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   Chapter 18 - Trudgers

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When I wake up I am tired. Saints, was that a good suggestion from Sheila to stay in this morning. After some more dozing I get up, make coffee and look at the news. This time there is a lot of coverage on the Black Flyer, after the out of the blue attack on the professor. Most of my friends also sent messages about this. Clearly Bashir told all of them that I was there, they all want to know if I am doing okay. Wow, even Anthony took the time for that. I have great friends. The morning flies by as I write some dialog ideas for the role play game and then I have to hurry to get out and get to the train! I make it to work just in time to assist Doc Holden in a minor surgery. Gilly tells me afterwards that I am only scheduled for a few small things today because of all the stress yesterday. "I think you were very brave to help the man who treated you so badly earlier that day, " she confides in me. I shrug. "I am not here to be friends with everyone. I am here to keep people out of pain during a treatment. Even when it's someone like Gurev."Gilly nods understandingly. "You have some time off now. In two hours you're expected back here."I smile and go for the life-water called coffee. When I get to the cantina I run into some unexpected commotion. A few people sit and stand around a table and I discover Jenny Yang sitting at it, in tears. She looks up and sees me. "I'm so sorry!" she blubbers and cries louder. Saints, what's this? All people around her look at me, I see Bashir among them. He joins me. "She called Harvey, " he tells me. Harvey is his usual companion on the ambulance. "She's his sweetheart, you may know." I don't. Bashir ushers me away to the coffee machine and pours me a cup. "Here. I'm sure you came for that.""How do you know?" I accept the offered cup. "Because of yesterday and the way you look, " he simply says as he points to a table near us. "And because you always try to drown yourself in coffee.""I look okay, " I argue. He just frowns. We sit down somewhere quiet. "Jenny called Harvey and confessed to him that she used the ID to get in touch with the Black Flyer. She told him and us just now that the call was answered by a woman with a distorted voice. Jenny told what was bugging her and the woman told her that it would be taken care of."I nod. "And that did not work out the way she had expected."Bashir's turn to nod. "Yup. I told her to go to the authorities with this but she is afraid of repercussions from the Black Flyer now.""How would he know that she called?" I wonder. Bashir shrugs. "Just fear, I guess. Would you call them?""Uhm..." I let my mind run over the possibilities and the way that the authorities treat people from Sin Ange

lding it in plain sight. "Whoa, hold that, we're not coming to hurt you, " someone says. There are four trudgers coming at me, not running now they are closer. Some of them hold up their empty hands. "You're the woman working at the clinic, yeah?"I keep the stinger up where they can see it. I hate this because in Sin Angeles you can't simply trust people. "Yes. What about it?"Another of the trudgers raises his hands. "Just talk okay? We saw the black cape guy today and he took down so many folks of ours. Have you seen them? We know they was taken to the clinic.""I saw them, yes. I know several died on the way. We worked on many of them and most of them are fine." I put away the stinger. These guys mean me no harm. Then they fire a number of names at me, hoping that I recognise some of them but even had I not been so tired I would not have known. "Sorry guys, I just helped fixing them, I didn't ask for names. And I hope you understand that I am dead tired, I worked on them for 6 hours straight.""Oh, shit, yeah, sorry, " they all apologise. "We'll help you get home."All of a sudden the world is upside down. My bag is gone and I am hanging over someone's shoulder. "No worry, " someone tells me, "we have your bag, we know where you live, you's be home soon."The man carrying me walks remarkably swiftly. I am too surprised and tired to object a lot, which falls on deaf ears anyway, and suddenly I am on my feet again. Someone hands me my bag. We're in front of my building and I am dizzy. "Uhm, thank you, guys, " I stammer. "Sure. Take care of our friends, yeah?" With that they turn and disappear into an alley that runs alongside the building. I drag my ass inside and up the stairs. The bloody scanner better not make a fuss over my tattoo; I want to see my bed and then nothing.

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