are. How life h

food-place has to offer. Magdanovitch invites me to play with the carousel that is projected on the table, which I do until I find the wine he mentioned. "Just drag the wine to the yellow block over there, with your finger, " he teaches me. He drags a beer to the block and then moves his hand over the yellow patch. "That is how you order in this place."After the drinks we order food the same way, which is all brought by a young woman pushing a hoverboard on which our order is on display. Over dinner we talk about the mess of the Black Flyer and how all of our RPG friends are not very much inspired any more to continue working on the role play we had in mind. "Perhaps we should look for something else, " Mags suggests. "It is one thing to let the old idea die but we need something new to focus on. I don't want the group to fall apart because of this.""I know something, " I say. "Maybe we can do something that shakes people up, by doing something with the idea of machines hunting people in the Park."Mags sighs. "We have no proof of that, Prissa. You found an arm and made pictures of it but that is hardly proof. It is proof that there was a robot that now misses an arm. The thing's probably decommissioned and taken apart.""But the hair!" I object, knowing that he will shoot that down as well. He does so, simply by staring at me. "Maybe it is a better idea, " Mags says between sips of his beer, "to develop competition for the Black Flyer. Make our own superhero that takes him out.""Or super heroins, " I quip. "Sure, why not, " he nods. "That might be an interesting approach.""Of course it is, " I grin. "And this food is really good." In the back of my mind an alarm goes off. This could get expensive. "My sister works here, she cooks a lot of it."I almost drop my fork. "You have a sister?" Saints, this was stupid, why should Mags not have a sister. He seems to read my mind. "Let me add to the shock: I had parents too, " he grins. At that moment both our tablets start beeping. We look at each other for a moment, then grab the devices. "Message from Marco, " Magdanovitch says. "Me too."We read the message. "Dammit, " says Mags. "Saints, what happened?" I wonder.

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