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   Chapter 16 - Having it rough

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I'm never going out without an umbrella again. Somehow I caught a cold yesterday, my muscles ache and I feel a bit cranky, but it's not bad enough to call in sick. And I don't care that I may look a fool with the umbrella when there is no rain, plenty more people like that walk the streets every day. Wish I could say that the world looks cleaner after the rain, as so many writers put in their books. It might be true for places but Sin Angeles needs more than a lot of rain for that. Complete removal and rebuilding or something desperate like that would be the answer. The mono is on time and I get to the Clinic early. There is a man I've never seen before who is scanning me in. I ask him where Chandra is and he tells me she called in sick. "Because of the rain, I guess, " he shares his unmedical analysis. In the changing room I check the tablet one more time. There was no more news on the Flyer and none of my friends sent me a message about him so I switch the thing off and get to work. My first patient is someone who needs internal surgery. A man who is too fat for his own good. A nice guy when I talk to him but when I come out of the anaesthesia the smell in the room is awful. According to Doc Holden it came from inside the man. He and the nurses are wearing face masks that stop the smell, I don't so I quickly leave the operating room before I can kiss my breakfast goodbye. These smell-things sometimes happen so there is a small room in the hospital near the operating rooms where people can clear the smell from their noses. Guess where I am going. After a few minutes I'm okay again and I check with Gilly when I am up for the next one. That will take a few more hours she tells me. I hope this one won't stink so much. "Say Gilly, can you look up someone for me? Yesterday evening someone was brought in who got beat up in a VTOL-car accident."She nods. "Yes, we all heard about him. He saw the Black Flyer! Do you know that show?"I grin. "Yes, I do, " I say, and tell her a bit about the game group. She understands why I would like to meet the man who saw the Flyer. "He's on floor 46, room 144. Best to check with the people there first, I have no access to the patient's status, " Gilly says after consulting her computer. "Thanks, you're great!""Just be back in time, Priscilla, " she reminds me. I make my way to the elevator and go up to the 46th, where I find the floor reception. "Yes, " the girl there nods, "that would be Mr. Chow. He looked quite beat up when he was brought in." She grins at her bad joke. "There is no one with him and he should be awake by now. You can have a few minutes with him. But don't excite him, he's still under observation.""Don't worry, sister, " I tell her, "I just want to talk to him, not strip for him." For that he'd be better off with Dolores. I locate room 144, knock and on a feeble "yes" I go in. Mr. Chow is a young man, blond with Asian features as far as I can make out his face. Both his eyes are swollen, he has multiple cuts and bruises on his face and a broken arm. "Mr. Chow?""That's me."I introduce myself and ask him if he would tell me what he remembers of the previous night. He seems to think I am a

ing. Doctors need to stay calm. "Put her under or I will find someone or something that will work." Something. That usually means drugs. I urge the woman to stop acting up so much. She says she'll try but when I hold her hand and go to her, I feel she is even worse than before. I don't want to pry, I am not even allowed to, but when I wonder towards her why she is so agitated, images come to me. Images of a young man, nice looking. Then looking poorly. And then images of a funeral while a feeling of despair and memories of substances are everywhere in her mind. I quickly put together that someone close to her, perhaps her son, died of drug abuse, and the professor's mention of using drugs drives her close to panic. For a moment I remember Anthony who likes to play with things like that but I push the thought away. My problem now is that I have to find a way to distract her and keep her mind unaware, without force, so I force the image of the young man upon her, the one where he looks so good. Every time she tries to move away from it and on every attempt from her side I drag her back to the nice image. It is a genuine battle and it wears me out rapidly. I can only hope that the professor is doing his job fast because I can't keep doing this much longer. Finally I smell something sweet and I can let go. My head hurts when I become aware of myself again. My hand does too. The woman squeezed very hard during our battle. By the time I am all 'awake' again, the professor has left. Can't say I feel sad about that, his grumpy attitude ticks me off far too fast. One of the nurses pats me on the shoulder. "Good job, " she says. The woman on the table looks at me, her face expressionless. I don't know what to say or do. I'm not sorry. I'm not glad. I'm tired and emotionally drained so I get up from my little seat and just leave the room silently. Tommy's in the hallway when I drag my feet through it. "Hey, little sister, " he says as he puts an arm around me. The security man is always nice to me. "You look like you've been through the wringer."I can only throw my arms around him and I start crying.

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