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   Chapter 17 - The unfortunate doctor

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Several people gather around Tommy and me to find out what the matter is and if see they can do something. They give me plenty of time to let go of my tears and then many tissues are handed to me so I can wipe my face. Tommy can't leave his post but some other people, mostly nurses and also Gilly the secretary, usher me along and get me to the cantina. Someone gets me a mug of coffee while I try to explain what had gotten to me. "It was this woman just now. I think her son died of drugs. It was hard on her. And then the professor mentioned drugs and he was very impatient and rude." The mug clatters against my teeth. Kumar, one of the orderlies, tells about his experiences with professor Gurev and those aren't cheerful either. He depicts the man as a rough person and mostly insensitive. Jenny Yang nods. She knows the man as well and agrees with Kumar. "He is a bully. I would hope almost the Black Flyer will come after him."This shocks me a bit. "That is not what the Flyer does, " I tell her, "not the real one anyway. I didn't know you are a Black Flyer fan." The change of subject does me a lot of good. Jenny grins. "I'm a fan of the one that really flies around. He's real.""He also hurts people too much, " I say, staring at her. "At least he does something." The Chinese girl stands up. "I have to go now. Get over it, okay?"I'm not sure if she really has to or if she's avoiding the confrontation. At least I feel better now, also because of her, so I thank everyone for their support and get ready to leave. After a scorchingly hot shower I feel well again. I almost feel like skipping through the hall on the way out and once outside I grin when I put up my umbrella. Rain is drizzling down and today I came prepared to face it! "Hello, Mrs. Farns, " my favourite stupid automaton in the news stand greets me. "Hey, numb nuts, " I grin and hold up the tablet. "How may I help you, Mrs. Farns?" See, he is really stupid. I always come for the news, and he doesn't remember. "The latest news, as usual.""Of course, Mrs. Farns, the news as usual. Will that be cash or credit, Mrs. Farns?" he asks after uploading. "I'll have this one for free, " I try as I put the tablet in my bag. "Will that be cash or credit, Mrs. Farns?" The mechanical face does not change expression, but the tone does. "Credit."He scans my bank-tat while I wonder what would happen if I would just walk away. "Have a wonderful day, Mrs. Farns.""Thank you, metal man, and don't rust in the rain, " I tell him. He has no response to that. I decide against dinner at Moto's today. There are plenty of other places to eat so I stroll down the street, challenging people with my umbrella. I locate a little place that offers "good food". Over it is a humongous vid-screen, loudly blaring advertisements to the people below. I never tried that place so I go in there. There is no spot to put my umbrella so I keep it in hand. A big black man in a one-piece yellow outfit - it looks like a badly made dress - comes to me. "Ya?""I want to eat." I hope he can handle so many words at once. "Ya. Come."I follow him. The little place is more crowded than I expected it to be. In a corner, furthest from the entrance, there is still a small table free. It would be okay for two people if they were thin. The big black man walks off without a word. I put my umbrella behind me, take off my coat which goes over one seat and I sit down on the other. By th

armoury and a lot surprised when I show it to her. According to her it is time to move to a safer place. "Some places in Gypsee are quite affordable, " she says. I thank her for the tip and take the elevator to the ground floor. Exit the elevator, turn left, down the hall, scan out and I'm in the street. It's dark and it's raining. Also it is far less busy in the street, although I still have to see the day (or night) that no one is around here. The trip is fast in a rather empty mono and in the streets of Sin Angeles where most trudgers know and kindly ignore me. All the way home and when I lie down on the couch with a glass of wine, I keep wondering how this Black Flyer had gotten wind of Jenny Yang's words. My tired head tells me I am forgetting something all too obvious, but I can't for the life of me discover what that is. I look at my messages. Something from Dolores, very happy, that she may have found Mr. Right. I grin. That's nice for her. The next message is from her as well that Mr. Right is now Mr. Left. Too bad. Next are messages from Marco and Magdanovitch, they had heard about the Flyer. Bashir has heard about what happened at the clinic and wants to know if I am fine so I call him back first. He is relieved to get my vid-call and he's amazed when I tell him what I think had happened. "Do you remember Dolores's bad video and the ID that guy told everyone?" he asks. Saints, of course! That was how Jenny knew how to get in touch with that Flyer! "I should let Mags and Marco know, " I say but Bashir urges me to go to sleep instead. "It's late, Prissa, you had a hard day. Get some rest. I'll let the others know. Any news from Lois?"As I tell him I have not seen all my messages yet, he says he'll leave something for Lois and Dolores as well. "Just get yourself to sleep.""Yes, boss, " I mock him but I know he's right. "Good night, Priscilla." His tone says he worries about me. The fact that he uses my full name does too. Before I sign off, I ask if he's okay, but he says he'll tell me later as his life is not as eventful as mine. I don't believe him. Flying a VTOL-ambulance he must see a lot of things. Probably a lot of bad as well and he doesn't want to bug me with that. Not now anyway. I drain my glass of wine in one gulp and hit the bed.

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